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Philosophy of Performance

Nov 8th 2013, 10:24


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As a student of magic I am indebted to the Magic Mystery school for taking me deeper into the art of magic. To go beyond the trick. It led me to ask myself why I like doing magic? Is it about me? It can be but I think common sense will tell us that is a very shallow and empty response to the question. I believe this question can help us achieve a good direction of where we want to take ourselves as a performing magician. Here's my answer that helps me develop my character as a performing magician. I like to do magic because I like people. In order to relate and communicate with people you need to connect with them. Whether they are 3 or 93, magic is an enjoyable way to connect with people. It is entertaining for me to see the different reactions you get from all sorts of people. The reaction is the connection and for a moment there is mutual enjoyment. That's ENTERTAINMENT! It seems this answer is not about me it's about us. My audience and me the performer. Together we create an environment of wonder and awe. Something I believe people long for but some are not sure how to get it back. We all had this sense when we were young children.

This now brings me to another important question. What do I hope to achieve by doing magic? In entertaining people, I hope to communicate that the real mystery in life is eternal and those things are the ones that go beyond explanation. The effects witnessed, even though they are mere tricks and illusions, can be stepping-stones into higher thinking of what is true. This may sound lofty & philosophical but I believe all art try's to answer life's mysterious questions. Art has the luxury of communicating beyond the spoken word. If we want to raise our magic to a performing art I believe we must ask ourselves these types of questions. I want people to see how they can enjoy each others company in an environment that does not put people down. Good entertainment can be experienced by wholesome means. These are my answers to the questions. How do you answer?