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Comedy Magic notes4/7/14

Apr 8th 2014, 10:12


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Here are some notes from the Comedy Magic Episode April 7th 2014
Below this is the Chat Transcript on the nights online virtual classroom talk.

I suggest if you read a name of a comedy magician that you do not know, that you find some video of them.
I did not know a few of them listed and was very surprised to see the clips online...just search google and youtube. this was on my facebook page..I think here it will be easy to find for all of us.

Who is your favorite comedy magician?
What is your favorite comedy magic effect,
What you consider the best resources,books, DVD's for comedy magic?
We will share your answers at showtime
Tonight on MYSTERY SCHOOL MONDAY we explore the art of COMEDY MAGIC.
Join the faculty and friends of MCBRIDE MAGIC and MYSTERY SCHOOL 7pm vegas time

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Anastasia Synn Amazing Johnathan, Amazing Johnathan's foam cat. to learn, you tube COMICS, see live comics perform (or bang a drum to their jokes for them Read about magic, practice. Master both...separate and then together.

Jeff McBride Michael Carbonaro is today exeplar of " media comedy magic" magic clerk

Magic Clerk, Part 1 - The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
Michael Carbonaro tricks unsuspecting customers at a convenience store! Subscrib...See More

Anastasia Synn Love his baby balloon.

Jeff McBride Yes Sia, AJ is the KING!

Lee Alex
Fielding West - and you just took the words out of my mouth Jeff McBride - "Magic cashier" is great as i,s Michael Carbonaro's shaving cream act...

Clifford Ball
Carl Ballentine and Kardor were my favorites.

Anastasia Synn
I want to share this here because the wording always make me giggle. I'm proud of AJ, and this sums up a lot about him, his act, and who he is:

Perry Salmon ·
Michael finney

Simon Drake
Amazing J hands down

Jeff McBride steve martin magic

Steve Martin performs magic
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Jeff McBride Wayne Dobson

Wayne Dobson - Royal Variety Show
This is my all-time favorite routine. Pure "poetry" and a must watch for every serious student of magic (even if you just do cards)...

Jeff McBride
jay marshall

Jay Marshall and Lefty-Magic Inc. Theater 1996
Jay Marshall and Lefty filmed in the fall of 1996 in the theater at Magic Inc. i...See More

Jeff McBride
OH REALLY?...what is YOUR fave clip? please post here and WHY!

Jeff McBride
please just don't"like", but offer YOUR fave Comedy magic clip/URL

Stuart Hayner
Well it is compacted! First let us as Magicians get the terms right! Comedy Magic is a spoof or satires of Magic or Magician and only named so far is Carl Ballentine ( but he is also a real Magician too!) then what we are taking about is really " Magic Comedy" Magicians that are funny And still do magic! Roseanne Barr told me That I was funny and did not need the props! In her mind that was a Big complement! For in the stand up world view, magician is only one step above ventriloquist! But I do Standup Magic Comedy, to bring magic to people that think Magicians "Suck"!! Chris Bliss listed as a "Comedian" is shown juggling and in his act he dose 45 min of stand up and closes with Juggling! If I end up this way shoot me!!! Unless I get a sitcom, maybe just "Stu" then I can get www.stu.com back from Stewart's rootbeer, a coke cola company!

George Kovari
Bob Little
Remember his dealer show in Paris 1994 a masterclass in comedy magic.

Anastasia Synn
http://youtu.be/7zSffjul4Dk this is my favorite clip teehee

The Amazing Johnathan's "Burn Unit" with Jeff McBride
Jeff McBride. One of the most sought after magicians and lecturersd in the world...See More

Stuart Millward
This is my favourite comedy magician Jeff. Some people think he's just rubbish, but I personally think his entire act is a sublime and deeply satirical act which works wonderfully due to his amazing acting skills.


Embarrassing Magician Fail on SKY TV ,Tricks go wrong for magician, ' Funny '
297 http://prosperityformula.net/?id=celeam&tag http://alfarches.webstarts.com/i...See More

Stuart Millward
Wait. Hang on. I've just realised, he's just rubbish. Oh dear.

Avi Hoffman
Penn and Teller!!!!!

Trino Schincariol
I would have to say Steven Bargatze!

EvilDan Terelmes
David Sleaze, Punk Rock Magician. He was on a Rodney Dangerfield special back some years ago. I remember me and three friends watching this and literally on the floor, laughing with tears in our eyes.
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Thomas Freppert ·
I second Michael Finney. Brilliant. Also Johnny Lonn

T.J. Laviolette
Paul C Davis perhaps you mean George Carlin? If you did I completely agree with you !!

Michael Night Tom
Mullica Michael Finney David Williamson Wayne Dobson Johnny Thompson. I think one comic effect - Mullica's cigarettes. Something no one else can do!

Robert Kromwyk ·
Jeff Hobson!!! Comedy GOLD

Stamate Pyro Cristian ·
Amazing Jonathan :)the man is crazy :))

Garrett Waite ·
Mac King.

Paul Whalley ·
The late tommy cooper

Timothy Cook Mac King is my favorite.

Chris Branco · Friends with Bob Solari and 145 others
Amazing Johnathan.

Jason C. Maxwell AJ and Mac King

Tom Duggan Amazing Jonathan and David Sleaze, Punk Magician

Rui Cruz
Tom Mullica, Gazzo. And Doc Eason.

Rui Cruz
And i forgot David Williamson.

Greg Gleason
By far the funniest is Ray Anderson

Nathen Sinclaire
Steve Martin and his great zipper routine

Raven Stormwalker
Harry Anderson

Rastafari Melchizedek Shabazz ·
Joe Monti

Deb McAlister
Mac King is my personal favorite -- but maybe that's just because I saw him for the first time sitting next to you. ;->

Autumn Morning Star
Mac King, Sam Angelico, aww, there are so many excellent comedy magicians!

Andy Hofer
Max Maven

Lee Winters ·
Here's a new one. I think Denny Haney is one of the best comedy magicians.

Edward L. Underwood
Woody Pittman rules!

Susan Lewin
I am kinda of fond of Nick Lewin.

Eric Bailey ·
Denny Haney is just amazing!!!! My favorite for a laugh has got to be David Willianson. I also love Chad Long and Rune Klan

Meredith Davis
I like Harry Anderson... I've always had a little crush on him.

Joel Wier
Jeff Hobson

Eric Bailey ·
Hobson is good. I watched his "live" VHS last night. Learning how to steal watches.

Rory Johnston Mac, Dana, Hobson, Finny, Tomsoni... there are so many talents out there, all so different. Isn't that what makes our art so great?
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Paul Richards
Listing one would be impossible. But Mike Bent and Mark Mitton would definitly be high up on mine.

Alex MacKenzie
David Williamson really cracks me up!

Ken Johanson ·
Mac King. His cards across with two spectators while wearing his cloak of invisiblity poncho is just too funny.

Jeff McBride
Mac Seems to be in the lead! the Punk magician is a hoot!..any other great rare comedy video clips anyone?
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Philip Klipper

Ken Johanson ·
Piff the Magic Dragon from Penn and Teller Fool Us is a low key comic and magic gem. My second choice after Mac King.

Alex MacKenzie ·
Always makes me laugh http://youtu.be/hJiTvLAraJc

David Williamson's Cups & Balls
David Williamson performs his famous 2 cup routine on the World's Greatest Magic

Ken Johanson
Now Rory Johnston brings up Tomsoni and Jeff Hobson and I can see why the best or favorite is an impossible choice.

William Penn Russell
Carl Ballentine and Tomsoni

Anthony Ellis
A new favorite of mine is Mel Mellers.

Anthony Ellis
How could I forget, Rob Zabrecky!

Naphtalia Leba
Fred Kaps does me in every time I watch a clip. Here's one of my favorite pieces. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w2CNO_AL_vs

Fred Kaps - Homing Card (1978)
Comedy and Magic at it's best

Antony Britton ·
got to be the legend Wayne Dobson and he still makes me laugh despite the issues true performer!

Wayne Dobson - Banana Drama
From "Dobson's Choice" - TV Stuff Vol.2
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Garrett Thomas
David Williamson he keeps it real and funny. It never seams like it's set up, or a act... Always Brilliant

Michael Alan Kaufman
Carl Ballentine, best trick hmmm... The one that make me laugh the most.

