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June 24th 2012
Great sources of ideas and inspiration for marketing your magic. Please add to our conversation with your favorite books, dvd's and resources and tell us WHY you enjoy them

JEff's Picks

The ClueTrain Manifesto- www.cluetrain.com
Selling the Invisible- Harry Beckwith
the Underdog Advantage-David Morey
Free the Future of a radical price- Chris Anderson
The Wizard of Ads- Roy Williams
Seth Godin- Tribes
Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads- Roy Williams The Monday Morning Memo- a great weekly newsletter from Roy Williams

Here are a few good books from Cody Comet
Magic and Marketing Book List
From the Book Collection of Cody Comet
For the Show Doctor Book Contest

Maximum Entertainment: (By Ken Weber) My main takeaway from this amazing book was learning how the little details can make a good magic show either a great one or a terrible one. This book lays out the hard work it takes to become a full-time professional magician and how to make your act that caliber. While marketing your act is not the main focus, adhering to the tips in the book such as seeking and eliminating your weak spots and how to ensure your lighting/sound is in optimal condition before your show will ensure the success of any marketing efforts beyond the initial booking.

Beyond Secrets: (By Jay Sankey) This collection of magic theory essays from the artistic mind of Jay Sankey includes several essays about marketing your magic. These include What is Your Market?, Popular Misconceptions, and Performer as a Product. All of the essays in the book point toward a purer form of magic that goes beyond just stunts, beyond the bad habits that have prevented many magicians from becoming successful. Jay encourages you to relax, get rid of your fears, and explore the unique magical world you want to create. This will lead to developing your stage persona, which points you towards a given market.

Creating Magic: (By Lee Cockerell) While not about conjuring, this book has been as important to developing my magic career as any other. Former VP of Walt Disney World Lee Cockerell gives you a peek at how the cast members of Walt Disney World Resort were able to create the “Disney Magic” for each and every guest during his tenure that lasted from 1993-2006. This was my first insight into a “people first” way of doing business, with Lee giving such tips as “Make your people your brand”, “Everyone is important”, and “Give people a purpose, not a job”. The heart of this book is an in-depth examination of his 10 Great Leader Strategies developed as a result of trial and error throughout his career at Disney. While the information is delivered from a corporate management perspective, I’ve found the information can be easily applied to a professional magic career and a “people first” way of running/marketing your magic business. Creating Magic can be ordered online at leecockerell.com

The Customer Rules: (By Lee Cockerell, release in early 2013) Lee’s next book is still a work in progress, but based on how his first book has impacted the way I do business, I feel this is still worthy of being on the list. From what he’s mentioned in his blog, Lee implies that while Creating Magic focused on managing your employees, this one will focus on the power of your customers. As an example, he will include an in-depth analysis about why a “people first” way of marketing and excellent customer service has allowed Southwest Airlines to post record profits in an era where other airlines are posting record losses. I feel that having more insight about what my customer wants, as Lee says will be the focus of this book, will be a tremendous help in marketing and running my magic business.

The Everything Magic Book: (By Greg Davidson) This is one of the first magic books I read. I’ve noticed that a lot of the beginner magic books (i.e., Magic for Dummies, The Complete Idiots Guide to Magic, etc.) have excellent sections in the back of the books on marketing your magic show and running your magic business. This was where I first learned about the different types of magic (i.e. close-up magic, stage magic, cabaret magic, etc.) and which markets they are best suited for. There is also a brief overview of marketing methods.

The IT Factor: (By Brad Ross) This is a comprehensive kit featuring a main binder, several bonus booklets, and audio recordings of everything on several CDs. All of it covers how to make sure your marketing is top notch, from your website to your promo pictures to your image. No aspect of magic and marketing is left out. And unlike reading general business books, Brad has done the work on figuring out how to apply the marketing information to a magic career for you. However, my biggest takeaway is Brad’s goal setting techniques. He realizes that despite the depth of information that he gives you, if you don’t have a clear focus on what you want to accomplish, you won’t be able achieve any of your goals. One of the first chapters includes a Top 10 list of reasons why we fail, and then he mentions how you can break those habits and set attainable goals so you can put the information to use.

And this list in from Chris
Mastering Influence Tony Robbins. This system is awesome from why we buy to the science of persuasion how to qualify and discover your clients buying strategies.

Time of Your Life Tony Robbins. Teaches techniques for managing your time effectively and creating balance in your life.

Branding for Profit Trump university. Goes indepth into archetypes and branding principles and strategies.

The Power of Who? Bob BeaudineDiscusses the power of relationships and principles of networking. Indepth explaination of the psychology behind these principals and applying them to daily life.

Sex Money and Kiss. Gene Simmons. A fun read but truly was drawn to it by my love for music and the discussion of business throughout. Work ethic designing branding and products. Dealing with contractual and business challenges. From a true master Marketer and self promoter. A behind the scenes look at how to create a long lasting successful brand.

Richard Branson Losing My Virginity.A master marketer, self promoter,humanitarian,risk taker and successful business man and family man. Many great ideas in this book. McBride Magic on a hot air balloon. I can see it now.

All the Trump books. Surviving at the Top, Think Like a Champion, Think Big and Kick Ass, The Art of The Deal, Trump 101, The Art of the Comeback, The way to The Top, How to get Rich, Think Like a Billionaire, Why we want You to Be Rich with Robert Kiyosaki. Was drawn to these books by having the privlidge. Of attending one of Mr. TRUMPS lectures. Great resources for how to do business definitely marketing principles and negotiating principles. The power of discipline,patience and focus and keeping your momentum and rising above difficult challenges.

