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New Beginnings episode. Advice from Students and Friends

Jan 6th 2014, 17:13


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NEW BEGINNINGS! What would YOU do if you had to start your magic career all over again?
What ONE piece of advice would you give yourself years ago?

Mystery School Monday talks about " New Beginnings"
Mon@ 7pm vegas time

Jeff says,"Make the same mistakes..but sooner!", ( ok Talulah Bankhead said that, but she does not read this forum!" FAIL - FOWARD -FAST!

Crow Garrett
That some of the more interesting things that can play on stage are not about what inspires you, but how you react to the inspiration...

Stephan Therien Le Télépathe ·
Not trying to be some one else...

Scot Grassette
learn the business side, and work it!

Penn Jillette
Invest in Microsoft.

Doug Higley
something simple like a piece of thread or a coloring book can be just as wonderous as a truck load of boxes.

Kevin Burke
Copyright your material in the form of a play so you have greater legal recourse against thieves.

Tim Rose ·
Don't get married!

Max Kovins
My biggest regret was not going to hangout with all of the other Magician's on Saturdays after they hung out at Tannen's But if I could not go back in a time machine and do that, my one piece of advice would be to practice more. As much as you think you devote to practice, you can always practice more!

Paul Alberstat
The same as was told to me by a very wise man at the age of 12 (I started at age 6) but it was advice I would and do give. He said "Don't get mixed up with those silly boxes and gimmicks. Learn sleight of hand and you will always be able to do magic." and I still am thankful for Dai Vernon's advice. There was a second piece that is however as valid which was to find myself, be myself and do something that no one else in the world did. Uniqueness sells and that if I wasn't clever enough to think it myself to read magazines and books that were at least 50 years old and find an act that no one does anymore, update it and then you have a new, unseen act. Thanks to Marvin Roy for that advice at 14.

Laura Eisele
I'm with Tim Rose! lol seriously! To video tape myself more from different angles and watch myself back. So I can tell where my week spots are and which angles my body best presents an effect from to know how to face an audience better from a stage and a floor! I do this now when I learn a new routine and its been a gem I wish i'd have done many years ago!

Terry Morgan
I was lucky to have one but the best advice I can offer a aspiring Magician is to find a Mentor. Also join a Magic Club and when ready to take that next step, go one of Jeff's Mystery School sessions.

Shawn OBrien ·
Read more

Bizzaro Galore "Don't date that one girl"
Actually I am pretty happy where I am. It took a long time but I don't believe in regrets. All the good and the bad has led me here where I am supposed to be.

Michael Night
Move next door to Jeff McBride!

Tim Wise
Learn more scripted effects

Joe Lantiere
Visit more magic shops so you can network more and find more magicians, clubs, lectures and conventions. Find a mentor & teacher. It was not easy to advance in the magical arts when you're all alone in a world without the internet!

Nathen Sinclaire
Spend less and practice more

Sean Mcclellan
I am going with what Michael said i love to live near Jeff his house on Halloween rules i bet the kids in his neighborhood are like what he going to do this year

Dale Salwak
The same advice I was given when I was 12 years old: Learn to do two tricks well each year. When you have 12 tricks you will have a career. To that I would add read, read, read.., and learn from the past masters


Jimmy Fingers
Maybe taking a shop class, so that I wouldn't have cut my finger in that table saw. Seriously.

Floyd Collins
To not be afraid to ask to video, take photos and asking for referral letters.

Dale Salwak
Great forum, Jeff. To what I said, above, I would add: Develop your art within the center of influence where you find yourself - your village or town or city. That is the market you know best and that is where you'll find the people who respond to you. From, there, after you have learned your craft, you can begin to reach out to other locales.

Charles Stonewick
Put down that damn tequila bottle, READ, STUDY, and WORK IT!

Tony Leavitt One thing comes to mind Jeff... STAY CLOSE TO JEFF McBRIDE!

Spike Norstrum
Jeff... me and the wolves are gonna move into your back yard.. looks like several have said get closer to you... so you can save money by scrapping the security system... cause the pups will deter those will mal intent... and i am the best damn Thai cook for an Anglo guy you will ever know.. ta da!!