Paul Whalley ·
Paul Daniels and the chimpanzees http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1d09MsMkBuI&sns=em

Paul Daniels Chimpanzee card trick
Award winning magic from U.K's best known magician,very funny clip

Bobby Harris ·
Bill Malone, anything that gets a laugh (card in forehead) best resource would be watching others and seeing what works and doesn't work.

Jude O Doherty
for comedy? It has to be tommy cooper..

Christina Nyman ·
Johnny Lonn

Eric Bailey ·
Karrell Fox...also spectacular.

Andreas Tsantilis
Bobby Maverick without a doubt

Ken Wyne ·
Johnny Thompson

Pete Pridanonda ·
Jeff Mcbride
Mask Routine
Mcbride on stage

Brian Martel ·
bobby maverick

Gene Urban
Michael Finney is simply wonderful... exceptional delivery and timing by this man. I don't have a favorite effect as it really about delivery not the trick.

Jeremy Haak ·
Michael Finney without a doubt. I say any effect can be used for comedy.

Sébastien Fourie
Comedy Magic is a Hard way !!! For me, the real Comedy Magic is when I laugh because of the magic effect. If it is magic with gag, it is cool, I love, but it is not realy comedy magic.... Voronin is for me one of the best artist in this way !

Jeff McBride WAYNE DOBSON one of the greats of all time ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0hmTd9lUJk#t=12

Michael P. Randazzo ·
Michael Finney

Jeff Wesson ·
I agree with MIchael Finney. Jeff Hobsin also cracks me up!

Conrad Colon
They're are so may but at the top would have to be Mac King, Christopher James, and Tim Gabrielson.

Jerry Foster
Amazing Johnathan, Penn and Teller's Comedy of magic, all of it. Learn mostly from DVD's.

Michael Chirrick
Watching the late Don Alan do his stage act every day for two weeks when I was a kid in 1964. Never forgot that act. I still think he had one of the best openers and closers id ever seen. Also loved Carl Ballentines act.

Keith Raleigh
The Great Ballentine

Mark Devant
my favorite was always Carl Ballentine. My favorite comedy effect Dave Williamson's Rocky routine.

Nick Ralls
Mac King... Jeff Hobson ....Mel Mellers...and not forgetting the late Tommy Cooper who was my top of them all!

John Tudor
I never laughed so hard as with Tom Mullica

Paul McCabe
Tommy Cooper

Nick Lewin
McComb really made me laugh--- and did great magic.

Levent Cimkentli
The funniest I ever saw for lay audiences was the late Bobby Baxter
( jeff agrees!)

Tim Ellis
Jeff Hobson and Harry Houdidn't

Chad Wonder
David Wiliiamson. I love and perform the Vanishing Bandana (the original short version I learned from Doug Henning). The best resource for comedy magic is your magical friends who help you refine your comedy.

Jim Russell ·
Steve Bargatze...just to add a new name to the list

Jim Russell ·

Stephen Bargatze
- Straight Jacket of Death
Stephen magically escapes from the straight jacket of death with some help from football legend Dick Butkus.

Michael Wilson i like the amazing johnathan. cracks me up just thinking about his routines!

John Drobysh http://upload.wikimedia.org/.../220px-Harry_Anderson.jpg

Tomas De la Cruz Is it ok for me to choose myself as my favorite Comedy Magician? lol.... I mean, I've been at Comedy Magic for 3 / 4ths of my life. But besides me I would say Michael Finney at the very tip-top of my list although I do cite The Amazing Jonathan as my biggest influence. As for my favorite Comedy Magic routine... hmmmm.... the Sponge Dong. That's for sure. Always gets a great laugh. As for resources on Comedy Magic I had some manuscript that Simon Lovell gave me about 12 years ago that really had my mind spinning but I can't for the life of me find it, or remember what it was called. So that sucks. Let me post a clean version of my sponge dong routine.
14 hours ago · Like

Tomas De la Cruz Here it is, going to re-post to see what others say. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m1A883FL58

Smoothini - The Sponge Dong
I love that Sponge Penis! Wow, isn't that pretty gay? Hahaha. This is the lead s...See More
( jeff says..be cautious on when and where to use this!)

Miguel Rangel ·
Dana Daniels!

Dan Roberts Dana Daniels definitely

Michael Kurland 1: Tom Ogden, 2: The egg bag, as done by John Thompson, 3: The study of comedy magic should, in my opinion, be the study of comedy. Any magical effect can be used in a comedy act.

Mario Alegria ·
1 Harry Anderson 2 Cups and balls torn and restored newspaper trick

Mario Alegria ·
Im oldschool i used the library then now more than ever the internet and

Mario Alegria ·
you tube floded with tricks i dont like the kids revealing the secrets very bad for our livelyhood..

