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by Jeff McBride (Notes) on Thursday, December 13, 2012 at 12:35am
Following are resources for the MAGIC FOR ALL SEASONS episode Dec 10th 2012
the following are listing from Dr J Ayala
Magic with a Christmas Theme by Marc Dibowski
Holiday Illusions (book of plans) by Paul Osborne
Encyclopedia of Egg Magic by Donato Colucci
Rice’s Encyclopedia of Silk Magic Vols. 1-3 by Harold Rice (available in both book format and on CD –
contains many silk effects adaptable to
various holidays)
Christmas Magic by Dave Hagan
The Merry Magical Christmas Book – Author Unknown (found a listing on www.magicinc.net)
Christmas Wonders – Author Unknown - a book for balloon workers (also listed on www.magicinc.net)
Ireland/Magic Inc. Yearbook Reader – most volumes have some holiday-friendly magic in them

A Tony Christmas Magic Show by Tony Chris

Santa Hat Tear
Holiday Hat (another hat tear)
Appearing Candy Stick (variation of the Appearing Pole)
Santa’s Surprise (variation on the Edwin Hooper classic, Farmyard Frolics)
Santa Stuck In the Chimney (think Strat-O-Sphere with three wood blocks painted like Santa and a
chimney for a tube
Santa Chimney Production (Square-Circle type prop)
Classic Snowstorm (Duh!)
Santa & His Elves (Three Card Monte)
Presents of Mind (Christmas prediction effect)
Instant Snow
Big Red Nose (color changing sponge ball effect)
Appearing/Vanishing Candles by Fantasio (decorate to look like candy cane sticks)
Marley’s Ghost (a very cool effect available from www.abbottmagic.com)
Peppermint Stick Nesting Wands
Hippity Hop Santas (a variation, of course, on Hippity Hop Rabbits)
Christmas Stocking shaped Egg Bag
Christmas Stocking Change Bag
Christmas Hat Change Bag
Santa Costume Bag
Christmas Fountain of Silks by Duane Laflin
Enclavor & Liberator by Duraty (use red and green strings)
Knotty Knot by Aldo Colombini (make your own using a red rope with a green knot or vice versa)
Silk(s) to Rope (red and white silks change into a candy cane striped rope)
Mr. Who Vanish from The Show Doctor by Jeff McBride (Use large Santa mask and costume)
Sponge Snowballs (These are available and are handmade by Dan Garrett – dangarrett@aol.com)
Don Alan Bowl Routine (a handling for The Benson Bowl) – take a cue from Albert Goshman (the King of
Sponge himself!) and use either the white
sponge snowballs or yellow Goshman sponge
balls and they become Matzo balls!
Prediction/mentalism effects using a dreidel
“Chink-a-Chink” using four mini dreidels
Use a Lota vase to produce the miraculous oil (actually rubbing alcohol or lighter fluid, which can then
be put in a chick pan and light with a match in
conjunction with producing small items)
Miser’s Dream to produce ‘gelt’ – chocolate coins can also be used here
Dreidel-shaped gift boxes (Use for candy productions, ring/coin/silk/bill to box effects, and other
Production items, etc. These come in various materials: wood, cardboard,
metal, etc.)
Substitute ESP symbols with the four symbols on a dreidel (Nun, Gimel, Hay and Shin, use Tsadi for the
fifth symbol as in ESP decks)

Hippity Hop Rabbits
Multiplying Eggs by House of Fakini
Sponge Rabbits
Bill in Egg
Toilet Paper to Egg (my favorite variation of Napkin to Egg – just be sure not to use recycled toilet paper
or you will end up with a brown egg…)
Egg on Fan (another way of doing the above)
Sponge Eggs (used just like sponge balls)
Sucker Silk to Egg
Egg Bag (including the bamboo mat-style Chinese Egg Bag)
Find the Egg (Easter-themed Three Card Monte)
Egg Production Napkin by Mikame
Chick/Dove/Duck Pan (change eggs or other objects into live chicks, silks, Easter treats like
Peeps, candies or cakes, etc.)
LemonEGG by Jeremy Pei
Ring in Egg (vanish a borrowed ring and it reappears inside an egg, with or without the yolk – your
Cups and Balls with live baby chicks
Chick from Egg
Silk From Egg (note: This effect sees a silk vanished and reappearing inside an empty egg; you can use a
small silk printed with a baby chick or rabbit on it for this)

