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Tonight we look at the"most tasteful"routines & the most "dis-tasteful" acts 7pm pst http://t.co/x5D8B2mqGY

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Jeff McBride shared a link.
6 hours ago near Las Vegas
What is the "most tasteful"routine or magician your ever seen?
What is the most "dis-tasteful" magic routine you've ever seen?
(Remember to give us youtube links to short clips), because tonight we talk about YOUR comments at 7pm pst on

Learn Magic Online: McBrideMagic.tv
Virtual Magic and Mystery School: Online training in the magical arts by some of the world's best magicians.
Jeff McBride
We are making a list of the "best and the worst", so please list your examples

Jean-Paul Broekhuizen
most tasteful: Cups and Balls distastefull: nail in the nose

Naphtalia Leba Tasteful and Classy - you have to be talking Tina Lenert. The lady is a lady from the word go. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bokFurvLNwU

The Best of Magic Tina Lenert
Tina Lenert

Naphtalia Leba http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Bq1dfw5g80

Tina Scarf&Rings
magic, linking rings, magic scarf, Tina Lenert

Michael P. Randazzo ·
That's easy, My ring and string routine is the best, anyone who says "It's not their fault I pick um." is the worst.

Jeff McBride this is getting interesting!

Taylor Martin
There's one that someone does with food, but I can't find the link. He leaves the food all over the floor.

Naphtalia Leba
For me tasteless is largely about knowing ones' audience. I find the Amazing Jonathan and Gazzo tasteless and unpleasant. Clearly, however, there is a market for these performers and their audiences' do not find them objectionable. There is a wonderful line from the play "Butterflies are Free" in which an actress and director have described the play on which they are working. It involves drug abuse, promiscuous behavior, and nudity. They comment that "all these things are part of real life." A rather prim woman responds, "So is diarrhea, but I wouldn't classify it as entertainment."

Alan Sands
Shawn Farquhar is really tasteful, and that is why Disney Cruises loves him. Jeff, the guys name slips my mind but he was on broadway in the 70's and did a giant sawing in half with huge amounts of blood & guts - just not necessary in my book. Arrogance - no matter who you are or what you have accomplished is poor taste to me

Payne's Magykes
So who made us arbiters of taste and decorum? What one might find tasteful another will find banal. What another finds offensive another find droll. Different audiences have different needs and tastes. I just finished a Ren Faire that had a 21 and over stage. The booker wanted acts that were as offensive as possible. so i ended up doing all manner of geek effect (including the Human blackhead) as well as telling my Renaissance version of the Aristocrats. While the audience found the material offensive and disturbing. They also were entertained by it as that's what they had come to see. Context is everything. Knowing what might be seen as offensive in one venue might be acceptable in another. So in answer to your question. the most offensive magician is the one who is out of touch with their audience and surroundings.

Kevin Heller
I once witnessed a magician making "handicap" jokes throughout his set at a magic convention. It had nothing to do with his material - he just thought it was funny....he was the only one who thought it was funny. The audience was squirming.

Naphtalia Leba
I was just reminded of a workshop I went to last month. The audience ends up being largely families and there are a fair number of children present. With this in mind, one performer skipped a piece he would have done in a 21 and over setting like the Magic Castle (tasteful editing). Another performer left in a joke that I felt was inappropriate because 1) we were in a restaurant and the joke dealt with toilet functions, 2) the joke was racist and therefore inappropriate. (tasteless no matter who the audience).

Steven W. Turner
I'm very happy being an arbiter of taste and decorum and I will take the high road as I perform magic. If a booker wants offensive or repulsive magic, I'm very happy to pass on the engagement. I'll do magic my way, on my own own terms.

Naphtalia Leba
The Castle is 21 and over in the evening. Brunches are family affairs. Even so, I've been chided for taste and decorum when producing a card from my bra...by a person who does card from fly....