Apr 8th 2014, 10:41


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Mystery School Monday online virtual classroom
Comedy Magic
Chat Log April 7 2014
8:23 PM ty_and_cooper: jeff^
8:23 PM ty_and_cooper: brb, gotta see the wfe off to work
8:25 PM jeffmcbride: GOOD EVENING ALL
8:25 PM jfarag: Hi Jeff
8:25 PM jeffmcbride: good to see you all here
8:26 PM jeffmcbride: hey Joe! great to see you! how are you ? what is happening in magic in your area?
8:26 PM Clay_S: Hi Jeff
8:26 PM jeffmcbride: hey clay!
8:26 PM jeffmcbride: a great show with new segments tonight
8:26 PM jeffmcbride: Bill Cook hasa fun segment coming up!
8:27 PM Clay_S: Looking forward to it
8:27 PM jfarag: We have a new theater opening dedicated to magic
8:30 PM jfarag: can't wait to see Bill's segment
8:31 PM ty_and_cooper: uncle jeff, cooper and i were just talking about you
8:31 PM irishdragon: hey ty
8:31 PM ty_and_cooper: hey jeff? on a personal note? you talk toony gereard lately?
8:31 PM ty_and_cooper: hey mike
8:31 PM Clay_S: Hey irish
8:31 PM irishdragon: hey clay
8:31 PM ty_and_cooper: gerard6
8:32 PM ty_and_cooper: damn fat fingers
8:32 PM ty_and_cooper: should have done 25 charliers befor dealing with an old keyboard
8:32 PM jfarag: Hi Irish
8:32 PM irishdragon: hi jfarag
8:32 PM ty_and_cooper: hey guys, e breaking news.......
8:32 PM ty_and_cooper: late^
8:33 PM ty_and_cooper: working on a new escape
8:33 PM irishdragon: how is that going
8:34 PM ty_and_cooper: one that will make angels and houdinis weep, and so far so good, working on jamming the lock with bondo and still keeping time under 5 seconds
8:34 PM pcb52: Hi All
8:34 PM jfarag: Hi PCB
8:34 PM pcb52: Hi All
8:34 PM ty_and_cooper: no pick or keys for my escapes, EVER!
8:35 PM Clay_S: Sounds awesome
8:35 PM ty_and_cooper: kind of a purist
8:35 PM ty_and_cooper: if i perfein time, gonna debut in july
8:35 PM ty_and_cooper: \hey pcb
8:35 PM ty_and_cooper: sorry was busy typing or would say hi soo
8:35 PM irishdragon: hi pcb52
8:35 PM ty_and_cooper: sooner
8:36 PM ty_and_cooper: so joe you coming to michigan magic day?hi daryll
8:36 PM Clay_S: Hi Daryl
8:36 PM irishdragon: hey daryl
8:37 PM jeffmcbride: remeber to tweet and facebook your friends to let them know to join us tonight!
8:37 PM ty_and_cooper: how goes the magishing daryll
8:37 PM billcookmagic: Good Evening all!
8:37 PM irishdragon: hello bill
8:37 PM ty_and_cooper: always do jeff
8:37 PM jfarag: Hi Bill
8:37 PM jeffmcbride: hi ty and
8:37 PM jeffmcbride: all
8:37 PM jfarag: Shared Jeff
8:37 PM ty_and_cooper: cooper is fading
8:38 PM billcookmagic: What's the good word?
8:38 PM jaydenthejester: Just got back from vacation in Cuba. I loved showing magic to the locals. They had a magician booked for a nighttime show. He never showed up. They had some contest, name that tune instead.
8:38 PM ty_and_cooper: so even though he wants to see uncle jeff, don't think he as the stamina
8:38 PM MtConjurer: hello magi... its almost time... greatings from the Mountains of Montana..,
8:38 PM jfarag: we have a new theater opening this weekend dedicated to magic
8:38 PM ty_and_cooper: nice!
8:38 PM jaydenthejester: I ended up going on stage as I had my ropes and thumbtip on me. I did a 20 min show lol
8:39 PM irishdragon: sounds like fun
8:39 PM ty_and_cooper: so jeff, you re from tony? heard he had 3 surgeries and nearly went the of houdini
8:39 PM jfarag: Hi Mt Jayden
8:39 PM ty_and_cooper: you hear from tony^
8:39 PM MtConjurer: Jeff, when are the new per talks gonna be posted... seems like they are way late..
8:39 PM jeffmcbride: hu Jayden!
8:39 PM jeffmcbride: how are your shows going?
8:39 PM jeffmcbride: i think very soon
8:39 PM jeffmcbride: posting them
8:39 PM ty_and_cooper: last i heard out of the hospital the 19th
8:39 PM jeffmcbride: could be up already!
8:40 PM jeffmcbride: I know we sent out the premium member DVD
8:40 PM jaydenthejester: I booked 4. I have a promo video on youtube.
8:40 PM irishdragon: loved your pep talk onmeditainment jeff
8:40 PM jeffmcbride: NEW PEP TALKS!
8:40 PM jeffmcbride: yes meditatinment!
8:40 PM ty_and_cooper: will check up in person Saturday
8:40 PM ty_and_cooper: nice npeps
8:40 PM irishdragon: helps with the add
8:40 PM jeffmcbride: my new talk is on internet magic ad SIRI and the danger of keywords!
8:40 PM billcookmagic: I just have to say...... That commercial for the manipulation trilogy a second ago was AWESOME
8:40 PM ty_and_cooper: new peps
8:40 PM jaydenthejester: My next big show in Nov had 6 set changes, a new puppet friends and lots of magic. I love it
8:40 PM jeffmcbride: did everyone facebook to tell folks you are here?
8:41 PM ty_and_cooper: yup
8:41 PM jfarag: Yep done
8:41 PM jeffmcbride: if we can keep new people coming we can keep doing these free shows!~
8:41 PM jeffmcbride: if not we will change formats
8:41 PM jeffmcbride: if numbers do not grow..so YOU can help
8:41 PM jeffmcbride: teweet and facebook please..let folks know about this!
8:41 PM jeffmcbride: thank you Joe!
8:42 PM irishdragon: i do what i can whenever i can for you jeff
8:42 PM billcookmagic: Done!
8:42 PM MtConjurer: nope, the last PEP was 2012
8:42 PM jaydenthejester: on it
8:42 PM JoeLedoux: Hey All !
8:42 PM jfarag: Hi Joe
8:43 PM jeffmcbride: im looking forward to Bills new segment!
8:43 PM billcookmagic: Eek...
8:45 PM pcb52: hi all
8:45 PM DarylRogers: aloha paul!
8:45 PM jfarag: me too!! Go Bill
8:45 PM irishdragon: hey paul
8:46 PM pcb52: Aloha Daryl
8:46 PM DalSanders: Greetings everybody...It's been a while since I could drop by on a Monday night.
8:46 PM billcookmagic: Hey Dal!
8:46 PM jfarag: Hi Dal
8:46 PM billcookmagic: *Mr. President
8:46 PM pcb52: Hi Meacheal
8:46 PM jeffmcbride: hi Dal..good to see you again!
8:47 PM jeffmcbride: hope to see you at SAM _ IBM this summer! with Lance Burton and Eugene
8:47 PM DalSanders: It's good to be back...been VERY busy.
8:47 PM TimCook: Hi Jeff
8:47 PM billcookmagic: Busy is good
8:47 PM DalSanders: And YES, I will see you at the conbined.
8:47 PM pcb52: hi Jeff
8:47 PM DalSanders: ciMbined
8:47 PM DalSanders: good grief, can't spell tonight
8:48 PM mystothemagi: Am I in?
8:49 PM jfarag: Hi Mysto ... yes you're in
8:49 PM mystothemagi: Ooo. I am. Looking forward to tonight. Hope we're funny.
8:49 PM jeffmcbride: hi Mysto!
8:49 PM jeffmcbride: KINGS OF POKER! my fave card / poker routine!
8:49 PM mystothemagi: Hey Jeff. You made it home safe and sound.
8:49 PM jeffmcbride: yes Mysto
8:50 PM TimCook: Hi all
8:50 PM ty_and_cooper: btw, turning ritual of liberation inside out
8:50 PM ty_and_cooper: @ jeff^
8:50 PM jfarag: Hi Tim
8:50 PM seymourmagic: good evening magi
8:50 PM ty_and_cooper: hi tim and dal
8:51 PM jfarag: Hi Seymour
8:51 PM ty_and_cooper: seymour, long time no see
8:51 PM DalSanders: greetings
8:51 PM seymourmagic: hey joe, uep a whole week
8:51 PM ty_and_cooper: i do too, but not for money, for the experience and th testing
8:52 PM seymourmagic: yep*
8:52 PM ty_and_cooper: and that world fun gets me bookings
8:52 PM jfarag: :D
