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Greetings all,
Im making a list of the great "portable and grand illusions"
The portable, are ones you can carry in a car or van…the grand take a truck BUT are worth the effort!
here is my list in order of preference

HEAD TWISTER BOX-one assistant minimal rehearsal
CHAIR SUSPENSION- on the spot assistant! No rehearsal
HINDU BASKET- minimal rehearsal 0r instant stooge! ( yes Tom Ogden does this!)
"WRAP SWITHC/ MUMMY WRAP" ive used this for many years at corporate events


ZIG ZAG- my 1st BIG illusion
METAMORPHOSIS- always a gasp if presented correctly
ASSISTANTS REVENGE- novelty and the same as above for magi with bad knees!
POLE LEVITATION- can be done anywhere!

What are YOUR favorites?

Oct 4th 2017, 08:27


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Some versions of for instance the sawing in half illusion or French Guillotine illusion illusion can be easily folded or taken apart and folded flat for transport. I have been looking at some sites that sell illusions where I have an interest in being an assistant in magic illusions. It gives me some idea of what is going on and also allows me to be familiar when some of the various illusions. Hope I did not make waves with this post.