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Help Wanted Total Media solution

Feb 7th 2015, 09:37


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Help Wanted . Will Pay for skilled assistance.
For years I have been trying to rely on my own skills to produce and deploy a web site and other promotional material. This has resulted in several items that serve as partial solutions, but these bit and pieces to not work together well to present a professional looking package.
I need someone who can develop a social media strategy, a replacement web page with ticket selling solution, downloadable promotional package, and suite of videos for my work.
The end product of this work needs to be a system that I can edit and update on my own as events are added and new projects come on line.
I believe I have all of the raw material (video and photo images) and text needed to accomplish this. I also have a fairly thought out plan for how this all needs to work and relate together. What I do not have is the time to realize this vision.
Interested parties can send information to John@StoneCaslteMagic.com. Please send examples of existing work and thoughts on how we can move forward with this project.
Mar 3rd 2015, 18:15


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Hi John
I replied via email to get in touch with Bryce Kuhlman. He is a our internet guru.
He has been with Mystery School for 24 years!
good luck