8:53 PM ty_and_cooper: if none of you have seen jeff sheridan, google him, he is so amazing and pure in performance
8:53 PM ty_and_cooper: not jusaying that cos jeff describes him that way
8:53 PM DarylRogers: steelfyre, are you lurking out there tonight?
8:53 PM ty_and_cooper: proof is in the pudding, and it was better than jello brand
8:54 PM ty_and_cooper: haven't seen scott post yet, but that don't mean he isn't here
8:54 PM jeffmcbride: send this to your friends via twitter and facebook
8:54 PM jeffmcbride: Lots of fine magicians in the classroom right now! ...join us for COMEDY MAGIC NIGHT on www.mcbridemagic.tv
8:55 PM ty_and_cooper: been and done jeff
8:55 PM jeffmcbride: thanks Ty..and all of you who wantto help us stay on the air!
8:55 PM Leland2012: hello all
8:55 PM ty_and_cooper: even used an old bosom buddies line ie tag
8:55 PM jeffmcbride: hello Leland!
8:55 PM mystothemagi: Look it;s me. Where did I get that hat?
8:55 PM irishdragon: hi leland
8:55 PM Leland2012: hey Jeff
8:55 PM ty_and_cooper: just noticed a day or two ago, no matter the time, i was the only viewer, that scares me
8:56 PM ty_and_cooper: hey Leland
8:56 PM jfarag: Hi Leland
8:56 PM passingby: Hi everybody
8:57 PM jfarag: Hi Passing
8:57 PM ty_and_cooper: if i seem to lag from ime to time, forgive me, working on some new magis i watch
8:57 PM johntudor: yo yo yo
8:57 PM jfarag: Hi John
8:58 PM mystothemagi: Hi John
8:58 PM ty_and_cooper: got 2 new shows in the works and one may feature a 5 second scape from a body wrap of 100 pounds of chain
8:58 PM johntudor: 'allo
8:58 PM magicsoydan: hi everybody
8:58 PM irishdragon: 3333333333 time to learn
8:58 PM jeffmcbride: hello John
8:58 PM johntudor: hi mysto!
8:58 PM ty_and_cooper: underwat, while the lock is jammed with bondo
8:58 PM johntudor: hello Jeff!
8:58 PM ty_and_cooper: under water
8:58 PM seymourmagic: cool ty dont drown
8:58 PM ty_and_cooper: so you can't open with a key if you tried
8:58 PM suquoia: Hello!!!!!!!!
8:58 PM khurley100: 33333333
8:59 PM jaydenthejester: 333333
8:59 PM jfarag: 333333
8:59 PM ty_and_cooper: i won't
8:59 PM MtConjurer: wow, Sue graces us
8:59 PM ty_and_cooper: i take nothing to
8:59 PM jfarag: Hi Suquoia
8:59 PM lelaneiben: Hi Everyone
8:59 PM ty_and_cooper: su, long time!
8:59 PM suquoia: Hello All, it's my honor to drop in!
8:59 PM jeffmcbride: abbi says hi to Suquoia!
8:59 PM suquoia: HELLO Abigail!
8:59 PM ty_and_cooper: an honor to have you back su as always
8:59 PM suquoia: awww, thanks
9:00 PM katrettke : hello all
9:00 PM suquoia: Hey Kat!
9:00 PM jfarag: Hi Kat
9:00 PM ty_and_cooper: gee su you know me, a senmental old fool
9:00 PM ty_and_cooper: hi kat
9:00 PM HenryImbriaco: Happy Monday!
9:00 PM katrettke : hi Sue!!!! Mwah. Hi Jfarag hi ty and Cooper. Hi Jeff and Abbi
9:00 PM suquoia: where is my Zink?
9:00 PM ty_and_cooper: sentimental^
9:00 PM jfarag: 3333
9:00 PM jaydenthejester: Here we goooooo
9:00 PM hahoudini: Hello fellow students. Ready to learn?
9:00 PM JoeLedoux: 3333333333
9:00 PM TimCook: 3333333333333333333
9:01 PM CJMay: show time!!!
9:01 PM ty_and_cooper: hey abbi dabbi
9:01 PM khurley100: Here we go!
9:01 PM DalSanders: 33333333333333
9:01 PM mystothemagi: 33333333333333333333
9:01 PM ty_and_cooper: still not use to the diff i tobias' coif
9:01 PM seymourmagic: hi lelan and su,kay. jeff and henry and hahoudin were ready 33333333
9:01 PM billcookmagic: lol
9:01 PM ty_and_cooper: bizarro nose?
9:02 PM ty_and_cooper: nope
9:02 PM Radleymagic: 3333333
lo Everyone
9:02 PM suquoia: Jordan!!!
9:02 PM billcookmagic: Hey Now!
9:03 PM katrettke : hi Jordan
9:03 PM mystothemagi: hey jordon
9:03 PM hahoudini: Hello Jordan
9:03 PM DarylRogers: hi jordan
9:03 PM DalSanders: Hi Jordan
9:03 PM jfarag: Hi Jordan
9:03 PM passingby: called the name
9:04 PM lelaneiben: Hi and thanks
9:04 PM suquoia: The Great Tomsoni & Company!
9:04 PM jordanwright: Mac King
9:04 PM jfarag: David Williamson
9:04 PM billcookmagic: Hobson - Skill and side-splitting humor
9:04 PM TimCook: Mac King
9:04 PM lelaneiben: David Stone
9:04 PM mystothemagi: Jeff Hobson
9:04 PM SixOfDiamonds: David Williamson
9:04 PM passingby: wayne dobson
9:04 PM CJMay: I miss Aldo Colombini....
9:04 PM jordanwright: Tim Cook is watching?
9:04 PM jaydenthejester: Boko the Great... because he is my funny twin cousin
9:04 PM suquoia: love me some John & Pam!
9:04 PM mystothemagi: Doc Eason
9:05 PM passingby: ricky jay's astrologic card trick
9:05 PM Maskelyne: Jeff Hobson
9:05 PM suquoia: woohooo - love him too!
9:05 PM HenryImbriaco: slydini - charning
9:05 PM TheMagicOfConrad: Christopher James who dosen love a Funny Hyper Magic Boy
9:05 PM HenryImbriaco: charming
9:05 PM passingby: penn and teller
9:05 PM katrettke : Aldo Colombini, Jordan Wright.
9:05 PM Clay_S: Michael Finney
9:05 PM jeffmcbride: hello sweet sue!
9:05 PM shaunrivera: Williamson, Mac King, Hobson, Finney
9:05 PM hahoudini: Harry Anderson. His con artistry with a comical twist is fascinationg.
9:05 PM suquoia: hello Jeffu!!!
9:06 PM TheMagicOfConrad: tim gabrielson has a show that not only funny but reminds everyone to kind the funny in our everyday lives
9:06 PM jaydenthejester: Tommy Cooper was a strange cat
9:06 PM DarylRogers: Johnny Thompson with his classic magic effects done with comedic flair
9:06 PM suquoia: I'm with you Daryl
9:06 PM khurley100: Penn & Teller ... more satire than yuk, yuk, comedy
9:06 PM fmcmarine: Hello everyone.
9:06 PM suquoia: hello
9:07 PM jeffmcbride: situation comedy for magicians- Musson
9:07 PM TheMagicOfConrad: thanks Jeff
9:07 PM seymourmagic: i enjoyed bill malones humor at the card table
9:07 PM ty_and_cooper: sorry had to tuck cooper in
9:07 PM passingby: amazing jonathan
9:07 PM jaydenthejester: love Ali Bonjo
9:08 PM ty_and_cooper: he says good night to the m and m school crowd and especially uncle jeff and aunt abbie
raphed pic and the 3 shot of us to his friends
9:08 PM TheMagicOfConrad: 33333333333333
9:08 PM hahoudini: 3333
9:08 PM pcb52: 333333
9:08 PM jaydenthejester: Did I mention Boko the Great
9:08 PM seymourmagic: 3333333333333333
9:08 PM ty_and_cooper: 3333333333333333
9:08 PM fmcmarine: 333333333333333
9:08 PM DalSanders: 333333333333
9:08 PM TimCook: 33333333333333333
9:08 PM lelaneiben: 333333333333333
9:08 PM DarylRogers: 333333333333333
9:08 PM jaydenthejester: 3333333
9:08 PM jfarag: 333333
9:08 PM suquoia: 3333333333333
9:08 PM Radleymagic: 3333333
9:09 PM Leland2012: 333333
9:09 PM drmolarmagic: 333333333333
9:09 PM JR_Russell: 333
9:09 PM DalSanders: BILL!!!
9:09 PM ty_and_cooper: hi bill
9:09 PM seymourmagic: love a good line
9:09 PM passingby: bill bill bill
9:09 PM seymourmagic: hi bill
9:09 PM jordanwright: YAY
9:09 PM ty_and_cooper: 333333333333333333333
9:09 PM johntudor: love it
9:09 PM katrettke : yaaay Bill Cook!
9:11 PM CJMay: Good point about too much "patter/joke" detracting from the development of a trick....
9:12 PM passingby: very max headroom feel to it
9:12 PM ty_and_cooper: nice info
9:12 PM ty_and_cooper: exactly
9:12 PM jfarag: 3333333333!!!!!
9:12 PM TimCook: 333333333333333333