Naphtalia Leba
http://turnermagic.com/2013/08/miley-justin-and-personal-branding/ Steven, to your point, you are the arbiter of how you are presented. You determine what your brand is.

Jason Porter ·
Knife/nail/spike under the cup/bag. It makes the audience nervous and upset....especially when using someone else's hand. I find that trick at the height of distaste. I belive the only reason audiences still applaud is to shed all the negative energy that was built up.

Brad Henderson
While the card to mouth definitely 'gets a reaction' I wish more magicians could hear the comments made AFTER they have left the table.

Brad Henderson also any presentation in which the performer pointlessly rubs any part of the audience member - often proclaiming; 'this has nothing to do with the trick, I just like holding a pretty girl's hand' should be thoroughly reconsidered. The laughter is nervous, and that which it suggests of your character is less than attractive.

Cody Clark I got to see examples of both during last weeks Kentucky State Fair. Chipper Lowell and another magician/juggler/comedian shared the same stage for the run of the fair. Chippers act was very tasteful, respectfully incorporating the audience and being able to improv off of the fair surroundings without being offensive. The other magician, however, was very distasteful. His routines themselves were alright, but he insisted on commenting on every single thing that went on outside the stage area. I arrived in the middle of the show and he brought me up on stage just to give me a tootsie roll pop and say "There, that what you get for being late! Don't be late again.". Then later on in the show, two old people in power scooters rolled by the stage and he was like "The sequel to fast and furious.....slow and annoying".

The moral of the story "Laugh with your audience, not at your audience."

Mark Devant Most tasteful Channing Pollock http://youtu.be/2oGMrIJB2Js

channing pollock
a master...perfect skills..As he made doves appear, he seemed to be shaping them from air with his hands. Magicians everywhere copied his moves...

Mark Devant Most tasteless Routine "the magic Ding Dong"

Zamora King
My version of The Aristocrats joke is a description of acts I have seen in real life performed by The Know-Knothing Zircus Zideshow as well as some things seen by others at The Amazing Jonathon's Halloween parties.

John Tudor
There was a guy in our magic club...a performer, writer, director, teacher, magician, MFA...gave a high minded lecture on the higher art of drama, spirit of Thespis etc etc. The premise of an original mentalism routine was that if he fails (which he did) he had to drink a bottle of his own urine, which he did. Or says he did, who cares - ? Yuck.

John Tudor The most tasteful magician I ever knew was my mentor, Coe Norton.

Jeff McBride im loving this conversation....Channing Coe, yes class acts indeed. I met these men and they were exemplars of "good taste"! even though Coe did cig manip..in that era it was in vougue...and that has a big influence on " taste"/.. times change, tastes change..but "good taste" endures!

Adam Goldgell · Friends with Hank Lee and 15 others
I think this is a cool conversation as well."taste" and societal constructs go hand and hand.There was a time in history not to long ago you may have been burned at the stake for performing your act.

Tim Carlson
Norm Nielsen had one of the most tasty acts of all time, and is a class individual. The most distasteful would have to be Penn & Teller's attempt at humor involving a cross and a midget, Desert Magic Seminar 8-10 years ago. Based on my few run-ins with him, Penn has no class at all.
about an hour ago

Joe Smith Jr.
Lee Grabel is one of my heroes. He always projected with his smile that he was having a wonderful time and that he enjoyed performing. http://youtu.be/ybvD-8uaaS8

Lee Grabel's Coin Routine from his big illusion show 1977.mp4
This is an excerpt from my father Lee Grabel's big illusion show in 1977.

Miguel Rangel · Friends with Jerry Foster and 1 other
Marvin Roy doing impromptu magic at the Castle in the corner near the Parlor. I learned a lot about likability watching him. The audience loved him. I loved him.

Miguel Rangel · Friends with Jerry Foster and 1 other
Most distasteful is anytime any magician puts down an audience member, even jokingly. Like you quoted in your book, "Not all laughs are good laughs."