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Full membership not showing on 10/2/18
did this get fixed chris?
Greetings all,
Im making a list of the great "portable and grand illusions"
The portable, are ones you can carry in a car or van…the grand take a truck BUT are worth the effort!
here is my list in order of preference

HEAD TWISTER BOX-one assistant minimal rehearsal
CHAIR SUSPENSION- on the spot assistant! No rehearsal
HINDU BASKET- minimal rehearsal 0r instant stooge! ( yes Tom Ogden does this!)
"WRAP SWITHC/ MUMMY WRAP" ive used this for many years at corporate events


ZIG ZAG- my 1st BIG illusion
METAMORPHOSIS- always a gasp if presented correctly
ASSISTANTS REVENGE- novelty and the same as above for magi with bad knees!
POLE LEVITATION- can be done anywhere!

What are YOUR favorites?

Zombie Act rickthemagicman on 8/9/15
I watched your routine
…slow down and vary your tempo…. of course the accident will not happen again..but the combination is worthy to work on.
lets take another look at it in a few months after you have polished it a bit.
keep up the work
Publishing Ninjaofsorts on 22/6/15
hi Josh
there are many forums online but few have mature teachers that know the history of magic and its innovations.
if you want to publish you will have to be in magic " more than a few years" to get to know who you can trust to give you historic info
here is a list of my " go to guys"
Max Maven- for mentalism and magic history
Stephen Minch- General magic
Jay Sankey " pop card magic" ( though Eugene Burger wishes that jay would credit more in his dvds!)
Andrie Jikh for Flourish
Levent- Manuipulation
Johnny Thompson- magic history
email me at jeff@mcbridemagic.com I can give you more info Josh
glad to help!
Observations from a school assembly performer mikezart on 3/3/15
these are VERY useful tips.. this year in my PEP talk I go over my techniques. the talk is called MAXIMUM PARTICIPATION…and it is full of tricks and tips like yours Mike..thank you for sharing… my talk will be up soon in the members area of the PEP talks