9:12 PM pcb52: 333333333333333333
9:12 PM Leland2012: 333333
9:12 PM DarylRogers: 33333333333333333333
9:12 PM seymourmagic: 3333333333333333333
9:12 PM DalSanders: 333333333333
9:12 PM fmcmarine: 3333333333333333
9:12 PM lelaneiben: That is what I was thinking. Max Headroom
9:12 PM jaydenthejester: 333333
9:12 PM JR_Russell: 33
9:12 PM hahoudini: 3333
9:13 PM Radleymagic: 3333333
9:13 PM suquoia: 3333333
9:13 PM Leland2012: well done
9:13 PM lelaneiben: 3333333333333
9:13 PM TheMagicOfConrad: 33333333
9:13 PM Clay_S: 3333333
9:13 PM ty_and_cooper: i do too, and in erformance, if a joke comes up based on the audience
9:13 PM seymourmagic: 333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
9:13 PM MtConjurer: can you smell what Bill has cookin
9:13 PM TimCook: 333
9:13 PM HenryImbriaco: 3
9:13 PM Leland2012: back
9:13 PM johntudor: three
9:13 PM drmolarmagic: 33333333333333333333333333333333
9:13 PM jaydenthejester: go Bill
9:13 PM Clay_S: great job Bill
9:13 PM Radleymagic: 3
9:13 PM ty_and_cooper: 333333333333333333
9:13 PM suquoia: 3
9:13 PM JoeLedoux: 3333
9:13 PM pcb52: 333333333333333333333333333
9:13 PM irishdragon: 3333333333333333
9:13 PM jfarag: Encore Encore
9:13 PM jaydenthejester: In my stage show some of my puppets say kids jokes. It works
9:14 PM ty_and_cooper: i generally have a basic script with a line or two, but if something genuinely funny happens and it works, I use it later
9:14 PM billcookmagic: Thanks guys
9:14 PM DalSanders: Mike Bents book is good too.
9:14 PM billcookmagic: :-)
9:14 PM lelaneiben: No, thank you Bill
9:14 PM ty_and_cooper: gives me hope for the kids, bill
9:14 PM mystothemagi: Who wrote "Stand Up" ?
9:14 PM JR_Russell: Bent lecture is also good!
9:14 PM billcookmagic: Ian Keeble
9:15 PM billcookmagic: *Keable
9:15 PM billcookmagic: *whoops
9:15 PM katrettke : this is great. I love this.
9:15 PM jeffmcbride: is brian here?
9:15 PM ty_and_cooper: at 45 yrs. old, until recently was the 2nd youngest in my club, but working on bring younger peeps in
9:15 PM TheMagicOfConrad: Love this video
9:16 PM ty_and_cooper: if they forget is the finale of one of mine, i steal their memory and replace it with another
9:16 PM passingby: "I prestidigiate at least once a day, and if someone sees me, I let them watch."
9:16 PM mystothemagi: Hey!!!! They are stealing all my Lines!!!!
9:16 PM AbigailMcBride: these dudes crack me up
9:16 PM billcookmagic: lol
9:16 PM ty_and_cooper: why do they call it a watch? you only glance at it once in a while?\
9:17 PM jaydenthejester: lol
O good I am trying to write them down so I can use them all in my next show!!!!!
9:17 PM SirPatTrick: hello gang!!
9:17 PM MtConjurer: hi Abbi
9:18 PM AbigailMcBride: hello all!
9:18 PM katrettke : hi Abbi
9:18 PM billcookmagic: Patrick!
9:18 PM DarylRogers: hi abbi
9:18 PM fmcmarine: Hi Spike, CJ and Abbi
9:18 PM jfarag: Hi Abbi
9:18 PM passingby: oh god fire wallet
9:18 PM ty_and_cooper: hi pat
9:18 PM jfarag: Hi Patrick
9:18 PM MtConjurer: Heeeeyyy Kat.
9:18 PM CJMay: Hay....K&T!
9:18 PM TimCook: Hi Abbi
9:18 PM seymourmagic: lol@cj
9:18 PM katrettke : Hi MtC!
9:18 PM ty_and_cooper: hello cleveland! hello peter
9:18 PM SirPatTrick: Hey guys missed you all, been busy with school
9:19 PM jaydenthejester: Hello Sir PatTrick
9:19 PM billcookmagic: I'm guilty on many of these
9:19 PM ty_and_cooper: we all are
9:19 PM DalSanders: I love this video...
9:19 PM CJMay: 333333333333
9:19 PM TimCook: lol...33333333333333
9:19 PM pcb52: 33333333333333333
9:19 PM SirPatTrick: thanks guys!
9:19 PM passingby: 333
9:19 PM fmcmarine: 333333333333
9:19 PM billcookmagic: 3333333
9:19 PM ty_and_cooper: 33333333333333333
9:19 PM DalSanders: 333333333333
9:19 PM hahoudini: 33333
9:19 PM seymourmagic: 3333333333333333
9:19 PM SirPatTrick: 3333333
9:19 PM TheMagicOfConrad: 3333
9:19 PM Radleymagic: 3333333
9:19 PM katrettke : 333333333333333333
9:19 PM lelaneiben: 333333333333333
9:19 PM Leland2012: i guess im a hack
9:19 PM JR_Russell: 3333
9:19 PM jaydenthejester: 33333
9:19 PM johntudor: that pissed some people off
9:19 PM jfarag: 3333333
9:19 PM DarylRogers: 33333333333333
9:19 PM drmolarmagic: its very true!!!and I love everyone of those lines, hysterical!!!!33333
9:19 PM ty_and_cooper: we all do
9:19 PM Clay_S: 3333
9:19 PM HenryImbriaco: not a hack
9:20 PM ty_and_cooper: if it ain't broke, don't fix it
9:20 PM passingby: if it goes well and fits your character it works, its just throwing them in where it doesnt fit and isnt funny that you shoudlnt do
9:20 PM drmolarmagic: if the line fits your CHARACTER thye are good.
9:20 PM passingby: yeah
9:20 PM ty_and_cooper: exactly eff!
9:20 PM hahoudini: Because they work.
9:20 PM billcookmagic: *BOOM* Mind blown
9:20 PM seymourmagic: true
9:20 PM JR_Russell: i agree
9:20 PM passingby: indeed done well , usually they arent done well though
9:20 PM ty_and_cooper: like you always say, it's in the presentation
9:20 PM drmolarmagic: totally agree
9:20 PM AbigailMcBride: hack·neyed: (of a phrase or idea) lacking significance through having been overused; unoriginal and trite.
9:21 PM ty_and_cooper: larry!
9:21 PM ty_and_cooper: happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9:22 PM passingby: jeff mcblog sounds like the knockoff magician
9:22 PM AbigailMcBride: Rob Zabrecky, o yeah!
9:22 PM AbigailMcBride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivdepPi0SFk
9:22 PM TheMagicOfConrad: Larry!!!
9:22 PM Clay_S: Thanks Abbi. never heard the phrase "hackneyed" before this. didn't realize that is where "hack" comes from
9:22 PM seymourmagic: Larry!!!!!!
9:22 PM DalSanders: Hi Larry! Happy Birthday!!!
9:22 PM katrettke : Passingby: lol
9:22 PM ty_and_cooper: very true and thanks abbi, but as magi, we ch the rules so the rules of lame or hackneyed won't apply if ne well
9:22 PM katrettke : whose birthday?
9:22 PM ty_and_cooper: change^
9:22 PM AbigailMcBride: sure thing Clay, glad you're learning new things!
9:22 PM ty_and_cooper: if done^
9:22 PM ty_and_cooper: damn old keyboard
9:23 PM ty_and_cooper: larry's
9:23 PM DalSanders: Tomorrow is Larry's Birthday
9:23 PM AbigailMcBride: Send him a cake.
9:23 PM AbigailMcBride: ;)
9:23 PM seymourmagic: Happy Birthday Larry
9:23 PM HenryImbriaco: lol!
9:23 PM ty_and_cooper: i know, but first cto say happy b-day to him
9:23 PM katrettke : oh! Happy Birthday Larry! :)
9:23 PM DarylRogers: people often laugh when they don't know how to react
9:23 PM ty_and_cooper: chance to^
9:24 PM ty_and_cooper: i reaaly gotta get a new keyboard
9:24 PM ty_and_cooper: noticed that daryl, mostly with a nvous tone
9:24 PM ty_and_cooper: nervous^
9:24 PM MtConjurer: his birthday is tomorrow
9:24 PM Radleymagic: I always get asked if I can make someones wife boss etc, vanish they think it was original...
9:24 PM ty_and_cooper: yup it is
9:24 PM lelaneiben: I agree Daryl
9:25 PM CJMay: If we send him a cake he can do a segement entittled "cutting through the cake."
9:25 PM hahoudini: Send him a hat and let him produce his own cake.
