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What am I doing?

Jun 2nd 2014, 15:59


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What is it that I am doing when I perform magic? Without words I am asking my audience to enter a world of wonder. To capture inside themselves what has been given to us by our creator. Something inside of us that asks that eternal question why and how. It seems odd that as a children's performer I would have such lofty ideas. But its something I think about. One tragedy of today's culture is that our young children have somewhat lost the sense of wonder. As a magician I want to re-awake that idea in them. It's through sincere communication appropriate to their age level that I can give them back part of a childhood our culture seems to take away from them.

Whether I achieve this or not I really have no idea but its something I think about in my performances for school assemblies. But to reach these little ones I have to act like a child. Its not a childish task but a work of serious reflection of each performance. The question I ask myself is...did I reach this group? Did they laugh at my bits. Did I communicate the message. In my show the message is safety. The silliness, the bits and the things I do all have to work towards getting their attention and reaching their sense of wonder. My success can be seen by the pictures taken of my audience. When I see on their faces that natural God given sense of wonder - I have succeeded!

This philosophical idea of performance leads me to develop my style and my character when performing. Aah the character!. My character is a teacher who happens to use magic to teach safety lessons. With my character I have decided to share my magic powers with my audience.

Here's an example: Silks to cane. I can show two silks and produce the cane. Sure I'll get a few aahs and oohs but all I've done is a trick. By asking, "What am I doing?" Why do I have 2 silks? Can I achieve something else with this prop? Can I involve my audience? Here's what I came up with. I tell my audience the rules for a live show. Clapping and laughing is OK etc. I would like to do a clapping exercise with these 2 silks. If you follow my directions I will let everyone here do some magic. When I raise the silks you clap when I lower them you stop. I raise the silks and hold them up and ask them to clap louder. This gets them use to clapping since many have not seen a live show and don't know what to do. Through this action I get control of the crowd. I play a little game raising the silk higher than an lower. Through this little bit I let the kids know I am a humorous presenter. I tell them what a great job they did. I tell them together we are going to do some magic. "I count to 3 and you say the magic words abracadabra" I wave the silks up and down and throw the silks up about 10 to 15 feet in the air (space providing) and it comes down a cane. Truly visual!! And I've accomplished many things to help achieve my goal of creating wonder in the kids.

What am I doing? You'll be surprised that your answers will help you be the best magician you can be.