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Finance and Tony Slydini

Nov 11th 2014, 08:59


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Every magician in this world who is any good know and have studied techniques of Tony Slydini. I want people who knew slydini and know business , even though slydini had multiple appearances in Dick Cavett tv show, has always been well respected by magicians, knew entertatinment (can be clearly seen by his Paperballs over the head), why did he lived and died poor.....

I ask this question because its important for full time magicians who make living doing magic.
Mar 3rd 2015, 18:25


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Hello Manas
I knew Slydini. We lived in the same neighborhood in NYC. He was a humble man who shared what he loved to the very end.

He performed at conventions all over the world. He made many numerous television appearances. He was the star of tHE MAGIC TOWN HOUSE and another New York City venue named MOSTLY MAGIC… These were the top close-up venues in New York City at that time he worked them almost every week. He was not a poor man he was a humble man... do not confuse the two, he lived simply and his elegant pure magic performances reflected that aesthetic.

I think Slydini had a better life and was happier than many millionaires I have performed for… I think you will find if you ask people that actually knew, worked and studied with Tony they would say the very same thing He left us a legacy of his work..it is PURE magic… Best regards