9:25 PM ty_and_cooper: and if it screams? cutting thru the noisy cake
9:25 PM billcookmagic: AGREED Larry....
9:25 PM Leland2012: lol
9:25 PM jfarag: Love Tom
9:25 PM mystothemagi: Tom Mullica is sooo funny.
9:25 PM ty_and_cooper: love tom
9:25 PM DalSanders: Tom Mullica was THE FUNNIEST MAGICIAN I EVER SAY!!!
9:25 PM mystothemagi: YES
9:25 PM jaydenthejester: I saw Tom last year at Magic Week in Colon Michigan
9:25 PM DalSanders: I saw him at Tomfoolery mny times
9:25 PM ty_and_cooper: nice
9:25 PM lelaneiben: Tom does Red Skelton now
9:26 PM ty_and_cooper: missed him
9:26 PM jaydenthejester: Jeff performed there....
9:26 PM ty_and_cooper: but hitting colon saturday for the first michigan magic day evheld there
9:26 PM SirPatTrick: I studied red sketlon when i was learning character work
9:26 PM jaydenthejester: I will be there this year
9:26 PM DalSanders: I was there the night that Red skelton walked in...I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to hear the discussion.
9:26 PM ty_and_cooper: yup got to talk to him for a bit although jeff, we still have a merlot date
9:27 PM lelaneiben: Red was a master
9:27 PM SirPatTrick: yes he was
9:27 PM ty_and_cooper: and gonna hold you to it next time
9:28 PM lelaneiben: TAOM
9:28 PM SirPatTrick: btw... bill I miss you brother! LOL
9:29 PM ty_and_cooper: love that skit
nders: Thanks Larry! 333333333333
9:29 PM TheMagicOfConrad: 33333333333333333
9:29 PM lelaneiben: 333333333333333
9:29 PM DarylRogers: 33333333333333333333
9:29 PM pcb52: 3333333333333333
9:29 PM fmcmarine: 33333333333
9:29 PM ty_and_cooper: 3333333333333333333
9:29 PM SirPatTrick: 3333333333333
9:29 PM Radleymagic: thanks Larry
9:29 PM katrettke : 3333333333333333333333333
9:29 PM Leland2012: 3333333
9:29 PM jfarag: 333333
9:29 PM seymourmagic: 3333333333333333333333333333thanks Larry
9:29 PM hahoudini: 3333
9:29 PM jfarag: http://skeltontribute.com/
9:29 PM jaydenthejester: I have a bunch of new youtube videos if anyone wanted to check them out
9:30 PM ty_and_cooper: loved him on "Real People"
9:30 PM jfarag: http://skeltontribute.com/webdoc5.htm
9:30 PM ty_and_cooper: hi bryce!
9:30 PM ty_and_cooper: 33333333333333333333333333333333
9:31 PM SirPatTrick: 3333333333333
9:31 PM DalSanders: Hello Bryce!
9:31 PM ty_and_cooper: big diff
9:32 PM ty_and_cooper: very much so
9:32 PM DarylRogers: that was funny
9:32 PM ty_and_cooper: in the effort, etc.
9:32 PM seymourmagic: I saw some of your vids jayden I like your magic castle
9:32 PM jaydenthejester: Its my set for my stage show. Thanks.
9:33 PM JR_Russell: i have one!
9:33 PM MtConjurer: me too
9:33 PM MtConjurer: I tweeked it tho
9:33 PM ty_and_cooper: god i missed being able to be here
9:33 PM MtConjurer: kinda did tim the tool man taylor thing to it.
9:34 PM MtConjurer: got a sppeeding ticket with it
9:34 PM JR_Russell: would love to see your tweeks!
9:34 PM ty_and_cooper: think he added a v8
9:34 PM MtConjurer: nope a merlin radial engine
9:34 PM ty_and_cooper: with a 3 on the tree
9:34 PM ty_and_cooper: just joking
9:34 PM ty_and_cooper: lol
9:35 PM jeffmcbride: where i s the url for the table guy?
9:35 PM jeffmcbride: help please?
9:35 PM MtConjurer: where is hartcher
9:35 PM MtConjurer: hatcher
9:35 PM jeffmcbride: good idea!
9:35 PM ty_and_cooper: no doubt, no one is quicker on the draw
9:36 PM DalSanders: https://squareup.com/market/showtime-magic-products
9:36 PM jfarag: https://squareup.com/market/showtime-magic-products
9:36 PM ty_and_cooper: thanks dal
9:36 PM jfarag: oops
9:36 PM jeffmcbride: thank you Dal
9:36 PM ty_and_cooper: and joe
9:36 PM jeffmcbride: showtime magic.com
9:36 PM jeffmcbride: good tip!
9:36 PM JR_Russell: I love mine
9:36 PM seymourmagic: 3333333333333333333333
9:36 PM fmcmarine: 333333333333333
9:36 PM DarylRogers: 333333333333333333
9:36 PM jfarag: 3333333
9:36 PM SirPatTrick: 333333333
9:36 PM TimCook: 3333333333333333
9:36 PM DalSanders: 33333333333333
9:36 PM pcb52: 3333333333333
9:36 PM jaydenthejester: nice stuff
9:36 PM hahoudini: 333
9:37 PM lelaneiben: 333333
9:37 PM ty_and_cooper: btw thanks jeff for the origam links, but have all the books i need on it, used to teach it, looking for illusions using it so i can see what's out there and do something new.
9:37 PM wisemagi: Hey Everyone
9:37 PM seymourmagic: 33333333333333333333333
9:37 PM ty_and_cooper: hi tim
9:37 PM AbigailMcBride: Jedi Mind Tricks for Making Hecklers Disappear!! Whoot!
9:38 PM ty_and_cooper: 333333333333333333
9:38 PM DarylRogers: hi tim
9:38 PM katrettke : hi Tim
9:38 PM fmcmarine: Hi Tim.
9:38 PM hahoudini: nobody does the "Jedi Foot Trick" anymore.
9:38 PM AbigailMcBride: {{{{Tim}}}}
9:38 PM jfarag: http://virtual.magicalwisdom.com/members/signup
9:38 PM wisemagi: Great to see you here
9:38 PM jfarag: Hi Tim
9:38 PM ty_and_cooper: working on it, just al those little life hiccups
9:38 PM DalSanders: TIM!!!
9:38 PM seymourmagic: good attendance tonight
9:38 PM MtConjurer: hey Brother Tim
9:38 PM arkhamskp: hey ty ready for july!
9:39 PM ty_and_cooper: on the escape, but the memory thief and mass mind control, all pegged
9:39 PM DalSanders: true!
9:39 PM ty_and_cooper: working on^ escape
9:40 PM passingby: tim minchin?
9:40 PM ty_and_cooper: gonna be there? the more the merrier and the more magic friends there, the more magic we spread
9:40 PM jeffmcbride: Jay is one of the top agents in the Uk
9:40 PM AbigailMcBride: He's brilliant!
9:40 PM wisemagi: Hey Dal
9:40 PM DalSanders: Qhat's up Tim
9:40 PM MtConjurer: how is your Chi Kung going Abbi
9:41 PM AbigailMcBride: I'm breathing all the time..
9:41 PM ty_and_cooper: and all us "friends" at the show are gonna be teaching magic to kids between shows.
9:41 PM MtConjurer: breathing is a wonderful thing
9:41 PM wisemagi: Thank you for the Hugs Abbi
9:41 PM ty_and_cooper: yes, it works wonders
9:41 PM seymourmagic: i love breathing lol
9:41 PM ty_and_cooper: a breath can give life
9:41 PM ty_and_cooper: or just a moment of peace
9:42 PM jeffmcbride: who can send me the chat trascript tonight?
9:42 PM ty_and_cooper: not sure how, but will try
9:42 PM DarylRogers: i've got it for you jeff
9:42 PM mystothemagi: Hey Tim. I was tryiong to look at your Diamond Jack routine on youtube. i saw it once before. But now i can't find it.
9:42 PM ty_and_cooper: nice daryl
9:42 PM LeventMagic: Nice episode...I wish I could stay, but have to catch an early flight :(
9:42 PM LeventMagic: bye all
9:42 PM ty_and_cooper: nite levent
9:42 PM MtConjurer: hey Mitch.. how are things in Colorado
9:42 PM scottalexandermagic: Bye!
9:42 PM seymourmagic: goodnight Leven
9:42 PM lelaneiben: Thanks for coming Levent
9:43 PM mystothemagi: Great. I moved to Denver.
9:43 PM MtConjurer: that will make you spoiled
9:43 PM ty_and_cooper: cheap laughs are dearly bought
9:43 PM heathermagic: knob gags?
9:43 PM seymourmagic: good line ty
9:44 PM mystothemagi: Hey Tim. I was tryiong to look at your Diamond Jack routine on youtube. i saw it once before. But now i can't find it.
9:44 PM fmcmarine: Heather, dick jokes
9:44 PM seymourmagic: 3333333333333333333333333333
