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I wanted to share my experience at the McBride Magic & Mystery School. Our journey began at 2:30am Eastern Standard Time leaving Philadelphia to make it to the Magic & Mystery School by 10:30am. We made it by 10:32 and 11 hours later. Because of the time difference my wife and I were dazed & confused when we arrived in Las Vegas. It was easy to spot the house because there was a McBride Mask on the front lamp post. As soon as we entered we were welcomed by Will, the school’s host. You even had Abigail make snacks before she goes off to work to feed us. So thoughtful is she that she puts a card out with the ingredients. What one notices at the McBride house is the magic of hospitality. We went upstairs to start what is called the Opening Circle. The circles were probably my favorite because you get to share and listen to others including the teachers Jeff, Larry & Eugene. We were asked to set goals for what we wanted from the school. Jeff stated he wanted to take more notes than anyone else which challenged us students to take copious notes.

At lunch time we ate at a local Chinese restaurant. A small gathering since we only had 11 students which makes for great learning of magic but also to know the people who attend. After lunch we were able to see other students do some magic which was appropriately called “works in progress”. We the students get to comment on sheets to give to the performer. Jeff, Eugene and Larry who take notes come up to what is a small stage and a practice area that Jeff uses in his house. . They offer what they like and suggestions to improve the work. They take questions from us and the learning experience is like no other. Here’s the amazing thing (and there are many amazing things in our three short days at Mystery school), you have world class award winning magicians teaching you secrets in a very down to earth way. As a teacher myself I was impressed by their quality of teaching. They can rightly be called master teachers.

Our second day we start by spending quiet time in Jeff’s private library. And what a library it was! This was another favorite aspect of Mystery school for me. We start the day with a vision council which is all of us sitting upstairs in a circle taking about vision, goals and things we did the night before. Again, a great way to get to know everyone. Later that afternoon we get to look at the what was for sale from our three teachers. But let me tell you this was not a dealer demo or high pitch sale. I felt that what they had to offer was material to sincerely help us in our careers as professional magicians. Speaking of sincerity another thing you notice at the McBride house is the magic of sincerity. People who are concerned with your success as a magician and as a person.

On the third day we wrapped up with the closing circle. We shared our experiences and what we learned and what actions we planned to work on as soon as we left. Benjamin Sander is a classical musician who talks about his art and that when we perform we should leave people with a gleam in their eye (Check out his TED talk https://youtu.be/mjMgrLC50M8). The feeling where yours eyes light up with joy from an experience. We definitely saw that gleam in the room. Even the teachers had the gleam!

I would to end with a recommendation. I have known about the McBride's Magic & Mystery School for 15 years. I have always wanted to attend but for economics or other reasons I never made the commitment. My advice for those of you who are serious about magic as a career or wanting to explore the possibility of entering the fascinating world of magic borrow the money to go! I do not say that lightly. But the interest you would pay on the loan or credit card is an investment. Most people put money in stocks or mutual funds hoping to get a 20% return on their investment and that is considered phenomenal. Your investment in the McBride’s Magic Mystery school will return you 100%. If you want to be a professional magician and take your art to the next level “Do it now!”