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Men as assistants to magicians

Sep 30th 2017, 11:32


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I have always had a idea that it would be fun to be the assistant to a magician and especially if the magician is a lady. I love to see magic when it is well performed and most of all I truly enjoy it when I can see a lady being the magician.

Where I live it is rare to see a lady magician and that leaves me hunting. I usually have to travel to other places to see her perform.

I also want to learn to be an assistant in magic illusions. I like the idea of having a magician do the illusions to me and this is an area of magic that few men can do because of the idea men are magicians and women are the assistants.

I was wondering how others feel about my ideas and also would love to talk to others who are assistants. Whether they are female or male. I hope we can talk soon