9:44 PM jaydenthejester: 333333333
9:44 PM TimCook: 3333333333333333
9:44 PM SirPatTrick: 33333333333333333
9:44 PM DarylRogers: 333333333333333333
9:44 PM hahoudini: 33333333
9:44 PM jfarag: 3333333333
9:44 PM Radleymagic: 3333333
9:44 PM fmcmarine: 33333333333333
9:44 PM DalSanders: 333333333333
9:44 PM ty_and_cooper: can't remember where, but ard that once
9:44 PM mystothemagi: That last bit was the best advice.
9:44 PM Leland2012: 333333333333333333
9:44 PM lelaneiben: 3333333333
9:44 PM JasonPorter: 333333333333333
9:44 PM CJMay: 33333333333
9:44 PM ty_and_cooper: heard it^
9:44 PM wisemagi: Levent
9:44 PM mystothemagi: Hey Tim. I was tryiong to look at your Diamond Jack routine on youtube. i saw it once before. But now i can't find it.
9:44 PM ty_and_cooper: still love yer impersonation of him jeff
9:45 PM TheMagicOfConrad: 333333333
9:45 PM ty_and_cooper: 3333333333333333333333
9:45 PM Clay_S: awesome. Wayne Dobson's great
9:45 PM jaydenthejester: awesome
9:45 PM wisemagi: Mysto... Send me an email... tim@abra.tv
9:45 PM ty_and_cooper: love wayne
9:45 PM DalSanders: BAXT!!!
9:45 PM SirPatTrick: jeff the Q and A you did with Wayne at Magic Live was amazing !!
9:46 PM mystothemagi: will do. thanx
9:46 PM seymourmagic: this is better than ringling brothers this is the greatest show on earth
9:46 PM ty_and_cooper: i think so too seymore
9:47 PM hahoudini: With good comedy you get laughs. With good magic you get silent awe. Hard to balance the two and make work together.
9:47 PM ty_and_cooper: 33333333333333333333333333333333333333
9:47 PM jfarag: http://www.waynedobson.co.uk/
9:47 PM jeffmcbride: tanks Joe
9:47 PM jeffmcbride: thanks
9:47 PM seymourmagic: true ha
9:48 PM passingby: thats bad news for leiw ck
9:48 PM passingby: lewis
9:48 PM jfarag: I may be slow but I'm definetly not fast
9:48 PM hahoudini: I'm half fast.
9:48 PM SirPatTrick: jeff the Q and A you did with Wayne at Magic Live was amazing, learned so much!
9:48 PM ty_and_cooper: you want comedy?
9:49 PM ty_and_cooper: was at abbot's in august and caught feilding west's tiger routine.
9:49 PM passingby: i dont want to use other peoples lines because i dont want to be other people's act, i want make my own material or else theres no piont to it.
9:49 PM ty_and_cooper: was picting it in the vfw hall later that night and how it would have played
9:49 PM MtConjurer: he kinda looks like Tobias..
9:49 PM ty_and_cooper: picturing
PM ty_and_cooper: a bit mt
9:50 PM DalSanders: 333333333333
9:50 PM TimCook: 33333333333333333
9:50 PM hahoudini: 33333
9:50 PM DarylRogers: 33333333333333333
9:50 PM lelaneiben: 3333333333333333333
9:50 PM fmcmarine: 3333333333
9:50 PM ty_and_cooper: sounds very promising^
9:50 PM JasonPorter: 3333333333333
9:50 PM TheMagicOfConrad: 3333333333
9:50 PM Leland2012: 333333
9:50 PM SirPatTrick: 333333333333
9:50 PM Radleymagic: 3333333
9:50 PM ty_and_cooper: 33333333333333
9:50 PM jfarag: http://robertbaxt.com/shop.html
9:50 PM pcb52: 3333333333
9:50 PM hahoudini: Robert is a great magical mind.
9:51 PM ty_and_cooper: hi hahoudini
9:51 PM hahoudini: Hi ty.
9:51 PM DalSanders: Baxt's lecture is fantastic too.
9:51 PM ty_and_cooper: how's tricks? lol
9:51 PM passingby: timeing
9:51 PM HenryImbriaco: lol
9:51 PM hahoudini: He introduced me when I did the chairtie escape at Houdinidays. One of the best MC's I've ever worked with.
9:52 PM ty_and_cooper: when they say timing is everything, they ain't kiddin'
9:52 PM wisemagi: Masrio and Veronica! I miss you guys
9:52 PM DarylRogers: houdini days in appleton?
9:52 PM hahoudini: YEs, Daryl.
9:52 PM ty_and_cooper: thinkingso daryl
9:52 PM ty_and_cooper: opps slow on the draw
9:52 PM MtConjurer: I visited with them this morning.. they are in Spain, visiting peeps
9:52 PM MtConjurer: tim
9:52 PM passingby: is it just me or are thease first mondays getting longer lol
9:53 PM ty_and_cooper: love what i've seen of mario
9:53 PM wisemagi: yes
9:53 PM ty_and_cooper: sanctuary!
9:53 PM jeffmcbride: righ thebell!
9:53 PM CJMay: well timed!
9:53 PM jeffmcbride: love it!
9:53 PM MtConjurer: i visited with he and lady v this morning,, they are in spain
9:53 PM TimCook: 333333333333333333
9:53 PM hahoudini: 33333333
9:53 PM DarylRogers: 33333333333333333
9:53 PM fmcmarine: 3333333333333
9:53 PM SirPatTrick: 33333333333333
9:53 PM ty_and_cooper: 33333333333333333333
9:54 PM jfarag: 33333333
9:54 PM Clay_S: 33333
9:54 PM JasonPorter: 3333333
9:54 PM wisemagi: 333333
9:54 PM pcb52: 3333333333
9:54 PM katrettke : 333333333333333333
9:54 PM wisemagi: Lazzi
9:54 PM lelaneiben: 33333333333333
9:54 PM passingby: oh neat
9:54 PM ty_and_cooper: nice histotidbit
9:54 PM ty_and_cooper: history tid bit
9:55 PM DalSanders: Hey now
9:55 PM JR_Russell: hey now
9:55 PM jfarag: Hey Now!!
9:55 PM billcookmagic: Hey Now!!
9:55 PM TheMagicOfConrad: Hey Now
9:55 PM ty_and_cooper: i have to be honest, i don't make a living at this, but i live much more bece i do it
9:55 PM shaunrivera: Hey now!
9:55 PM ty_and_cooper: because^
9:55 PM JR_Russell: Sox beat the Rangers Dal ;-)
9:55 PM ty_and_cooper: hey jordan
9:55 PM ty_and_cooper: 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333
9:56 PM DalSanders: I missed the game...getting ready for tomorrow.
9:56 PM ty_and_cooper: hey jr, long time
9:56 PM passingby: oh gee
9:56 PM HenryImbriaco: bon soir mes ami
9:57 PM johntudor: lots of starch there
9:57 PM pcb52: 333333333333
9:57 PM SirPatTrick: 33333333333333333
9:57 PM jeffmcbride: excellent!
9:57 PM Clay_S: lol
9:57 PM ty_and_cooper: omg!
9:57 PM JR_Russell: 33
9:57 PM CJMay: 333333333333333333333
9:57 PM TimCook: lol
9:57 PM jfarag: HAHAHAHA
9:57 PM Leland2012: too funny
9:57 PM billcookmagic: This is awesome
9:57 PM johntudor: wish I could do that !
9:57 PM ty_and_cooper: 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999
9:57 PM fmcmarine: 333333333333333333
9:57 PM passingby: thats great
9:57 PM SirPatTrick: 3333333333333333333333333333333333333
9:57 PM jfarag: 3333333
9:57 PM ty_and_cooper: 3 times as funny
9:58 PM TimCook: 333333333333333333
9:58 PM CJMay: Well done!
9:58 PM JasonPorter: 333333333333
9:58 PM lelaneiben: 33333333333333
9:58 PM passingby: and they will never pick a card again :P
9:58 PM DarylRogers: 3333333333333333
9:58 PM TimCook: 3333333333333333333
9:58 PM pcb52: 33333333333333
9:58 PM Leland2012: 333333333333333
9:58 PM fmcmarine: 3333333333333333
9:58 PM jfarag: 3333333
9:58 PM hahoudini: 333333
9:58 PM katrettke : 33333333333333
9:58 PM DalSanders: 333333333333
9:58 PM ty_and_cooper: the only thing more traumatic i saying pull my finger and an earthquake hitting right then
9:59 PM Clay_S: My buddy Tom!
9:59 PM Clay_S: My buddy Tom!
10:00 PM ty_and_cooper: yay tim
10:00 PM ty_and_cooper: 333333333333333333333333333
10:00 PM mystothemagi: Got to go. Thanks all.
10:00 PM DalSanders: 333333333333
10:00 PM heathermagic: Jeff, Is anything possible?
10:00 PM ty_and_cooper: night mysto
10:00 PM jfarag: Night Mysto
10:00 PM SirPatTrick: 3333333333333333333
10:01 PM khurley100: Go Wise Guy!
10:01 PM DalSanders: Can't hear you Tim
