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Jul 31st 2016, 04:58


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I was watching the IMPOSSIBILITY episode and I had the following question:
During the Sneak Thief routine there is a high probability that people will suspect that cameras are hidden and you get the information (especially if the show takes place at theatre settings).
The same applies to almost all drawing duplication as well as all these routines where a hidden camera can in theory help you get the crucial information).
Even a BCS routine as done by Osterlind!
There are some options:
1. Position yourself in a place where they can't suspect that you look at some screen.
2. Get rid of pebble watches to avoid these suspicions too.
3. Wear a blindfold (overkill?)
4. Show your ears empty from covert earpieces (overkill?)
5. Make a joke and ask another spectator to hold an umbrella (the umbrella too can be then suspicious especially if you mention or imply the possibility of hidden cameras)
6. Pretend that this isn't going to be a possible solution and in reality fool yourself!

This subject is overlooked all the time and is more important than ever given the miniature size of modern cameras.

I open the discussion; let's see!...