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Best books on Business 3/10/14

Mar 11th 2014, 11:34


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What are your favorite books on Business? Ones that have helped you with your magic career? What advice would you give to a young magician going into the business of magic....we will talk about YOUR comments on the show tonight, so please leave some wisdom and advice here! It will help many make good choices, and learn good business sense.
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Neale Bacon-Ventriloquist

Although I am not a magician, I found the book Gravitational Marketing by Jimmy Vee was a great help to me in my career as a ventriloquist. Advice I would give is remember it is a business. Treat your career as such.

John Darby

Be sensible with what your limits are try and mix it up with different tricks. I still have Jeff's card DVD one handed cut love it. Most of all practice practice practice and be yourself learn the routines so you know inside out if you make a mistake know how to use it to your advantage

Mike Grabowski
Honestly, some of the interstitial comets from Bill Malone and Doc Eason on their early tapes (on the loose and bar magic, respectively) is valuable insight into sales, personal marketing, that while the magic important, it's the person that makes the sale.

Scott Shelton
Guerilla Marketing books by Jay Conrad Levinson

John Reid
The pumpkin plan by mike michalowicz

Christopher Tabora ·
my new business book is launching soon. "Why Magicians Can Sell Anything… the Secrets Revealed"

Ken Johanson · Friends with Steven L. Hart and 67 othersPut your spouse and family first. Postpone buying that new prop or sound system if you have household bills to pay. Have balance in your work and personal/family schedule...guard your health to work over the long haul and steadily build your business. Give your clients more than they pay for, be professional in all regards. Communicate quickly and accurately with clients, keep good records of all payments and expenses. With health insurance concerns and changes today your spouse may lose coverage through their workplace, be prepared for a higher monthly insurance cost under Affordable Care Act.

Michael Trixx
I re-read "Highway to Success" now n then... Some of it may be outdated now but I believe they still post new ideas and such on their website. Great book nonetheless !

Scot Grassette
Book: See You At The Top - Zig Ziglar. Advice: Business is all about setting goals BIG and small, and acheiving them, learn how to set goals and GO FOR IT!

Brian Watson
Not a book, but a principle. The Pareto principle. Sometimes know as the 80-20 rule.
That they will spend 80% of their time marketing, networking and talking to people so that they get to perform 20% of their time.

That maybe 80% of their business will come from 20% of their customers and that possibly 80% of repeat business will come from that 20% too.

Steven L. Hart
One of my all time favorites is an old book, "Forging Ahead in Magic" by John Booth. I used some the principles and techniques from that book for years.

Eric Henning Dale
Carnegie,"How to Win Friends and Influence People" is still required reading. Say, listening and common courtesy are becoming rare.

Brian Watson
I agree Eric! I think that everyone should read that book.

Johnny Kearns ·
'selling the invisible' by harry beckwith

Paul Gordon I owe masses to Harry Lorayne's Secrets of Mind Power. I first read it in 1975 and still refer to it. Brilliant book. Inspiring. Though not strictly about "business", it's a goodie. Paul Gordon

Anthony Darkstone "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill.

Johnny Dellarocca There's A Customer Born Every Minute by Joe Vitale.

Paul Alberstat ·
he late Dick Ryan's Trade Show books/video was an eye opener for me with subtle but useful tips on selling your show. I'm hoping it goes to say that if you don't have a quality act to sell (I mean an actual quality, sellable act) you shouldn't be looking at marketing regardless.

Mario Morris Ken Weber "Maximum Entertainment" This is a gem of a book which will teach you who is in charge of your show!

Sydney Storm
The Golden Rule of Schmoozing by Aye Jaye. Aye Jaye lived much of his life as a Functional Illiterate by Schmoozing. The book offers many great ways to Groom Relationships with Friends Family Co-Workers Clients and Loved Ones. The Audio version is Narrated by Penn penn Jillette. Offers many "Golden Nuggets" of Advice For Business, Life & Love.

Bram Charles
A few of my favorites: Hustle, Hustle by Joel Bauer; Manual of Restaurant Magic by Kirk Charles; The Cruise Magician's Handbook by Fred Becker; A Modern Trade Show Handbook by Seth Kramer; Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber and Event & Entertainment Marketing by Barry Avrich.

Mario Morris The books already mentioned are great. Gravitational Marketing by Jimmy Vee Guerilla Marketing books by Jay Conrad Levinson. How to Win Friends & Influence People. Guerilla Marketing books by Jay Conrad Levinson. I found the book "More Shows, More Money" by CJ Johnson to be full great advise that works

Jason Porter ·
To Sell Is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others by Daniel Pink and SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham. I also cannot recommend the Griffin Hill Integrity Sales System enough. It is about relating to people and filling needs (similar to spin selling)not just selling stuff they don't need.Even if the sale doesn't happen, you've built a relationship with another human that benefits you both.