10:01 PM ty_and_cooper: sorry can'tad lips
10:01 PM katrettke : hi Heather!
10:01 PM ty_and_cooper: read^
10:01 PM jfarag: Crazy Feet
10:01 PM ty_and_cooper: still getting used to his longer do
10:01 PM HenryImbriaco: wild and crazy guys
10:01 PM jfarag: errr mean Happy Feet
10:01 PM ty_and_cooper: i remember this one!
10:02 PM HenryImbriaco: sans white hair
10:02 PM passingby: wow look at his not grey hair
10:02 PM ty_and_cooper: and sans banjo
10:02 PM AbigailMcBride: wasn't he a kewtie!
10:02 PM passingby: and now he plays the banjo
10:03 PM ty_and_cooper: has for decades
10:03 PM jfarag: it's impossible to shove a cadillac up your nose....
10:03 PM Clay_S: I've only ever seen him with the grey hair
10:03 PM magicalevents: He used to be a demonstrator at the Disneyland Shop with JC Wagner.
10:03 PM jeffmcbride: this is what made him famous!
10:03 PM HenryImbriaco: he can also make eggs pop out of his fly. lol!
10:04 PM ty_and_cooper: this was early 70's
10:04 PM ty_and_cooper: if i remember right
10:04 PM ty_and_cooper: and if he hits T.H.E.M. he will maflies pop out of his eggs
10:04 PM ty_and_cooper: make flies^
10:05 PM DarylRogers: 333333333333333
10:05 PM CJMay: 3333333333333
10:06 PM jfarag: 3333333333
10:06 PM DalSanders: 333333333333
10:06 PM SirPatTrick: 333333333333333333333
10:06 PM ty_and_cooper: classic
10:06 PM fmcmarine: 3333333333333
10:06 PM JasonPorter: 33333333333
10:06 PM Radleymagic: 3333333
10:06 PM JR_Russell: 3333
10:06 PM irishdragon: 33333333333333
10:06 PM TheMagicOfConrad: 3333333333333
10:06 PM ty_and_cooper: 33333333333333333333333333333333
10:06 PM JasonPorter: 3
10:06 PM SirPatTrick: 3
10:06 PM fmcmarine: 33333333333333333
10:06 PM jfarag: 3333333
10:06 PM HenryImbriaco: 3
10:06 PM TheMagicOfConrad: 3
10:06 PM Leland2012: 3
10:06 PM CJMay: 3333333
10:06 PM katrettke : 3
10:06 PM DarylRogers: 3
10:06 PM ty_and_cooper: 333333333333333333333333
10:06 PM passingby: 3
10:06 PM hahoudini: 3tim
10:06 PM Clay_S: 333
10:06 PM shaunrivera: 3
10:06 PM JoeLedoux: 3
10:06 PM JR_Russell: 111
10:06 PM DalSanders: 333333333333
10:06 PM magicalevents: 3333333333333333
10:06 PM lelaneiben: 333
10:06 PM ty_and_cooper: ey joe
10:06 PM HenryImbriaco: harry night court
10:07 PM ty_and_cooper: did magic with a cat once, not a good thing
10:07 PM ty_and_cooper: the cat gave me the stink eye for a month and cooper bused him for a week
10:07 PM ty_and_cooper: abused him
10:08 PM ty_and_cooper: my fave play by will
10:08 PM jeffmcbride: jeff and rudy and Kevun James!
10:09 PM hahoudini: Way to go, Tim.
10:09 PM ty_and_cooper: kevin is gonna be here in mich. on saturday! hope to get to meet him
10:09 PM ty_and_cooper: so true tim
10:09 PM HenryImbriaco: cornelius chase
10:10 PM fmcmarine: 333333333333
10:10 PM heathermagic: 33333333333
10:10 PM seymourmagic: 33333333333
10:10 PM CJMay: 33333
10:10 PM SirPatTrick: 33333333333
10:10 PM jfarag: 33333333
10:10 PM DalSanders: 333333333333
10:10 PM Leland2012: 333333
10:10 PM DarylRogers: 3333333333333333333
10:10 PM Radleymagic: 3333333
10:10 PM TheMagicOfConrad: 333333
10:13 PM DalSanders: 333333333333
10:13 PM jfarag: 333333333
10:13 PM lelaneiben: 3333333
10:14 PM HenryImbriaco: ?
10:14 PM SixOfDiamonds: is it over?
10:14 PM passingby: yeah wayne!
10:14 PM irishdragon: good show
10:14 PM seymourmagic: goodnight all see you next week
10:14 PM ty_and_cooper: weirdest thing ever tonight
10:14 PM ty_and_cooper: night seymour
10:14 PM lelaneiben: see ya Seymor
10:14 PM passingby: the best spongeballs
10:14 PM DalSanders: Good show guys...got to go, I have a huge day tomorrow
10:14 PM jfarag: Night Seymour
10:14 PM passingby: oops
10:14 PM SirPatTrick: nite seymour
10:14 PM katrettke : g'night all
10:14 PM ty_and_cooper: refreshed the screen and even lost half the chain the window
10:15 PM jfarag: Night Kat
10:15 PM ty_and_cooper: chat
10:15 PM ty_and_cooper: night kat
10:15 PM HenryImbriaco: turner and seymour. lol!
10:15 PM DarylRogers: same thing happened to me ty
10:15 PM SirPatTrick: I missed all you guys!!
10:15 PM ty_and_cooper: me too pat, my fir night back in a while too
10:15 PM katrettke : me too, refreshed several times, lost chat. Hope Jeff gets his chat log this week
10:15 PM ty_and_cooper: first
10:16 PM TaylorMartin: ho
10:16 PM ty_and_cooper: however i have a skype magic lesson to teach
10:16 PM TaylorMartin: hi
10:16 PM Clay_S: Fun show tonight. Really liked your segment Bill.
10:16 PM passingby: ho
10:16 PM ty_and_cooper: hi taylor
10:16 PM TaylorMartin: Howdy
10:16 PM SirPatTrick: been dealing with school, I graduate in May
10:16 PM DalSanders: Hi Taylor...thanks for your input earlier.
10:16 PM Clay_S: Thanks everyone
10:16 PM jfarag: Hi Taylor
10:16 PM JasonPorter: Who was the magician doing the 5 card trick?
10:16 PM ty_and_cooper: give me about an hour and a half a will be back on
10:16 PM TaylorMartin: You're welcome Dal. Good luck with Congress.
10:16 PM passingby: at the end jason?
10:16 PM JasonPorter: Yes
10:17 PM passingby: wayne Dobson
10:17 PM passingby: probably find it on youtube
10:17 PM passingby: its great
10:17 PM SirPatTrick: Taylor!!
10:17 PM passingby: if you havent seen wayne dobson
10:17 PM TaylorMartin: So, a good show tonight? Hi Sir.
10:17 PM passingby: basiacally anything with him is great
10:17 PM ty_and_cooper: so who will be here in 90?
10:17 PM JasonPorter: My feed kept cutting out and I only saw/heard about 2 second of it.
10:17 PM DalSanders: I'm only meeting with 4 or 5 congresspeople tomorrow...hopefully I'll get to ddress the full congress lter this month.
10:17 PM passingby: yeah same
10:17 PM TaylorMartin: Sweet
10:18 PM Clay_S: my adobe flash kept crashing. maybe I need to try reinstalling it
10:18 PM jfarag: Good luck Dal
10:18 PM SirPatTrick: you still there bill?
10:18 PM jfarag: Night all
10:18 PM ty_and_cooper: anyway, gotta grab my notes and props for the lesson, back asap
10:18 PM DalSanders: Thanks I'll talk to you guys soon.
10:19 PM TaylorMartin: Cool
10:19 PM TaylorMartin: MU.M.
10:22 PM SirPatTrick: Bill when you can give me a call sometime need to chat with you
10:22 PM irishdragon: hello abbi
10:22 PM lelaneiben: Dayrl are you still there?
10:22 PM DarylRogers: yup
10:23 PM lelaneiben: Hi Michael
10:23 PM irishdragon: i saw his name in the chatroom listing
10:23 PM irishdragon: there he is
10:23 PM irishdragon: hello
10:23 PM lelaneiben: are we going to the google hang out?
10:23 PM irishdragon: waiting to hangout for a while
10:23 PM DarylRogers: is this what you're looking for? https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/7acpi00qpj9nd8vrmpvi5sji4s?hl=en#
10:23 PM lelaneiben: yup
10:29 PM JasonPorter: testing.
10:29 PM JasonPorter: Radio chech, over.
10:29 PM JasonPorter: *check
10:34 PM TaylorMartin: test test teste..
10:35 PM TaylorMartin: fnord
10:35 PM JasonPorter: You aren't cleared for fnord....
10:36 PM TaylorMartin: OH, yes I am. Member of the National Theatre of the Deranged.
10:39 PM TaylorMartin: Del Close gave me his blessing.
10:43 PM TaylorMartin: TAke care all.