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Dry hands

Nov 22nd 2011, 02:22


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I haven't seen anything about dry hands here in the magic school (yet) and when I saw Jeff McBride in Sweden/Lund recently I didn't see any of this bottles that are supposed to help people with dry hands. I don't have particulary dry hands but still have becomed more or less addicted to my "magic hand lotion". Jeff didn't mentioned anything about it at the seminar and I was too excited over his show to remember to ask. Probably for the same reason that I would forget to ask questions if I met God :-)

I wonder if it's possible to do Jeff's show for a human without hand lotion?

The show and seminar in Sweden was fantastic, the best show I ever seen in my life and the seminar gave so much inspiration, not just in my magic life. It feels lifechanging.

/Mats (I know it looks strange in English but that's a normal name in Swden)
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Jan 8th 2013, 22:46


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Hi Mats
Chamberlain's Golden touch is what many of us use...vernon used it too I hear!