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What are YOUR thoughts on "FAME AND FORTUNE.''
What is the price of fame?
How do you make a fortune?
What is the balance if any?
What are the lessons YOU have learned that can help others who seek fame and fortune?
Tonight we will talk about FAME AND FORTUNE
7pm vegas time

David Groves
I would like to have the success that Jeff has. Commercial AND critical success.

Charles Stonewick
Success in magic for me, would be the ability to retire from my teaching gig, (5 years) and make a comparable salary (okay maybe just a bit more) doing magic in my local area. No desire for fame and fortune. Just doing magic full time is my deepest desire. A desire I have every intention of making a reality. Plotting and planning...

Leonid Zhukov
To find your fame and fortune you have to find your passion which will give you the ability to persevere.

William Draven
The good Fame is being recognized for your contributions in your industry by people who are not actively apart of said industry all the while holding the respect of those who are. Fortune is not a definitive number however it is a state of being. Fortune is being able to comfortably live in the lifestyle of your choosing, having your needs met, the price of living covered, and a means to regularly indulge your wants.

The cost of fame is privacy.
The path to fortune requires sacrifices of blood, sweat, tears, and time.

The balance lays in being responsible with your karma and work ethics.

Fortune and fame are by products of doing a good, thorough, and productive job in your chosen industry. Neither are limited to just show business, but both can be encountered almost automatically if you work hard and fight the "good" fight. The good fight being observing the natural laws of attraction. They are in short: you reap what you sew.

David Groves
I want fame and fortune to set me free financially, and by free, I mean really, really free!

David Groves
Also, I think that that kind of freedom is a kind of primal fantasy. Freedom from parents and authorities and governments who have told us no. Freedom to take whatever we want (because we have the money to pay for it). Freedom to wake up whenever we want. Freedom to never do boring work. Freedom to buy a $5000 trick, if we so desire. Freedom to sculpt a show that reflects who we are, without regard to price, or worrying about whether anybody will hire us (the fame will take care of that), or learning the sleights (because we can always pay skilled teachers to teach us the sleights). The sky's the limit.

Patrick Thernes
for me fame and fortune would be nice, but I just want to make people forget their problems when they see perform and to have fun, I joke and say I don't want to be a big star just a lasting worker. Its nice to I guess get to the point where people know you, but the smiles of the audience is fortune for me!
Paul Goodbody ·
In my view this does not have to mean you have wealth of money and world fame. You can bring joy to people with a simple magical effect provided you perform it well? and that person will remember you

Andrew Spike Norstrum
Fame can be fleeting, and fortunes get spent, more times than not.... but being recognized for your honest work is probably the best thing ... one does not have to receive accolades on a world wide basis, neither do you need to be rejoiced on.... if one takes on the role of a humble servant to the masses, the rewards can be overwhelming .... its just the effect of a simple smile, and a sparkling eye that will last in the minds of anyone you meet, and those smiles that one causes to happen and those twinkling eyes looking at you work is most the precious.. more than the applause rendered because of reputation...... I dont need to be famous.... an EGO... is dangerous...and can make one lazy.

"I'm not after fame and success and fortune and power. It's mostly that I want to have a good job and have good friends; that's the good stuff in life." - Drew Barrymore............ I got fame and fortune, and I lost my sense of reasoning. Richard, Little -

and I think that the word "Writer" could be changed to Artist>>>
“A writer doesn't dream of riches and fame, though those things are nice. A true writer longs to leave behind a piece of themselves, something that withstands the test of time and is passed down for generations.”
― C.K. Webb

Brian Jones ·
On fame, never buy into your own hype, and never depress yourself by trying to live up to the persona your PR people and the press have built up for you. Your personal sanity depends on it.

Ryan Brown
"your going to look for wealth and fame and to fail would be a pitty.

Mark Paulson
Fortune does not lead to happiness (although it doesn't hurt). To be happy is to be fortunate. I try to be happy, which leads my audience to enjoy my performances, which leads them to remember me, which is all the fame I need.

Lou Johnson
My way is being the "man who wears MANY HATS." I stopped thinking of the words FAME and FORTUNE, and instead focus on the word SUCCESS! Try this: Say the word SUCCESS. Notice that you SMILE at the end of the word. Say FAILURE. You end up FROWNING or NOT SMILING. I say under my breath success, success as I'm Juggling 5 balls. The drops cease. Fortune comes to me.

Payne's Magykes Why does this topic sound vaguely familiar?

Mark Presley Hawkins
I think the number on thing is support! Your club that you belong to should help with helping you succedd. Otherwise what's the use of paying all those fees? Your club you belong to should be a stepping stone to success. You help promote and build up one another. All the mebers in the club are on the same team. Magic clubs should not just be about learning the next trick or going to the next hot lecture. It should be about preparing us for our goal. When it's one way on a two way street the only destination you will have is a DEAD END! Is FAME and FORTUNE that IMPORTANT! Maybe we should just firat focus on a suport system before we can even think of going to the next level.

