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What I would like to see in the school!

Jun 16th 2010, 11:46


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Hello I'm Ty. I'm fairly new here, then again I would say we all are! I'm just saying what I would like to see in the school early on so that hopefully it'll build that way ;)

Firstly, being a magician who is fast transferring over to a mentalist, I would love to see some mentalism... Something that I've been finding a lack of in the field of mentalism is something like card college. A collection of the slights and techniques used in the art WITHOUT being bogged down by presentations. I'm the type of person who would rather get a bunch of slights and build my own presentations. Granted I have found some AMAZING presentations by other people, and find these to be extremely valuable as well. But it would still be wonderful to have a book with just a bunch of solid slights and techniques to use :) It is possible that such a book already exists, and I haven't found it yet.

The next thing that I really like is general stuff. stuff like the pros in the art talking generally about their art. A general discussion on say card, coin, rope, mentalism, cubs and balls, close up, stage, and on all the different sub genres of magic. Also now that I think of it, the teachers of magic talking not at all about magic, but about life. How to live your life to the fullest. The things they do to stay motivated and happy. The way magic relates to our world.

I did see the business of close up magic video and am very excited for it. I'm sure I will be getting it quite soon!

I also encourage other people in the school to post what they would like to see in the school so that it can really grow the way I think it should, the way the students want it! Maybe this could become a major forum topic. Meaning one of the topics on the main screen.

Thank you so much for starting something that I'm sure will grow into something beautiful, and will also help thousands of people grow in the way they want to!

~Ty :)
May 20th 2011, 16:35


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I'm also into learning some mentalism as well. I really resonate with learning McBride's and Burger's presentations, and it's their philosophy of magic that drew me here in the first place. I think I'd value more insights into philosophy and how to weave a meaningful message into a variety of tricks that also have some sort of shock value.

I hope others can join in on the dialogue.

Jefe Greenheart
Nov 18th 2011, 05:05


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Ty-Magic if you going to go into mentalism and are looking for something like card college...might I suggest 13 steps to mentalism. 13 Steps is to mentalism as BoBo is to Coin Magic and Royal Roads is to Card Magic. You will be pleased with the techniques they teach. Hope this helps.

Feb 26th 2013, 14:55


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Hello Ty and all
Each we on MYSTERY SCHOOL MONDAY we have a different topic.
Many of those topics will have a forum here, so be sure to check every few weeks for updated information.
See you class!