Pour Your Heart Into It. Howard SchultzI was drawn by the way Schultz was able to create an amazing successful brand like Starbucks and find a way to fulfill the meeds of so many with such a simple concept such as coffee. That to this day other successful brands have followed this example of providing Frapuchinos.

The Millionaire next Door and Stanley/Danko

I felt drawn to this book by the principals of psychology of millionaires how they truly live and view life. What phillosiphies do they share in life and business.

The Millionaire Mind Again to get a marketing perspective this book is a follow up and explains how they got to be millionaire.

Networking With MillionairesI was drawn by the information on how to attract hundrrds of affluent business owners without a single sales call. Learning how top marketers generate business by employing eight key networking themes. Also how to personally access the top business owners in my community. Alot of great stuff in here.

The Art of War Sun Tzu

I was seeking a great resource to give me wisdom in approaching conflict in business and I love studying philosiphy and applying it to business and life. I revisit this and the Tao Te Ching often to get centered in life and business.

The E Myth Revisited. Why most small businesse Don't Work Out and What to Do About It. Michael E. Gerber

I was drawn via the book being voted #1 by Inc.500 CEOs . Also as in all cases my need to grow in wisdom as a life long student of our art and business. Dispels all the myths about starting your own business and the philisophical statements such as "Your arrows do not carry observed the master, because they do not reach far enough spiritualy" -Eugene Herrigel Zen and the Art of Archery. Bring a different perspective to creating a lasting business.

The Business of Acting Brad LemackGreat resource for understanding. the business self promotion dealing with agents and managers ans the differences. Understanding the need forUnions such as SAG.Photos auditioning. Also resource listings for trade papers etc. Also has website where you can watch interviews with actors such as Hal Linden.

Guerilla P.R. Michael Levine

What drew me to this was how to wage an effective publicity campaign without going broke. That was a very powerful statement to me.Also the segments with tips and traps are awesome and save is from wasting our time and money.

How to Win Friends and Influence People Dale Carnegie and Also How to Stop Worrying and Start Living Dale Carnegie.I took a Dale Carnegie course and was looming to improve myself and the qualities and content just simply fascinated me. Them I read the portion with Howard Thurston and the book How to win Friends became an instant keeper. How to add an hour to my day and stay looking younger and turn criticism to my advantage How to Stop Worrying was a keeper too.

Booking Your Self. How to Do It Successfully Samuel Patrick Smith

I was drawn to this as proven professional systems are everything in bringing us closer to succeeding in living your dreams and having a step by step process cleared up alot of confusion.

The Confidential Day Care Booking Manual Samuel Patrick SmithI was drawn to this book and tape set as I want to share our art with the next generation and add value to their lives by delivering helpful messages as they begin their life journey as well as broaden my target market and work as a full time pro. Year round for many years to come. Everything from getting started to pricing, contracts even the cooties warning. Great stuff.

Magic a Tricky Business Showmanship and Business Ship. Steve Varro

Drawn to this book at a magic shop where I was working at as a magician and was seeking to grow my knowledge as a businessman and entertainer.

Hustle,Hustle The Magic of Business Joel Bauer

What drew me to this book many years ago was again finding a better method for reaching my goals as a performer and growing my knowledge in expanding my services and booking more shows.

Ultimate Insider Secrets Marketing Program for Magicians. Dave Dee

Again drawn to this as it was a business system and marketing system in one. Alot of great information and had some good returns off of it. However way back when I bought it I believe it was in the Linking Ring or MUM magazine and oddly enough everyones advertisements started looking the same in my area and market research I did. Really good stuff but as you teach if you make it your own.

Illusion Show Know-How Ken Griffin &Roberta

Was drawn to it as theres so much in it about trooping the show, staging, Illusions, business on the road forwarding mail , marketing and promotion of the show etc. Great material.

Handbook for Theme Park Magicians Wayne R. Wissner

Have always enjoyed Theme Parks and have been drawn to get into this market again to expand our art form and services. Alot of good material and ideas. Brings the realities to light also gives a listing of Theme Parks that have magic at them in the back pf the book.

The Blackstone Book of you Magic and Illusion

Many years ago some family friends bought this book for me. I have re read it several times and found a new marketing idea that was really old love the history and the sharing of information that Harry Blackstone jr. Passes on to us in his own words. Having the privilige of being on stage with him for his pick pocket routine in my teens and the photo of he and I backstage after the show just makes this favorite book priceless.

On the Road With Jeff Mc Bride Pack Small Play Big

In 2004 I attended your workshop at Houdini Days and this book was part of the packet I received.My first epiphany I learned bigger isn't always better and I started to work on doing more than ever imagined with less. Plus all the great info. On travel, working before and after the show. I review this book alot still.

Magician 24/7. Jeff Mc Bride

Was sent to me as a gift what keeps drawing me back to it is again the great information and ideas you share. Again refer to this quite often.

I hope you find this listing of books to be helpful and look forward to next Monday night.All our very best to you and Abbi always.


Alexis Brouard

Here are some marketing I've read and which you can share with the community:
Seth Godin - Purple cow (how to be remarkable)
Seth Godin - Ideavirus (how to spread an idea or message)
The best part being Seth Godin give it for free as a PDF here: http://www.sethgodin.com/ideavirus/01-getit.html
Tim Ferriss - 4 Hour Work Week (not purely on marketing but there is a part about finding a niche and testing marketing ads to find the best ones)