Steve Joyce ·
I have limited local fame & I enjoy it. However I am ready for the fortune part!

Andrew Spike Norstrum Mark, your making an assumption that there is a "Club" that is active and viable in a location where one lives.... I suppose it is sometimes hard to conceive that there are places where it may be at least 2 to 3 hundred miles between magicians... @Steve Joyce if its fortune you want, I will teach you how to Rob trains.... but you will need a horse..

Payne's Magykes
If one is going to rely on your typical magic club to help you find fame and fortune in the world of magic then you are never going to see either. The only person you can rely on to achieve ones goals is you. Yes, support is great. But without talent or expertise all the support in the world is useless. Magic clubs and gatherings are good for making connections that may or may not be of assistance to furthering ones career. But in the end only you are responsible for the trajectory of ones ambitions. Which is why I am where I am today. I possess the talent, just not the drive. I am content to drift through life like a cork in a bathtub. Aimlessly going where the current will take me. But doing little to steer myself in any particular direction. So far it has been a great ride. But had I the drive, or a much better agent (or an agent at all) I would be far more famous than I am today. But perhaps none the happier or wealthier. Fame has a price that I’m not so sure I am willing to pay. But what little fame I have achieved was in no way helped along by any magic club I belonged to. They are fun social gatherings. Not career enhancers. Unless of course you belonged to the Long Beach Mystics.

Mark Paulson
As a great man once said, "Show me a club, and I"ll beat you over the head with it."

Mumdo Marzouki
I am watching

Andrew Spike Norstrum
Master Payne..Payne's Magykes..... that is the best thing I have seen all day... thank you!!.... a cork... I can relate!!

BestMagic GagsandCostume During dearth of employment, have observed that you are either "wealthy in money" or "wealthy in time." Spend each prdently.

Steven Stemm ·
what if you think you had your 15 minutes already?

Jon Farber As long as I had fortune, I could do without the fame.

Mark Devant
When I was young I was obsessed with fame and fortune. Now that I am older my focus has moved to friends, family and a sense of inner peace. The only gold I seek now is a calm and tranquil sense of being.

Cody Clark
Since I'm still young myself, my views on fame and fortune are still taking shape. But one thing I've learned over the years is to enjoy the way up. Don't rush through all the "paying your dues" gigs, magic club meetings, and conventions just because you are eager to reach your ultimate goal with your magic career. When Lance and Mac came home to the Louisville Magic Club for a meeting, they both said that while they are glad they both reached their goals, their favorite memories are the ones they made on their way to the top.
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Lín Rhys
When you are 'famous', people listen to you - they pay attention to your message and even help spread it. Money, well, it really does 'make the world go 'round'. Both of those can be used for many purposes, good and bad - I would like to think I would be wielding them as a force for making the world a more positive place... (when I achieve them...!)

CJ May
have a slanted take on getting fame and fortune. Having started magic in my 40s I am way behind in terms of skills, experience and career. Having a family I have precious little time to catch up. So...I look to Magic & Mystery School folks to aid me, I put what they teach me into practice, and I accept that my route will be slower and later than others. And...I make sure to add in a 3rd "F" to Fame and Fortune: "Fun"! Bringing my daughter to magic shows is FUN!

Richard Ribuffo
Fame, to me, is being known and respected for your work by people other than my piers and colleagues, and fortune is the feeling I get from knowing how blessed I am for being part of something greater than myself.

Gordon Vooght ·
fame is nothing future ok but people chase you with more money i could do with cash as cant get any more card trick had same for ages . you have know some one in the business to get into magic circle or into magic i being doing card tricks for ages got no where not if i havnt try guess disable magicians not excepted . my thoughts

Matthew Dowden
I think "fame" as a goal is a misguided concept. It should not be your first thought. It's fine to look up to someone famous and think you want to have what they have, but it shouldn't be their "fame" status that you are chasing. Most really famous people would love to blend in and not be recognised for a while. As Ricky Gervais said "If you only want to get famous go out and kill a prostitute." On initial reading this sounds horrible but he isn't saying "go out and do that," his comment was based on the fact that if your ONLY goal is to get famous then do something that will be reported in the news. Personally I think as a performer the goal should be to have a show that you are proud of or earn the respect of your peers and public. If you are good at something and work hard then you will earn the RIGHT amount of fame. Some of the performers I really look up to are performers that most general public have not heard of and would walk past them in the street, but they can pack out a theatre tour and are known as the best in the business. Far better to have quality fame and be well compensated for it than be suddenly thrust into the public eye and lose any sort of privacy. I think there is a big difference between fame with people you have never met, and fame with people who have seen you in person in your show. It's a nice feeling when you come off stage and you meet people who say "oh we loved your show" as it's a much more personal type of fame. Personally I would hate not being able to go and sit in a coffee shop undisturbed. I probably wouldn't have been able to finish this comment .