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Brainstorming Resource list 8/27/12

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BrainStorming episode resource list 8/27/12
by Jeff McBride on Friday, August 31, 2012 at 10:39am
Brainstorming Episode
Book List:
Creativity is Forever Gary A. Davis
The Creativity Book Eric Maisel
How to Have a Beautiful Mind Edward DeBono
Lateral Thinking Edward DeBono
The Mind Map Book Tony Buzan
Think Like A Genius Todd Siler
The Back of a Napkin Dan Roam
A Whack on the Side of the Head Roger von Oech
From Good to Great Jim Collins
Shaving the Inside of Your Skull Mel Ash
Ignore Everybody Hugh MacLeod
59 Seconds Richard Wiseman
Unleash Your Creatvity Rob Bevan & Tim Wright

MAGIC BOOKS on Brainstorming and Creativity
The Show Doctor Jeff McBride
Beyond Deception Tobias Beckwith
Waiting for Inspiration Guy Hollingworth
The Trick Brain Dariel Fitzkee
The Hat System Marc Oberon

The Creation Game deck of cards George Parker
The Creative Whack Pack Roger von Oeck
Ancient Whacks of Heraclitus Roger von Oeck
Visit the website for the Creative Problem Solving Institute

And look at this amazing list of resources!
Resource List Brain Storming
By Christopher George

Brain Storm in the Bahamas By: Adam Fleischer
Great book as it has the talents of Michael Ammar, Paul Harris, and Daryl joining minds to create the most original magic possible. The book contains a travel log packed with photos and drawings.

Success and Magic progress guide By: Michael Ammar
This book is great for brain storming has focus sheets , Vernon’s advice, Presentation, Key delivery tips, Creativity with a specific section on brain storming rules, creating creativity, Self management etc.

Steven Tyler Does the Noise In My Head Bother You
Since chapter one is titled a peripheral visionary the rest is what can you say but getting inside the vision s and the mind of one of the giants of Rock n Roll music. Great book to get the creative juices flowing.

Think Like Tiger By: John Andrisani
This book was written based on techniques one can use to enhance the power of concentration to let nothing disturb you. Meditate and alleviate mental stress and relax muscles, Use your imagination, Visualization techniques to stimulate your mind. Developing your own system for inducing self confidence.

How to Be Like Walt By: Pat Williams and Jim Deeny
This is a great read as it goes into not only the creative process of Walt Disney and his Imagineers as well as how they overcame their challenges in the creative process to turn dreams into reality but also introduces us to Walt Disney’s work ethic in detail.

The Science of Getting Rich By: Wallace D. Wattles
This book goes into the processes of mind mapping a plan toward reaching your goals and turning visions into reality.

Good to Great By: Jim Collins
A great book on utilizing principals that grow corporations but even more than this goes into characteristics of the council and there is a good example of this in charting and listings on pages 114 and 115. Packed full of concepts and ideas that work if applied.

SUCCESS Magazine
A great resource I use often for research and inspiration. Included in each issue is an audio CD of different successful business people, and entertainers etc. You will find a ton of materials and resources in each issue.

Who Moved My Cheese By: Spencer Johnson M.D.
This book is a fun short read and uses cheese as the parable for what we want and the book in short describes through different characters that happen to be mice how they need to individually map their way to their goal.

Over The Top By: Zig Ziglar
In this book you are given insight into different ways to propel yourself to the level in life you wish to achieve. From survival to stability, from stability to success from success to significance.

Why Your Life Sucks and What You Can Do About IT By: Alan H. Cohen
A Fun title and fun read that really does go into the depths of how we often stand in our own way during creative processes and also in our daily lives and steps and mind mapping ways to overcome such challenges.

Managers as Mentors Building partnerships for Learning By: Chip R. Bell
As the title states a great tool for aspiring mentors and also performers as it details active listening and building relationships and trust. Net working with others, the gift of Balance and avoiding perfection and a whole lot more.

1,000 Dollars an Idea Entrepreneur to Billionaire Expanded Edition By: Sam Wyly
This book will teach you the highs and lows of bringing ideas and visions to reality on a grand scale. You will find it inspirational as you learn the persistence it takes to power on through huge challenges and the steps to moving on and through them.

Ideas and Opinions By: Albert Einstein
Einstein is one of my favorite scientists this book brings you into the mind of this genius and takes you through his views on Religion and Science to his rationale and steps to creating the Atomic bomb a fascinating insight in his own words.

Trump 101 The Way to Success By: Donald J. Trump
This book takes us on a journey inside the work ethic and philosophies of the creative processes of one of the greatest moguls of our time.

The 8th Habit From Effectiveness to Greatness Stephen R. Covey
The Mind Mapping process is all over this book in which the first three chapters are fittingly titled The Pain, The Problem, The Solution. There is a treasure trove of information on everything from finding your voice to modeling and path finding all essential to brain storming successfully.

Team Think By: Don Martin
Using various examples of sports as a connection to develop, motivate, and manage a winning business team. For example how to build a top notch team and making sure that everyone is playing in a position that maximizes his or her strengths.

First Break All The Rules By: Marcus Buckingham and Curt Coffman
This is book that teaches us the value of thinking outside of the box and going against conventional wisdom. This book also shows how this thinking has benefited CEO’s of many fortune 500 companies.

Moments of Truth By: Jan Carlzon
I really enjoy referring back to this book as it sparks inspiration toward finding new strategies for today’s customer driven economy. Setting strategies, taking risks, communicating, and even more importantly measuring your results.

Live Your Dreams By: Les Brown
The material contained in this book gives you plans for mind mapping your dreams and steps for setting and achieving goals and dreams and even more importantly how to push past your fears!

Shark the Biography of Greg Norman By: Lauren St John
I found this a fascinating resource as to an insight of the balance between this great golfer and business man. How he processes his visions and dreams into realities overcoming the pressure and nerves to get the dream into reality.
The Power of Intention Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way By: Dr. Wayne Dyer
I love the color and illustrations of this book, the content begins with the purpose of intention and continues through to appreciate and express the true genius you are. Gets you in tune with flow and creative process.

Excuses Be Gone By: Dr. Wayne Dyer
This is a way of seeing yourself through different lenses and moving toward who you truly are and what you truly want by moving beyond your excuses to not only enjoy the journey but to arrive at your goal joyful and fulfilled.

Success Is Your Own Damn Fault! By: Larry Winget
This is a hard hitting fast down and dirty approach to Business, Money and life. This set includes a DVD, six CD’s, and work book. A great way of digging into the realities of success and business as well as step by step approaches to moving beyond where you think you want to go to going beyond where you could imagine.

Chakra Balancing A guide to Healing and Awakening your Energy Body By: Andrea Judith
This is a great set with two CD’s and a 102 page illustrated work book. Inner balance is essential to the creative process and this set helps to center and map a daily plan to increase energy health and awakening. Which centers you prior to any creative or brain storming session?

The Glorious Deception the Double Life of William Robinson aka Chung Ling Soo By: Jim Stienmeyer
Jim really out does himself in this book talk about breaking all the rules and re inventing yourself. William Ellsworth Robinson was simply put a genius. Creating not only illusions for the stage and creating a character that everyone was convinced was truly Chinese. But he also carried the deceptions beyond the foot lights into his real world. A major Brain Stormer no doubt.