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"TIMING" what magicians or performing artists do YOU know that have the best timing and why?
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Mike Olsen ·
Rudy Coby.. always perfect, always flawless

Jailhouse Jonny Johnny Carson and Jack Benny

Jeff McBride
yes they WAITED..the pause that creates comedy

Jeff Christensen ·
Eugene Burger...that man knows how to pause!
Paul Dabek It's gotta be Fed Kaps for me.... A master of timing!

Lee Hathaway Juan Tamariz.

Paul Dabek
Geoffrey Durham has some great words on what he calls Rhythm in magic in his book... Some great exercises for creating flawless timing.

Lee Hathaway
Juan Tamariz. Why: because he's Juan Tamariz.

Joe Krathwohl Magic, comedy, animal training...I can't imagine anything more important than


Jailhouse Jonny
There is a bit where Buddy Hackett is being asked by Johnny Carson about the secrets of comedy........

Paul Dabek It's called Profesional secrets and has long been one of my performance manuals the routines are all winners but its the theory that is a bible for any magician in my view....
Geoff's T&R news is a perfect example of how he uses rhythm to kick applause and create the feel of perfect timing....

Freddy Kaps' timing both in his patter and silent work was so great... Just from the raise of an eyebrow or a look at the audience perfectly timed he could get laughs and provide great off-beats of misdirection....
His homing card shows this great comic timing covering the dirtywork!

Wayne Dobson has near perfect timing.... Infect when we were recently discussing a gag he showed me how a well timed look at the audience can be lethal! He repeated it like 8 times and I was still in fits of laughter! But then he is a genius so it's to be expected!.... God I hate that guy!!!

Michael Trixx
Physical timing? Soma has great timing, he makes his own sound tracks with sound effects and its well choreographed. comedic timing George Carlin was great!

Thyron R. Lee Jr. I have to admit I like yer sense of timing. Copperfield has great timing as well. Shawn Farquar is up there too.....

ron porter
Goshman used perfect timing and impeccable misdirection to hide his bold coin magic. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ll6TbgOxG1A

Mark Mysterrio Rocco Silano because he loads up in front of the audience but keeps them so entertained that they forget what they might have seen. His timing is just amazing.

Paul Gordon Frank Sinatra. His timing was extraordinary. He did it in every phrase of every song. And, his timing got better as he got older. Listen especially to his saloon songs like Angel Eyes and One For My Baby.

François Martinez
Hi Jeff. One weeks ago, with the Collectoire, we created an entire day of reflexion about timing and misdirection. Talking about Slydini, Goshman, Ascanio, history of timing, with eleven masters like : Bloom, Merlin, Duvivier, Vaquera, Yann Frisch... I'll send you information.

Jeff mcbride because he knows how to evoke people's emotions and take them on a journey through time and space

Matthew Field Billy McComb did it for me.

Roscoe Tarwater Beaumont Misdirection in time is one of the street magicians most powerful tools of illusion. It's particularly important to those of us who most often perform surrounded by the audience, and I believe the street is its best teacher.

Anthony Darkstone My two cents:- For Magic it was my dear friend Steve Dacri. Sadly now passed. His Multiplying Bunnies, Coins Across and Classic Force were such flawless examples of timing that it would have made Chronos himself weep in awe. Street Magic - another dear pal, Eric Evans a long time friend & student of Jim Cellini also sadly passed. Three excellent examples from England was my friend & Mentor Pat Page (RIP), David Nixon (RIP) and Paul Daniels. Music - many, but only three truly Mastered the Art of phrasing - Mr. Frank Sinatra, Mr. Sammy Davis Jr. & Ms Ella Fitzgerald. Dance -Isadora Duncan and Comedy -Mr. George Carlin.

Steven Max Droge
Mac King for comedy.

Levent Cimkentli Cardini!!! He always seemed to know what the audience was comprehending and when.

Daryl Rogers
For just comedy - Jerome Horowitz, Louis Feinberg and Moses Horowitz

Charles Stonewick
Stan Laural and Jack Benny.

Ken Wyne ·
eugene burger, max maven

J. Akal Singh Krau ·
Lavand, master of "the pause”