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by Jeff McBride (Notes) on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 1:48pm
Please add to this list below with comments on WHY you enjoy the books and DVD's

PRISM- Maven
THE JINX-Anneman
MAGICK- Bascom Jones

This list is the winner of our Mystery School Monday contest for he best resource list.
Thank you Christopher George..you are the winner of a rare THE ILLUSIONISTS poster!

The Buckley Trilogy Gems of Mental Magic by Arthur Buckley. I had picked this book up when I was working in a trick shop years ago and find myself referring back to this book again and again. Many great effects and the methods rank from very simple to complex mechanisms. Though published in 1947 all of the effects can be adjusted to modern day . Has an effect the telepathic band leader that involves an orchestra that can be adjusted to play to a Rock band or DJ today. You could create a whole Mentalism act just from this book.

Tarbell Course in Magic Volume 7In lesson 84. There is everything from telepathic pill boxes to Ken Beales triple ESP Prediction with Harry Lorraines variation and much more. Love the Tarbell series

Astrology and Psychic Phenomena Andre Kole and Terry Holley.Picked this book up a few years back at Andre's show. Though not a book of effects this book really does a thorough job of giving one a full back ground into the beginings of Astrology,parasychology and psychics,fortune telling,Spiritualism and methodologies. Great material and a fairly short read.Gives a mentalist a good insight as to the thought processes of an audience as well.

The Show Doctor Jeff McBride

This book has quickly become a favorite of my library. I love the effect of perfect match. First off the pureness of the effect and method behind it also it comes complete with a script and is again broken down into segments for performance.

David Blaine Mysterious Stranger

I enjoy the philosophies and mind set of a magician along with history he shares but a little pearl hidden in this book is Cellphone Psychic have used it on friends occassionally and freaked them out. A great little piece of technology mentalism.

Real World Magic. Jerry Macgregor

Drawn to this book for its title. As I read this book great materials on building and routineing your act. Chapter 13 has Leave Them with their mouths open Mental Magic. The effects do just that from mental effect using your business card to perfect voodoo which involves a pen thru bill penetration to reveal the jaw dropping prediction finale.

Houdini On Magic. Walter B. Gibson

The Houdini on Tricks and Miscellaneous Mystery sections have some very strong mental effects a second sight act. X-ray eyes,the watch test, figure test 10,000 ,playing card test, a slate test, colored pencil test.

Mathematical Magic Show Martin Gardner

Great fun book with mental effects utilizing figures to geometrical shapes. A ton of various effects that work through the magic of mathematics.

Modern Illusions Tom Palmer

Though this book has alot of illusions in it. The mentalism effect called Thought Projection is a very strong effect for the stage performer and is explained and illustrated well here.

Laughter is the Best Misdirecrtion ! Robert Baxt

The comedy mind reading and Comedy Prediction card routines are great and again practical routines especially for club work but get em laughing anywhere.

Magic The Complete Course. Joshua Jay

Always have enjoyed Joshua's work and creativity . Wagers of Sin routine and Max Maven as part of the master class most definitely great to see. I have enjoyed Max's performances as well as his articles. Enjoy his insight in the Visions of Wonder the Tommy Wonder DVD series on performance etc.

The effects in the mentalism section of this book are strong and easy to perform and leave a big impact.

Mark Wilsons Complete Course in Magic

The Mental magic section has alot of great material. Myfavorite effect and one I like to perform often is Three Way Test. All you really require is a note pad and a cup or envelope. I love the fact it is a participation effect involving three people and their items. Love this effect and the look on the faces of the participants at the finale!

I hope you find that this contribution to next Mondays class is helpful to you and our fellow Magi. All of our very best to you and Abigail always.


Christopher George