Jeff McBride
the WIZARD OF ADS series by Roy Williams is astonishing.

Bram Charles
Not books, but some advice: All performers that work with agents need to have an "agent friendly" website. An agent friendly website is a second website that mirrors your first website but it has no contact information for you. This way an agent can send their clients to your agent friendly website without fear that their client will call you direct. Obviously the agent's clients can google your name, but this is an extra step. Want to make an agent feel better and give them peace of mind? Get an agent friendly website. You will get more work because of it


John O'Bryant ·
Entreleadership By Dave Ramsey. Didn't really help with the MAGIC business other than the fact that I played the audiobook while on a long road trip. It does, however, help anyone who has employees.

Mario Morris
I recently picked up a copy of Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach. I was so chuffed as I first read this back in 1985. A spiritual enriching book that helped me take my first steps to World wide travel, magic.

Christopher Hannibal http://chrishannibal.wordpress.com/

Why Stop There? 
chrishannibal.wordpress.comA Rhetorical Question www.TheMagicArtist.com

Jean-Michel Plourde · 14 mutual friendsAn advice: "Nobody can have the right advice. There is good and bad way to do something but you have to try it by yourself to gain experience."

Christian Diamond
How to Become the Person Everyone Remembers and No One Can Resist by
Dale Carnegie and The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Bobby Harris ·
My advice would be to first sell yourself. Second product knowledge. Once a person feels comfortable with your personality and sees that you have knowledge of what your selling then you have them and it's time to close. But if I had to recommend a book I would choose The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene
Ian Quick Highway to Success: The Entertainer's Roadmap to Business

Craig Nelson Anything by Dick DeVos, co-founder of Amway. Their business is built on the premise of find a successful model, and duplicate (or copy) it.

Oh wait, that doesn't work for magic/magicians...

Two great books, The Magic of Thinking Big, and a The Magic of a Getting What You Want. Both written by David J. Schwartz.

Brian Arkell
Take business classes, get direction from the best and enroll in McBrides classes or do a private session with Jeff McBride it will change the way you think about magic and will make you more creative and different and have goals and a marketing plan! Get advice from experts! Get a mentor or several and watch, take notes and LEARN hands on and do lots of shows to get really good at your flight time!

Andrew Green
The power to influence (audio book) by Anthony Robbins.

Heather Rogers
"Good to Great" and "Great by Choice" by Jim Collins. "Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson. "100 best business books of all time" is a good sampling of great books. "The E Myth" by Gerber is good, but just a starter. "Chasing Daylight" by Eugene O Kelly is about a top CEO whose given 3 months to live and how he shifts his whole perspective about life during those last 3 months. "Think and Grow Rich" is a very subtle book that will remain a classic. Audio books can be preferable because you can learn any time.

Mike Quinn
The fitzkee triology

Glenn Farrington http://www.amazon.com/.../08890.../ref=la_B000AP7EBS_1_37...

The Ultimate No B.S., No Holds Barred, Kick Butt, Take No Prisoners, and Make Tons of Money... 
www.amazon.comDan Kennedy, a.k.a. the Professor of Harsh Reality, is on the air with a new 
Glenn Farrington http://www.amazon.com/Million.../dp/B00CLT31D6/ref=sr_1_1...

The Millionaire Next Door 
www.amazon.comMost of the truly wealthy in the United States don’t live in Beverly Hill

Glenn Farrington
The two above books were my main guides for my success in business. I swear by them. I give them as gifts to anyone starting a business. Every entrepreneurial move and regular business move I ever made was based on Dan S Kennedy's book, The Ultimate NO. B.S.etc...and The Millionaire Next door is the way of life you should be living now and when you do have more money. (except for the cars thing...I slip on that)

William Thorpe
Small Time Operator; & Growing A Business

Kevin Burke http://trustmeimlying.com/

It's a FANTASTIC book about how the media REALLY works and how you can use that to your advantage. This is the real work on the media...whether you use that for good or ill is up to you.

Trust Me, I'm Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator 
trustmeimlying.comThe official website for Trust Me, I'm Lying, by Ryan Holiday. In stores July 19th.

Jewel Aich 1. John booth Classics
2. Our Magic by David Devant & Maskelyne
3. Showmanship for Magicians by Fitzkee

Joe Monti Triggers. Joseph Sugarman. Only book I recommend on this subject .

Neil Einsbruch
Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. This says it all……