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What is the MOST challenging thing about performing STROLLING MAGIC?
What are you 3 favorite STROLLING MAGIC routines?
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Christopher J. Hurlbert
One of the biggest challenges in performing strolling magic is usually the lack of a performing surface. Most routines have to be done in hand. This precludes a lot of material, especially for card guys.
My three favorite routines:
Sponge balls
Mis made bill / $100 bill switch
Invisible deck

Brandon Scott
Sometimes there is such a small window from when
people start sitting down to when dinner is served.
And sometimes not all parties are quite settled. So instead of starting a presentation at that table, and have some guests either miss out or sit down in the process , I toss out The Magic YoT. This magical puzzle allows for interaction. People get intrigued as to how to get the Silver Dollar out and it becomes quite a magical challenge, It gets passed on from one to another, thus thee heat is off on the magician. Then once all are seated, I collect it back and do a quick magical resolve with the Silver coin and start my close up.. Typically after dinner, if I happen to still be there, I get allot of people coming up to me wanting to engage themselves more with the Yot which gives me an opportunity to network with them and has often ended up in future shows. I hope this is useful. you can find it at yot.com

Albert Tam
What a coincidence! I will share some of my experience about Table Hopping / Strolling Around Magic in this coming Sat. in our club monthly meeting.
I believe deal with the working condition is a major topic to explore., such as in a dinner banquet or a cocktail reception are different. How to approach a table or a crowd also needed to focus.
I not only carry all the props in my pocket or with a pouch, cos there are always not enough pockets and it is not a Street Theatre performance.
I have a small case carry with a bit bigger props or a few Trick Decks e.g. Mental Photography Deck, Phoenix Double Decker, Professor Nightmare, Small Chinese Linking Rings etc.
I carry with a metal Harbin type folding for my working surface especially Cocktail Reception condition. Working on the hand of audience is Nice, but it may narrow the crowd., and that table always draws attention.
I choose the materials which can involve more than one audience, and also I will have effects for different gender., e.g., Sponge Balls / Hearts is good for female and Cards is mostly for male.
For Table Hopping, I will prepare Fortune Teller Fish with a card effect for give away.
Card in Wallet is the closing of my Ambitious Card routine, which is a memorable give away material too.
I have at lease 2 Thumb Tips, one for Silk and one for Bill Change. A coin purse with Silver Half Dollars.
I always have an ITR in my suit., which I wait for the right condition. I believe if the right timing, right audience and right condition come, floating an object will be the Killer of the night.

Jason Porter
The hardest thing about strolling magic for me is pocket management. I have always had a problem with wanting to carry too much. I solved that through my magic character and costume. I wear a pouch (tool belt) as part of my performing outfit (love steampunk). My 3 favorite strolling routines are invisible deck, professors nightmare, and scotch and soda.

Keith Wilson Sr.
Cut and restore ropes, sponge balls, a mixture of card tricks and if there are a lot of children around I'll do a few balloon animal shapes

Scott McFall ·
Redundancy close to the last table can be an issue when rocking a big room…

Joe Presto ·
When strolling I prefer to do impromptu effects using regular cards and coins. I carry 3 regular decks, a length of rope, a handkerchief and some silver dollars. This is a very economical approach (albeit sleight-intensive) as you can perform a huge number of different effects that don't require resetting using only these props.

Brian J. Hatcher
My three favorites for walk around are B'Wave, Fading Coins, and Bob Sheet's dice routine It's The Rules. The biggest challenge to walk around, in my opinion, is knowing the right time and the right way to approach a group so that you are a welcomed addition and not a unwanted interruption.

Steven Stemm ·
saving enough pockets is the challenge for me!!!

Sean David Bogunia
Cell phones make things much harder these days. It's hard to be more interested then someone's cell phone.
The three tricks I always do our brainwave deck,ring and rope,signed card to wallet.

Cody Clark
That can be true, but I've also found whether or not people are on their cell phones is a good indicator that they'd be receptive to having me come to their table. If they're on their phones, it's because they're bored and need something to do. Which is the perfect place for you to come in.

Sean David Bogunia Compared to when there wasn't cell phone's to now a days there is a huge
Even kids as young as 3 have them.
I no longer table hope because of it.
Back in the 90's was the peak of table hoping those were the days.

Rick Sherman
You know what's a fantastic strolling trick? Stand-Up Monte by Garrett Thomas...no table needed, instant resent, in the participant's hand, powerful...what more could you want?

