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To reset or not reset? Do you use magic that needs resetting or not? What is the advantage of routines that do not need resetting? How about the advantages of magic that needs to be reset!
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Ron Porter
With pocket space at a premium and time efficiency even more important in a strolling situation, resets must be kept to a minimum.

Naphtalia Leba
If I'm wandering, I want things that require minimal reset. The biggest reset in things I carry when wandering, is having to move two cards from pop to bottom of the pack. For stage or parlour, I dont mind having to do reset, but if I have multiple shows, I will try to have multiple set ups.

Scott Compton
When I did back-to-back shows at Dollywood, I would go for minimum reset and actually reset my show as I went along. I only had to reset a small rope trick after the show, and it took about 20 sec. Effects that require massive setup/reset also tend to have multiple opportunities for mishaps. Just my thoughts...

Marvin Silbermintz ·
The older magicians I knew didn't mind resetting - but they hated tricks that were disposable. For example, instead of mouthcoils that would produce a string of silks/flags from the mouth. Resetting was just part if the job. But then, they did more stage magic and less 'strolling magic' back then. Of as they called it; 'pocket tricks'.

Bill Cook
I have multiple sets ready to rock so if I need to go from one table right to the next, I use set list two... I head to my closet and reset when I have an option.·

Mark Presley Hawkins
To me magic that requires "re-set" seems more elaborate and time consuming, however, it doesn't seem as cookie cutter and it also involves more attention and precession. Anything that requires "resetting" has to be 100% ready for the next performance. When I'm performing my opening act which is 15 minutes. Almost all my props have to be reset as well as placed in the exact location every-time. I think the advantages of having to reset gives it a more customizable feel rather then everything seeming to be ready and self working.

Magic effects that don't require resetting also have a wealth of positives such as quick re-set, use for back-up in case one of your resets fail. Non-reset is also great when you need to fill or extend time. When I hear the word "Re-set" I think of "Manipulation," which requires a lot of thought as to thinking of the most practical and inconspicuous way to hide props or gimmicks so that when it comes time for your performance your ready to go. Some of the other disadvantages to re-set is also backstage or behind the scene elements which are sometimes out of our control such as stage hands, magicians, assistants, curious passerby's, bumping or knocking over a prop or even your table. All it takes is one bump and your whole show could be off do to the mishap that you didn't know about. Some resets also require not only more attention, but more props to make it work. I had one device that I invented and wanted to start selling to the magic community. I decided to try it out at a show so I can get video footage for the promo.

When I was setting the prop up I had a mishap and part of the effect broke. I happened to have some tools with me and with a little duct tape and rubber bands, I was able to Macgyver it together and then it worked like a charm. I guess it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring a tool box with you to to your shows with some basic tools for those unexpected "Re-set breakdowns and failures." From a layperson perspective I don't really think they will know the difference between "non-reset and re-set" but in the end we a s magicians know. Some magicians may want it fast and easy while others like the whole feel of being a "Persichian" I made that up! LOL! that a cross between "Precession and Magician" I hope this helps you. Imaginatorhttp://www.healthywealthywonderful.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/ResetButton1.jpg


Naphtalia Leba
Dr McComb, of blessed memory, used to tell about doing children's shows. He found all sorts of light weight props and loaded them into one suitcase. He had another matching suitcase that he kept empty. He opened one suitcase on one side of the stage and the other on the other side.

As the show went on, he would empty the one suitcase into the other. When it came time to leave, the empty suitcase was set to do the next show.

He said the secret was to make the suitcases seem heavier than they were and to never let anyone help with the suitcases. Let the client think he was working harder than he was.

Jeff Christensen
A certain amount of reset is okay but one would need to consider the return on investment to the show. The greater reset the more amazing/entertaining the effect needs to be.

Bizzaro Galore
One performer's hassle is another performer's bread and butter.

Harley Newman
Strolling/Roving suggests reset, because of a constantly changing audience. Stage show does not.

Real MagicbyChris
It's Really Great! to do tricks That do not need resetting. Lets Pause for Moment... On psychology . If you do Lot of resetting tricks your mind will think to much. Like is the trick going too work or will the tricks screw up! I suggest to choose tricks That do not need to be reset . It resets automatic. Resetting tricks are good if you got no Choice.

Naphtalia Leba
Is reset worth it? Ask Eric Buss with his Snake Can Symphony - long reset, but great number. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z1y6KiWbiSw

Eric Buss - Spring Snake Symphony 

Adam Mada
Only an artist will make 50% more effort for 10% gain

Zac Barkowski For me its about the effect. If automatically resets...bonus

Dal Sanders
One season I wanted to see how many school shows I could squeeze into a school year. I had heard in a lecture that "around 500" was the most you could expect to perform. I was already doing that many and I took it as a challenge to find my personal best. We scheduled shows as closley together as we possibly could. If we were near a time zone I would take advantage of that and jump west t the end of the day to squeeze an extr hour out of the day.

