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Eugene Burger

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When the leading international trade journal MAGIC Magazine compiled its list of the most influential magicians of the twentieth century, Eugene Burger was included for his ability to "arouse feelings of astonishment, as well as a host of other indescribable sensations." He has written sixteen best-selling books for magicians, starred in five critically acclaimed instructional video tapes, and lectured to magicians’ groups in over a dozen countries.

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Jeff McBride

Browse Jeff McBride's LessonsJeff McBride

Widely acclaimed as the most innovative and exciting star of magic in our time. In addition to his work as a performer, McBride is in demand as a teacher and lecturer for magicians and lay audiences. With Eugene Burger he conducts regular intensive Master Class session in Las Vegas, and has lectured for groups as diverse as the Smithsonian and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

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Lawrence Hass

Browse Lawrence Hass's LessonsLawrence Hass

Dr. Lawrence Hass is the Associate Dean of the McBride Magic & Mystery School and Professor of Humanities at Austin College (in north Texas). He has performed his thoughtful style of magic at leading nightclubs, theaters, and universities from coast-to-coast, with many engagements in Las Vegas and at the world-famous Magic Castle.

Larry is also recognized as a world-leading teacher of magicians and an award-winning writer about magic. He is the author of the best-selling magic book, Transformations: Creating Magic Out of Tricks (2007), and has published magic essays in leading magic magazines and journals throughout the world. He currently writes the monthly "Theory and Art of Magic" column for M-U-M magazine and he is the publisher of Theory and Art of Magic Press.

Larry’s work as a performer, teacher, and philosopher of magic has been featured in leading international media, including the New York Times, USAToday, the Los Angeles Times, The Chronicle of Higher Education, by the Associated Press, and on the Discovery Channel.

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