Greg Greenberg
I would have followed through with it taking it more seriously.

Joe Presto
Pursued a degree in business, advertising or marketing.

John Shore
I would have listened to the voice that said It's OK to not be like the others. I spent too much time apologizing for being different. Or worse, I spent time pretending to be the same.

Charles Stonewick
Can I "like" John Shore's comment twice?

Miguel Rangel
Script, script, and more scripting.

Steven Schneiderman
Stop practicing magic and technique already and get out in front of a real freaking audience every opportunity you have and practice being yourself, and don't let other more experienced magicians tell you that you can't -- because you can.

Chastain Criswell

Eric Bailey
Read Read Read Read.

Jack Shea
I would start working on the street as I learned more doing that than any other venue I worked at.

Sheryl A Garrett
Never take that first drink.

Mike Sorensen
I'm in the process of doing just that of starting over. My advice, take every risk you were to scared to take.

Celeste Evans
I would ask for more money!!!

Paul Gordon
When I started in the late 60's one could only learn via books or a mentor. Well, the latter was out because I knew no other magician and couldn't afford to tuition. I loved reading but my advice to myself would have been to have used my own imagination and gut instinct earlier and not always go by the book. And, I'd also have told myself to start gigging when I was even younger.

Wheeler Stone
care less about what other people thought.

Ronnie Fabre
I'm not doing magic, but I would do as I've always done, and that is always go straight ahead,don't listen to the naysayers, don't wear sexy clothes,(always worked for me),dont sing anything you don't like( a tough one),and just FEEL.i've really had a great ride,and I'm still on top of the dirt.....

Chris Doc Strange
I would have got myself enrolled in your Magic and Mystery school as soon as I could Walk. The pain and torment I would have saved myself..

Stamate Pyro Cristian ·
Hello to all, there are many advices that I give to myself but 2 of them are the most important. 1. Don't let the opportunity pass by you, I ve sad "no" to opportunitys that I am sure that ware once in a lifetime and I still regret it and the second advice fire breathing+a drunk performer= emergency ...actually it was not a performance it was at a picnic with my friends but the final result was not pretty at all.

Mumdo Marzouki
Don't waste your money on Large Expensive props that "you don't really need" ! ..Its cool to have those "Big Shiny Boxes" but its NOT COOL when your trying to figure out where to store them!

Mark Carlon
First, embrace your desire to move people out of their comfort zone. Second, remember “Life is not meant to be mundane but to be mystical and joyful. Be Bold!”

Placido De Cicco ·
Learn techniques of sales and marketing. Write on a sheet of paper your goals. Read ''Showmanship For Magicians'' by Dariel Fitzkee. Watch the greatest magicians and learn from them with humility

Patrick Thernes
learn as much as you can and love your audience

Scott Interrante Got an HOUR? lol - Hindsight is always 20/20, but I think collectively, magicians have always done their best to reinvent the wheel. Not so much for themselves, but so others will be swept up by that same curious wonder we felt when we first witnessed magic. I know that's what keeps me going. I think that's what keeps most of us going. - I think I would've tried to prepare myself for the 'changes' (some say evolution, but that's subjective) in the perception magic now receives, so different from when I began as a child. Science, knowledge and lack thereof have greatly impacted magics perception by a wider margin than the audiences I was limited to as a kid. I'm not blaming the audience for my sheltered exposure, but I don't think i was quite prepared for so much 'belief' down the road. Also, the confusion between the hidden art of sleight-of-hand and blatent in-your-face manipulation trying to pass as "magic". Did anyone see that coming? I didn't.

Jamahl Keyes
Marketing and Branding is a must for success!

Kristie McKay Humm,
I guess I would tell myself that success depends only on me, and not to look for someone else to get me where I want to go with my art. That and not to get so hung up on making things (magic theory) perfect that you loss sight of how to just enjoy doing a good card trick for someone.

Steve Snyder Practice - practice - practice