Valentine’s Day
Linking Hearts by Paul Romhany (heart-shaped linking “rings”)
Linking Hearts by Alan Wong (heart-shaped rubber bands)
Healing Hearts by Mago Martin (performed and taught by Roberto Jansenson)
Heart to Heart by Aldo Colombini
Heart Connection from Magic At the Edge by Jeff McBride (Disc 2)
Shattered Hearts by Chris Brent
Needle Thru Balloon with heart-shape balloons
Floating Rose by Kevin James
Flower Productions using feather/artificial flowers
Color Changing Rose
Rose to Silk (various versions available, I recommend the Tony Clark version)
Napkin Rose by Michael Mode
Super Botania
AmazeRing by Joe Porper (Himber-style ring)
Ghostly Linking Finger Rings by Joe Porper
Linking Ropes (various gimmicked and non-gimmicked versions available; use red ropes for this one)
Rainbow to Rose from Magic At the Edge by Jeff McBride (Disc 1)
Produce small fabric hearts for couples (such as the ones you place inside your bear at Build-a-Bear)
Anniversary Waltz by Doc Eason (or one of its MANY variations)
Pip Matrix (four heart pips on a card move from four corners to the same corner, or to another card)
Bank Night (one envelope contains a coupon for dinner & massage, a ring or some other prize, but here,
one of the participants should win, not the magician)
Heart Pendulum effects
Ring In Rose (novelty ring box – actually looks like a red rose on a stem, but is really a velvet ring box)
Card In Balloon (use heart shaped balloons)
Bands and Rings – various effects using a rubber band or two and a finger ring

St. Patrick’s Day
Leprechaun Sucker Cups Set by Chazpro (consists of the Shamrock Cup which functions like a certain
type of Okito box, the Lots-A-Coins cup which functions like
a Lota Bowl but with coins and the Leprechaun Sucker Cup)
Spellbound coin effects changing copper/brass coins or other objects into gold
Alchemist’s Dream (pea can effect of turning lead or coal into gold)
Samina’s Into Gold from the Mystery School Book, published by The Miracle Factory (another lead to
gold effect)
Miser’s Dream using gold coins (or you can use gold-colored coins if you cannot afford the real ones…)
Wild Coin (same sort of effect as a Spellbound, but with multiple coins)
Rainbow Streamer to Skittles (a la McBride Magic Wishing Rainbow)
Rainbow Streamer to gold coins (again, a la McBride Magic Wishing Rainbow)
Rope Tie escapes (done to a story of being captured and bound by a leprechaun)
Chick/Dove/Duck Pan to changed items into gold coins or rainbow silk streamers
Coin Matrix using gold coins and four cards: one with a leprechaun, a rainbow, a pot and one blank (the leprechaun vanishes, you know?)
Torn and Restored Shamrock (green tissue paper cut out in the shape of a shamrock, done a la Torn and
restored Cigarette Paper or Undivided by Martin Lewis)
Bank Night (One envelope – the winning one, of course - contains a gold coin from a captured

Independence Day (United States)
Patriotic Ropes by Daryl (Professor’s Nightmare done with colored ropes)
Patriotic Linking Ropes (various gimmicked and non-gimmicked versions exist)
Flag Blendo (a red, white and blue silk change into a US flag)
Patriotic Blendo (a tri-colored silk at the end, not a flag)
Mis-Made Flag
Patriotic Streamer Production (red, white and blue silk streamer)
Patriotic Fountain of Silks by Duane Laflin
Flagtastick by Ian Sutz (a.k.a. Ian Garrison, a.k.a. MagicIAN)
Bag to USA Flag
USA Flag Staff Production
Roll up a reproduction Declaration of Independence to use as a magic wand (idea from Richard Hatch)
Flash Flag Surprise (a silk with various international flags printed on it visibly changes to a U.S. flag)
Triple Color Changing Silks
Crystal Silk Tube using patriotic silk colors (silks are shown singly and pushed into a clear tube; the silks
are then blown out of the tube, magically tied together)
Conradi Utility Tube (change red, white and blue silks into red, white and blue confetti, etc.)
Crystal Silk Cylinder (Three colored silks are placed into a clear tube, which is covered by a solid tube;
the silks then vanish, transform into other objects or vanish and reappear
Newspaper Tear (use reproduction newspapers with 1776 Independence-era headlines - I do this
myself with various period reproduction newspapers from around the world)
Silks from Newspaper (produce patriotic silks, perhaps from the restored newspaper above)
Magic Tea Kettle (use red and blue food color and clear water for white, or use a white water dye, then
use red, white and blue silks for the finale)

Et Cetera
Any effects using ropes, silks or sponges of appropriate colors for the holiday you are representing, such as red and green for Christmas, blue and white for Chanukah, black and orange for Halloween, green/green and white for St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

There are just too many printed specialty silks to list, but some of the popular silks are printed with Santa Claus, “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Easter”, pictures of rabbits, etc. Using the appropriate ones with the corresponding holiday, many of these make great finale productions and some are even great for use within various effects, depending on the images. You can even have your own images printed or silk screened onto silk, but beware – that can become very costly. Everyone has seen the silk with the rabbit in the top hat. Why not have one made with a leprechaun inside a black pot or even a leprechaun hat for St. Patrick’s Day effects/shows?

When selecting effects and props during any non-holiday time of year, think of how you can make that/those prop(s) multi-functional. “How can I use this rope effect in an Easter show? How can this Chinese silk production box be used in a Christmas show? Can I add a temporary/removable topical decoration or coloration to suit a particular holiday? Will this fit various holiday themes as is without changing the prop?” Thinking in this way will help prevent you from having way too many one-season, one-trick wonders in your prop/effect collection. Of course, certain items like seasonal silks and nesting peppermint stick wands are sometimes unavoidable, but those kinds of items pack/store small.

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