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war stories- Performing out of doors. July 7 2014

Jul 7th 2014, 17:11


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Do you have any HORROR STORIES or WAR STORIES about performing in outdoor situations or extreme conditions?
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Jack Reimon

I had a card magic show and it started raining. The cards started to stick...did a triumph and there were two cards face up in the end...etc etc..will love to watch this

Owen Lean
My second year busking, i had to stop my show because there was a tramp defecating in the alley behind me. And no matter how good your manipulation is, human feces is always more interesting than single productions of playing cards...

Matt Disero
I performed outdoors, next to a pool at a nudist resort in Mexico once. Worst gig ever, and easily the most distracting

Kim Z Zoller
Street magic at a beach.....sponge balls and wind don't mix lol.

Kevin Heller
It's hard to decide what is worse - I've seen every kind of storm you can imagine. I've seen fairgrounds nearly wiped out by tornados - entire fairs cancelled. I worked a tent for 5 days straight in the driving rain. Each day, the ground flooded at least another inch. By the end of the run, we had close to a foot of water on the ground...believe it or not, people were still filling the seats. I was at the Indiana State Fair the week before the Grandstand collapsed - it would have crushed our stage. Tons of craziness when you spend half your year working outdoors


Ryan Brown
try performing in the rain, having to lug your case for 45 mins up one street, being punched by children at a birthday party or having a dove land on an audience spectators, head.

Thyron R. Lee Jr.
One time i was doing ritual of liberation and the boy went on a nose mining expedition mid routine.....

EvilDan Terelmes
We've worked the haunt in October in a constant drizzle. Soaked to the bone by the end of the night. No card tricks. We've also set up only to have to break down quickly due to a sudden downpour. Bring tarps.

Mario Morris
Clowns fascinate me, especially the European clowns that had the type of flair to them that just seemed to whisk me away to so some magical place.
. Their make up was little - if any - but their charm could melt the hardest of hearts and put you in touch with the child deep inside you.
. To watch a clown perform well on the streets is rare but can be most rewarding.
. We have a great deal to learn from a good street clown.
. I fell in love with this discipline and started my own studies into clowning.
. The hardest part of clowning is making yourself vulnerable. Really if you not tried it you may find it very difficult. The streets are full of highly skilled performers, magicians and actors but often they seem to hide behind their skills just like stereotyped clown hiding behind his make up.
. The acts that stand out above the rest always allow you see their humanity! Okay, it may be exaggerated after all it is a show but none the less they take their show to the next level by doing so.
. Studying clown can bring about healing as well. It can be deep work and not to be taken lightly but if the work is done I do believe it will create not just a great character, not just a great show but a show that can bring healing to any one who watches. A show that helps the audience forget their troubles and worries and be whisked away to a magical place. Here your audience are able to see the child in themselves through the performers eyes.
. Now that to me, ladies and gentlemen is when showman ship becomes an art.

Paul Alberstat
I had 2 years in a row that I got paid to do nothing. Rained the entire week and did so both years in a row. Outdoors, no roof, no show.

EvilDan Terelmes
We performed at a bier garten during Oktoberfest in Albany NY. We planned on doing our whip routine. Security squashed that because the whip crack sounds like a gun shot and they did not want the crowd stampeding in a panic. Then they placed us in a spot that was far enough from the tall boy tables they had set up so that people couldn't hear us even with amplification. People just didn't want to move from the safety of the tables. We worked our asses off to build a crowd. Good shows when we had a crowd, but it was the longest three hour gig I ever did. Plus we were having to fight over the oompa band music piped in loudly all around the event. We thought it sucked but they told us they want us back this year


Matthew Van Zee
I do eight months of the year outdoor shows. I have a plan "rain show" if it is raining, that I have performed in torrential downpour because the audience stayed in in their seats. Last year I had to put together a "wind show" because we had near gala winds(up to 35mph). If the audience stays, I play. No floating table in that show.

Taylor Martin
Oh, I'll be there. Let's see, a tree falling on my equipment, the cannons going off right when I was about to put the sword thru someone's neck, or the hail and tornado? I'll have to pick one.