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Bizarre Magic, Seance & Halloween magick resource list by Jeff McBride on Monday, October 29, 20

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Bizarre magic, Seance and Halloween Magick resource list
by Jeff McBride on Monday, October 29, 2012
The Following resource list is from our good friend Dr. J. Ayala

What follows is a list of titles of both books and DVDs in my personal library that cover the vast genre of bizarre magic. Keep in mind that the bizarre magic (sometimes referred to as ‘magick’) genre generally does not focus on advance skill and legerdemain but rather on the skill of the performer as a storyteller, and on the art of creating a sense of pure theatre. It is more about the setting and the mood than the effects – as hinted at
previously, often the effects are very basic in nature and method.

Neither the effect nor the storytelling simply illustrates the other; they both support each other, and simply reciting a story and performing an odd effect does not create the bizarre experience, thus the need for creating a sense of theatre in order to truly create a wholesome bizarre magic experience. This branch of magic generally makes use of creating discomfort within the minds of the participants of the show to give that deeply genuine theatrical effect.

Max Maven has said that bizarre magic “references a larger magical world beyond the boundaries of the performance.” In other words, it has the ability to create an otherworldly feeling much different than those created by witnessing a non-bizarre performance of magic.
-Dr. J

Negromicon of Maskelyn Ye Mage by Tony Andruzzi
Daemon's Diary by Tony Andruzzi
Grimoire of the Mages by Tony Andruzzi
Legendary Scroll of Maskelyn ye Mage by Tony Andruzzi
The Experience of Magic by Eugene Burger
Arcana of Bizarre Magick by Jim Magus
Strange Ceremonies by Eugene Burger
Capricornian Tales by Christian Chelman
Hauntiques by Christian Chelman
Legendes Urbaines (French book) by Christian Chelman
Compendium Sortilegionis (French book) by Christian Chelman
Sheherazade by Ulf Borodin
Final Curtain by Ulf Borodin (This book focuses more on stories and storytelling than effects.)
Grymoire for Brother Bruce Volume 1 (2008)
Spirit Theater by Eugene Burger (A rather complete book ranging from the creation to the execution of a
bizarre show.)
A Darker Light by Ronald J. Dayton (a.k.a. KOTAH)
Bigger Book of BOO by Larry Kuehn
By Darkness Influenced by Ronald J. Dayton (a.k.a. KOTAH)
Compleat Invocation Vols. 1 & 2 by Maskelyn Ye Mage
Devil of a Bar and Pub by The Scribe
Magick, Vols. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 by Bascom Jones (This is the holy grail of bizarre magic books.)
Magictales by Leslie Mellville (Another book focusing on storytelling.)
Scrolls by Tim Converse (Focuses on storytelling)
The Practitioner by Eugene Poinc (Eugene “Gene” Poinc was one of the most highly regarded and
revered bizarre magicians in the world.)
Seven Shades by Steve Murray
Complete Book of Shadows by Michael Diamond
The Little Egypt Book of Ghosts by Steve Bryant (This book leans more toward the ghost show style.)
The Other Side by Angelo Stagnaro (Not actually a bizarre book, but rather a book focusing on
séance mentalism – very useful to both the bizarre magician
and the mentalist.)

Bizarre by Tony Shiels (Tony Shiels and Tony Andruzzi were largely responsible for creating the bizarre
magic movement.)
Midnight in the Dark Museum by Jim Magus
Raising the Dead by Jim Magus
The Magic Mirror by Bob Neale and David Parr
Life, Death and Other Card Tricks by Bob Neale
Occult Magic 1, 2 and 3 by Freddie Valentine focuses on occult-theme shows and consists of the following:
Occult Magic 1: The Introduction
Occult Magic 2: Into the Darkness
Occult Magic 3: The Outer Circle
Pentaology by R. Shane (Compilation of five books which are entitled, appropriately, One, Two, Three,
Four and Five, each book also available separately.)
The Dark Waltz by Michael J. Fraughton
The Life and Times of B. Bizarre by Dale A. Hildebrandt

Special mention:
Undead by Todd Karr - Are you a fan of the Twilight series of books by Stephenie Meyer? Do you have one, two, three or all four of the books? If so, you can do an “impromptu” book test with any one of the books in the series – you can even use borrowed copies. Undead by Todd Karr is a dealer item that most major dealers carry and it will show you how to use the Twilight series to perform a wonderful book test. I highly recommend it!

I also have a few physical booklets which may be of interest to the bizarre magician or mentalist, and I believe they are available on library.com, those titles are:

Black and White Magic by Marie Leveau (This explores spiritualists, readers, psychic mediums, the use of
oils, candles, powders, incenses, and even horoscope culture.)
The Book of Forbidden Knowledge – author unknown (This covers omens, signs, hypnosis, conjuring and
other topics of black magic.)

The Invocation - Tony Raven (published from 1974–1978)
The New Invocation – Tony Andruzzi and Docc Hilford (published from 1979–1996)
The Cauldron - Charles Cameron
Snake Oil Almanac
Altar Flame by Mary Tomich
Krypt's Quarterly Crier by David E. Zver
Oracle (One of the best and most complete; my favorite.)
Mystic Menagerie
One special mention of a regular magic magazine: Genii Magazine – Issue 666

Karnival of Magick by Tony Chris (2 disc set with VERY thorough coverage of the genre.)
Eugene Burgers Magical Voyages 1,2,3 L&L publishing
Pack Small Play Big – Bizarre Show by Dan Harlan
Voyages to the Inner World by Eugene Burger
Exploring Magic Presentations by Eugene Burger (Not strictly a bizarre DVD, but the ideas are useful for
creating bizarre presentations for effects.)
Spirit Magic by Eugene Burger (This is almost like a companion to his book, ‘Spirit Theatre’.)
Séance by Dixie Dooley (Some of the material on here is GREAT and it TRAUMATIZES people!)
The Weerdist On Stage, Vols. 1 & 2 by Docc Hilford
Bizarre! by Tony Andruzzi (Who better to learn from than one of the creators of the bizarre genre?)
Tarot by Donna Zuckerbrot (A very interesting history of tarot cards and is approx. 50 minutes long.)
The Chicago Tapes by Eugene Burger (Again not strictly bizarre material, but it does contain some effects
with that bizarre feel, and many others which would lend
themselves well to a bizarre presentation.)


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Joaquin Ayala The Eugene Burger video Voyages to the Inner World is part of a 3 volume set, which is entitled Magical Voyages. The volumes are entitled thusly: Volume 1: Voyages to the Real World; Volume 2: Voyages to the Unreal World; Volume 3: Voyages to the Inner World.
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Jeff McBride here is the link to tonights episode! http://www.livestream.com/mcbridemagic/video?clipId=pla_e5dc7b88-a041-40eb-9b16-4dc295d8537c

Live Show Mon Oct 29 2012 Bizarre Magick
Live Show Mon Oct 29 2012 Bizarre Magickon McBrideMagic Tv on Livestream - Watch...See More
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Joaquin Ayala For those interested, I will also offer up the Alchemy Moon website: http://www.alchemy-moon.co.uk/secret%20garden.htm

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Spike Norstrum I like that one joaquin.. !!
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