Jim Russell
Chinese Challenge, Ring on String, Greg Wilson's Unleashed (if I am in a T-shirt)

Ken Garr
The most challenging thing for me is finding creative,subtle,artful ways of interupting a group. I am so much better at it than twenty years ago,but still working on it. My 3 favorite strolling tricks are Roy Johnsen's Cent trick. ( great opener) Jimmy Roger's Paddle trick. And my own version of a signed card to impossible location.

Jay Scott Berry
My personal criteria for Strolling effects is that they be Strong, Visual, Angle-proof and Instant Reset. I carry nothing except a smile and don't have to place anything on the table. Each effect comes from a pocket and returns to the same pocket, ready to perform again. 

Brian Watson
I give particular attention to things which can be done in other people's hands or where an object is altered permanently. Even if the actual effect cannot be done in the hands I find a way of having people touch, hold and engage. Strolling magic allows us kinaesthetic involvement and it's such a powerful tool for engaging and creating lasting memories.

Lee Alex
Don't know about 3, but a MUST for strolling would be BEKOS! Can be performed in the spectators hands, no table, no angles, interactive, surprising, almost self working, no delicate set up, takes up no space in the bag/pockets, very easy to reset between walking around. That's enough positive points for me to include it!

Craig Browning
I've not done "strolling magic" in many years but the kid would be the same now as it was then; anything I can carry on my person within reason; routines must invoke patron imagination and participation. The bulk of what I did was self-contained and easily reset if not instantly reset; some coins, cards, sponge and if things weren't too busy in the facility I'd carry my Cups & Balls about the room. My "top 3" routines has to be the Cups & Balls, Cigarette thru Quarter (my way) and of course, sponge.

Matthew Crabtree
Ken Garr have you ever tried having the server introduce you? That way you are not interrupting but having a formal introduction to the table. As for effects, Like most everyone said instant reset visual, and I like modular. Something that you can stretch in case something happened in the back of house. I also like to have one or two show items for VIP clients or for a special table. never hurts to have some one off item for those times.

King Robert
My personal criteria for Strolling effects is that they be Strong, Visual, Angle-proof and Instant Reset. I carry nothing except a deck of cards, some coins, a perfect pen, an iPhone, a magic wand, a wallet, my grandfathers old five pound note, some string, a rusty old nail and some rubber bands. Each effect comes from a pocket and returns to the same pocket, ready to perform again. But I do use a card mat. My favourite coin routine is Chinese Challenge, My favourite card routine is Jack in the Box (Original) and my favourite impromtu is Flash paper cigarette production.There I said it!

Gregg Chmara
For some odd, begnign and kinky reason I have never enjoyed or performed strolling magic with only one exception. When I produced my Tarot Card variation on the prediction diary called "The Newe Amsterdam Tarrocchi Diary" I did carry and perform it as a sales tool "stroller" for presentation to agents and potential lead points. Other than that, on the spot palm readings and billets for "on demand" pocket performances.

Charles Del Rosso
#1 Kundalini Rising
#2 Extreme Burn ( 1's to 5's)
#3 Sponge Rabbits ( from Eddie Ace)
#4 Los Corazones ( torn & restored hearts)

Brett Barry
Strolling has it's own dynamic and baby it ain't easy. Your first effect must be strong - stronger than if you were on stage. It must establish credibility and that you are fun, engaging and exceed expectations. The first effect establishes how the next 1-2 effects go. I try to get the crowd to make some noise after a few effects - that gets the attention others nearby and makes them curious to see whats up.

Eric Evans
The approach was always THE most difficult aspect for me. After that it was always a comparative breeze.

Jason Leeb
Pocket management has always been an issue. Trying not to be fumbling about my person looking for things or having my pockets over stuffed and bulky looking. I also try and focus on things that happen in their hands.

Jeff McBride
The mystery of "The Strolling King's close up bag" will be revealed on March 16th…it has a rich history and is filled with mystery!

Pablo Amirá
What is the MOST challenging thing about performing STROLLING MAGIC?
The approach. The tricks are secondary, but creating the first connection and maintain it relevant is the most challenging factor in performing strolling.

What are you 3 favorite STROLLING MAGIC routines?
( I do Mentalism)
1. Predict Zodiac Sign
2. Read personal thoughts
3. Let my participant move a pendulum with his mind

George Kovari
Never enough pockets.
Ring and rope routine
Haunted key - knotted key
Mini Chinese sticks.
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