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Do you have travel tips for the smart traveling magician?
What to pack? What to leave home? W
hat tricks have you learned while traveling?
We will talk about YOUR comments on tomorrows SMART TRAVEL episode of MYSTERY SCHOOL MONDAY
7PM PST www.mcbridemagic.tv

Kent Wong These days, travelling with luggage is a gamble. Luckily the same adage applies: Know your limit, stay within it! Excess luggage charges can really add up. Packing smart and efficiently is the key for both your checked luggage and your carry-on. Is the cost of any luggage charge built into your fee?If your luggage gets lost, will you still be able to perform a solid show for your client?

Kent Wong For international travellers, do you know what customs and immigration will allow in to the country to which you are travelling? Do you know if YOU will be allowed to enter into the country n which you have been hired to perform?

David Groves Randy Pryor wrote a whole book on that.

Paul Romhany Jeff I wrote a book almost 600 pages on travel tips for magicians called The Real Deal. Have I got stories ...

Jeff McBride we will mention the books on the show tomorrow night

Jeff McBride ROAD WARRIOR correct? the Randy Prior book?

David Groves Exactly!

David DeHerrera · 51 mutual friends
Have a plan b, for sure. Pack stuff in two separate places ie carry-on vs checked bags. Know strong magic with everyday objects that u can purchase close to your destination. Pack small play big. Use magic that can be lengthened and shortened depending on circumstance. Lastly, stay calm, be confident in yourself.

Mathew Franco
When flying to different regions to perform, remember to plan TIME for simple, but important things like eating a healthy meal after you arrive, transportation from the airport, checking in to the hotel, ironing your performance clothes, and any other personal needs. Most travelers tend to take note of what time their flight arrives, but may overlook some of the simple tasks that can take precious time out of a travel/performance day.

Jason Porter · Friends with Al Lampkin and 2 others
Don't forget to bring your towel.

Kris Kaniecki Snow Gallon sized ziploc bags. I imagine traveling with kids is slot like traveling with magic. Yes, all metaphoric implication intended ; )

Kris Kaniecki Snow Also, assume your checked baggage will be lost, pack carry ons accordingly.

Kevin Burke When you go to bed at night, pull the Do Not Disturb sign in a little so it catches in the door frame when you close the door. That way, kids who are stealing do not disturb signs in the night won't get yours.

Kevin Burke When you leave your hotel room to do your show, leave your TV on. If a thief knows your room number, he knows when you're onstage, and therefore NOT in your room. Leave your TV on so he'll think there's someone in there.

Kevin Burke Always stay in a room on the third floor or higher. 1st and 2nd floor rooms have reachable windows,

Matt Stevens Keep your music on your phone, a USB drive on your keys, a cloud server, anywhere you can.

Kevin Burke If you're from the USA, slap a couple of Canada stickers on your luggage...especially your backpack. It will make life easier abroad.

Matt Stevens If you put together a carry on kit in case your luggage is lost or stolen, don't include items you can easily find. Save the room for supplies you cannot get everywhere, like mouth coils, throw streamers, thumb tips, etc.

Matt Stevens Extra hardware for props, cases, tables, etc is a must. I learned this just a few days ago. A wheel broke off my suitcase table and I had to stop between shows at Home Depot to get nuts and bolts because the screws ripped right out.

Matt Stevens Keep your hotel room number to yourself and don't speak it, if the person at the desk needs it, point to it on your receipt. If you get a call from "the front desk" needing your credit card info, or room number, simply tell them you will come down to the front desk. Don't give it over the phone.
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Matt Stevens Use your smartphone to take photos of your receipts, in case you lose the originals.

Laura Eisele I agree put essential devices such as coils and tt's in your carry on!

Jon Allen Take photos with your phone of your checked luggage. If it goes missing and you have to describe it, this makes it so much easier.

Lee Hathaway Sewing Kit, and black T-shirts.

Ron Porter Over the door shoe racks pack flat, are inexpensive and have lots of pockets to organize props or personal items.

Lee Hathaway music on your phone, receipts on your phone, luggage photos on your phone...basically, you're f****d if you lose your phone.

Geraldine Pecorella · Friends with Deborah Cohen
Never leave home without a deck of cards,3 coins a elastic string in the cuff of your shirt,pencil,paper and a lot of miss direction.

Mark van Vliet · 20 mutual friends
Bring your SMILE with you and the glance in your EYE's that you really like what you are doing....everywhere in the WORLD.

