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Philosophy of video

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Recently I brought in a professional video crew to record a performance of The Kentucky Magic Dinner Theater. My instructions were simple. Get as much of the action on stage as possible. Get as much audience reaction as possible. Edit them together to make the best possible impression on the viewer of the video. But, as we got down to the process of editing I realized that my purpose (Yes Tobias I use that word just for you) was not as clear as I had thought. I realized that the perfect video for one audience may be absolutely wrong for other audiences. I am currently looking at eight audiences. 1) Owners of venues who regularly book acts. 2) Potential clients who know nothing about magic but may want to book a show. 3) Media people who may needs a flashy few seconds, 4) Advertising people who are making ads for my show, 5) Other magicians, from whom I need critical feed back, 6) Myself for my own critical analysis of the show, 7) Face book fan page and YoutTube clips for increased exposure, 8) My family, who may want a record of my show as a memento.

I have been thinking about how the needs and expectations of these different audiences may be different. How they may impact the process of editing raw footage into a clip. How do these points of view affect overall length, frequency of cut, and the actual content of the clip.

Or then again. Am I over thinking this?

Any one got any comments? Love to hear them.
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You are definitely not over thinking this. In fact, it is great that you are aware of the need for different edits depending on the target market.
I have found that videos that tell a story (about the person or company) have much better success than videos that are simply advertisements or sales pitches. Of course advertisements have their place and time but telling a story through video allows people to connect with who you are and what you do. Furthermore when you get people emotionally invested in you they will want to learn more.

To respond to your specific targets - An entertainment booker will usually only want to see a video of the specific routines or act they are booking you to perform. No booker will book solely off of a montage style promo video. The promo video/sizzle reel is specifically there to pique people's interest, hence why you want it to be short and sweet. A website with video embedded (new research finds a YouTube video especially) on the homepage will rank higher in search engine results and has a greater chance of prospects doing businesses with the company after watching a video.

If you're video tells your story then potential clients should be able to get a sense of your style and determine if your show will fit their event. The key ingredient to an effective promo video though is "the benefit". And this is where it is important to know your market. What benefit do you (or your service) serve to the prospective client?

As a filmmaker that makes a lot of magician promos, I categorize videos into 3 groups. Sizzle videos (approx. 60-90 seconds), Profile videos (2.5-3.5 minutes) , Short Story videos (3-5 minutes). A sizzle video piques people's interest. A profile video gives people a sense of who you are and what you offer (so they feel like they get to meet you before they meet you). A short story video can be a short film of your character or a video blog type video that gives people a look into your world.

The main thing to keep in mind with any video you create is "Why would people want to watch this?" Is it to be entertained? To be educated about your products or services? Is it to relate to their area of interest?

Also you mentioned Facebook and YouTube. Social media videos are a category all their own. It is important to keep in mind the distinction between a video people watch versus a video people share. Make your video evoke emotion and inspiration.

I have more information on videos on my blog: http://redspadeproductions.wordpress.com/category/success/
And if you subscribe to my email newsletters: http://www.magicpromovideo.com