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Magic Severus on 5/5/11
paypal can connect with your bank account it does not need to be with your credit card, and at $5 a lesson your not going to find it more cost effective. Paypal is free to set up
help on the spinner mcwelzman on 5/5/11
don't worry I got it now
help on the spinner mcwelzman on 23/4/11
I just paid for the 2 hand spinner, I have no idea what your hands are doing in order to get the cards to spin.

Also this video is also on youtube if you search without paying the $5 you may want to investigate that.

so is there a video on what my fingers are supposed to be doing because the video does not really show the "how to do it"

I have your 3 art of card manipulation videos (video's not dvds) and I love them, the explanations really show you what you have to know but I am a little disappointed with this video to the point where I do not believe I will purchase again.

let me know if I am missing something