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My name is Josh and I am a self taught magician. With this in mind I modified effects, and flourishes and I don't know if anyone else does it. Being self taught I don't know what anything is called or if it is in print. How can I find out if something is in print and if it is not how would I go about publishing something?

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hi Josh
there are many forums online but few have mature teachers that know the history of magic and its innovations.
if you want to publish you will have to be in magic " more than a few years" to get to know who you can trust to give you historic info
here is a list of my " go to guys"
Max Maven- for mentalism and magic history
Stephen Minch- General magic
Jay Sankey " pop card magic" ( though Eugene Burger wishes that jay would credit more in his dvds!)
Andrie Jikh for Flourish
Levent- Manuipulation
Johnny Thompson- magic history
email me at jeff@mcbridemagic.com I can give you more info Josh
glad to help!