Of course I had to minimize my set up and tear down time. I shose all tricks that I could either leave set up in my case (like the linking rings and miser's dream) or required no set up at all (like the hexaflexagon and and Cut & restored rope). The closing illusion was a chair suspension...very little set up there. I used an anchor shound system that was self contained and hardwired so I didn't even have to set up sound. I could literaally be in a school and set up in 5 minutes.
That school year I performed my 40 minute show in 704 schools. since that time I've booked fewer shows and given myself a little more set up time. Not all my shows are like this...only my school show.

Conrad Colon
Bizzaro has it right. I for one, I enjoy my reset it is the "beginning of my show" resetting gets my mind to focus on the moment, and become receptive and open to my show. The start to any trick is the reset it is the base coat of paint that we layer our performance on. Effects that reset automatically are great, they don't clutter the mind with thoughts of "Will it work?" and "Did I do my re-set?". It comes down to what kind of magic you do and find a system or systems that work for you.

Mark Philip Lichtenstein
It depends on the effect. Some things are great because when you finish there is no reset and the prop is given away. Other things are great because you can reset invisibly, or pre-reset one item in a series of items so that reset doesn't take as many steps. When I first got serious about card magic, I used a routine that involved several card tricks that needed to be set up, but by routining them the right way, I was able to turn one trick's end into the set up of another, ending with a fully reset deck and routine. No sleight of hand, no going into the cloak room to monkey with the deck. 4 great effects. Basically, if you have an effect that needs to be reset in a bathroom or something, then you may have a problem, but if it's the sort of thing you do once a night and let other people talk about it, then that's not an issue. It's all about the act and the intended results of the performance.

Marvin Silbermintz ·
This has reminded me of Lance Burtons stories of his early years in Vegas, when the performance became easy for him - compared to the set up before every show, several times a day. And it's not something you can trust to someone else. As the pilots say; "A man folds his own parachute.".

Joaquin Ayala I am kind of "old-school" in the way that Marvin Silbermintz mentioned above - I hate disposable effects. There are very, very few exceptions to that rule.

As far as the topic at hand, for me, it really depends on my setting, time limit and the strength of the effect. If I have short and limited amounts of time I will carry very few effects for a set with little to no reset required.

If I have some leeway in time between performances, I do not mind resetting at all.

Overall, if I have an effect that consistently gets loud reactions, gives the audience/participants a genuine memorable experience or triggers strong emotional responses, it is more than worth the time to reset, even if it takes a whole minute.

There are advantages in carrying multiple set-ups as well. An example is in the form of one of my absolute favorite effects called Healing Hearts. It is not an effect you will perform at every table for close-up or strolling. Because it is such a strong, memorable and uniquely special (to your selected participant) you will only perform it two or three times. In one version of my running parlour show, I close the show with it.

In a formal close-up show where I may be moving from one room to another, performing for a seated/stationary audience, I carry multiple spools set up for Gypsy Thread. If the audience is coming to me, I might prefer a version that resets itself, such as Dragon Thread.

I have quite the collection of packet effects but only carry/use one our two at a time. if I see a packet effect in a book that I like or see one that I consider purchasing, it has to fit a certain criteria. 1) Does it suit my style/character? 2) Can it be used in conjunction with or added into other existing effects? 3) Is it strong to stand alone if need be? For me, if it fits into those categories, any amount of reset that may be required is worth it.

It is always much easier to reset for stage or parlour shows because you can do it backstage, between segments or shows, or, have an assistant do it for you. There really is no single definitive answer for whether or not you should use effects for any venue requiring any amount of reset. So because beyond personal preference there are various things upon which that decision and answer depend, which are all different for every performer from one show and situation to the next.

When considering or pondering the question, "To reset or not to reset"?, consider the venue, the type and length of the show and/or each of your sets, any limits (time, angles, visibility, etc.) and even the type of audience you will be performing for.

Miguel Rangel ·
Depends on the gig. If it is a strolling gig, then reset is an advantage. If it is a one time show, like a stage show, then anything goes

Chad Wonder
I hate reset and try to work as much of it as possible into the show. 90% of my walk around is reset when it goes to my pocket and I often drop the 10%,

Kevin Burke Three words:
Eric Buss' closer.
Eric Buss - Spring Snake Symphony 

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Trick that are reset are ace to do! Bec when you end it ! It is reset for the next time you like to do it! But some times if you have a lot of reset tricks this may be bad in a set show that you are doing bec you do not have time to reset the tricks for the next time you do them ! And some times you may for get a move or how to do the trick! But on a good hand this might be good bec you may come up with a new trick.. Bec of all the books you have look at if dome thing like this. Go wong like you for get a move or how to do a trick .if you got the right mind to thing on the spot you can wow your friend with out then noing that it was not part of the plan ! So hav a plan if some thing go wong! Useingvgaffs cards or gaffs packs can help ! But some you do not end clean