Matthew Dowden Find clothes that can work in different combinations. For example a plain dark navy suit means you can also wear the trousers (pants) with a variety of shirts. Also be hard on yourself. If there is something you always take but have only worn it once leave it behind.

Matthew Dowden When you stay in a hotel before arriving at your final destination, always hang your suits and jackets up overnight. This will minimise creasing and make it easier to get any creases out. If your suits/jackets are creased, turn shower on in your bathroom as hot as it can go and leave the room to steam. Hang your suits up in the bathroom being careful to keep them from any wet surfaces and come back later. You'll be amazed how the creases drop out.

Paul Dabek ALLWAYS have a carry-on act.
No matter how big your show or luggage is always have a back up act that will fit in your carry on....
Don't just throw some small tricks in your carry on that you will rehearse if you luggage gets lost....
Go through your act and pick out the stuff that will fit in your carry on... Then build a small-pack act around it.... Rehearse it and work it. It's worth the work!!
There's a big difference to turning up to an event/ship/show saying you have lost your luggage and can't work and you have lost your luggage ...but you have a strong back up that may be shorter or smaller but you can perform...bookers will appreciate your forward thinking.

Paul Dabek Also travel in or with some simple black clothes.... You can getaway with not being in the dress code if what you are wearing is simple black with no logos. This can also work if you costume was in you main luggage.

Paul Dabek Final tip.... Read Jeff's magician 24/7 most of the tips I would have given here are already in that book.

Richard Mantie Would like to offer a couple of L.Lancasters tips for silk care on the road, if you dont have a portable steamer with you find a local Dry Cleaner and and find his outside vent, youcan refresh your silks there, if this is not possible, rinse out silks and stick them to a mirror, when they fall off they will be wrinkle free..

Zamora King Know the names of things you can't fly with but will need to get when you arrive at a foreign destination, such as the names of fuel if you use fire in your act. If you need the venue to have something ready for you, email them an image using google image search.

Steve Cohen Hi Jeff, I wrote a blog post about an "emergency magic kit" that your fans may find useful. Feel free to share: http://www.chambermagic.com/emergency-magic-kit/

Emergency Magic Kit inspired by Giobbi | Steve Cohen Chamber Magic | The Millionaires’ Magician...
Roberto Giobbi is an extremely talented magician from Muttenz, Switzerland. I ho...See More

Pierre Landsman Jeff McBride I won't be able to watch it tonight cuz I will be on a plane (ironic right?) but I would really appreciate if you can let me know any tip on how to avoid your cards to bend due to the a/c on a plane or maybe if there a brand of cards that stays flat even inside a plane environment? Thanks a lot!

Brad Henderson I spend 6 weeks on road jumping from venue to venue. Nothing worse than wet things to deal with. So, I buy as many face wash cloths as venues I will attend, leaving it behind when done. I carry two bath towels so one can dry in car when other is in use. And for one nighters I don't take liquid soap and shampoo into the shower. I put soap on cloth and shampoo on head before entering. my bottles stay dry and I don't ever accidentally leave them behind

Brad Henderson also, avoid touching your nose and eyes. Most common place for germs to enter your body. You'd be surprised how often we scratch our noses. read Mary roach's new book gulp for some fascinating lessons in how to stay healthy

Mumdo Marzouki Business cards and your Promo materiel. you never know who will be sitting next to you on the plane or in the business lounge!
Aspirin, vitamin C, and a medical kit. You don't want to catch something before the show
A camera! (no excuse, all phones now a days have cameras on them) document everything on the road...One day you need to share your Magical journeys with the World!

Randy Miller · Friends with David Mann and 1 other
Lay everything out and take a picture in case luggage goes missing.

Quentin Reynolds Check Doug Dyment's site www.onebag.com for all sorts of tips on having as much as possible in your carry on luggage.

Leisure / Business Travel Packing List - Travel Light (One Bag)!
leisure and business travel packing list - travel light - carry-on luggage

Jeff McBride THE COMMANDO ACT: The commando act has evolved over the years and actually gets smaller as years go by. My new commando act fits inside of an eyeglass case and contains all my emergency props and essential magic effects: my McGrip Tip from ZOOM BOUNCE ...See More
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Greg Irwin Take advantage of sitting time in airports with FINGER FITNESS! If nothing else its free entertainment to the others who are also bored sitting next to you.
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I appreciate Jeff's emergency act getting smaller to the place of fitting into an eyeglass case but in larger venues it helps to have something a little showy ( few can do Jeff's card act). A computer sleeve carries plenty that can be seen and takes up little more space. An easy 20-25 minutes.

Robert B