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McBride Coins MatsS on 20/12/11
I just got my golden McBride coins. If you have the Allan Wong silver coins (similar) don't do the misstake to think these are the same, just in "gold". They feel different and are softer in a very positive way when you do coin rolls. They also feel better if you classic palm them but it's when you do Downs palm that they do really shine.
Dry hands MatsS on 22/11/11
I haven't seen anything about dry hands here in the magic school (yet) and when I saw Jeff McBride in Sweden/Lund recently I didn't see any of this bottles that are supposed to help people with dry hands. I don't have particulary dry hands but still have becomed more or less addicted to my "magic hand lotion". Jeff didn't mentioned anything about it at the seminar and I was too excited over his show to remember to ask. Probably for the same reason that I would forget to ask questions if I met God :-)

I wonder if it's possible to do Jeff's show for a human without hand lotion?

The show and seminar in Sweden was fantastic, the best show I ever seen in my life and the seminar gave so much inspiration, not just in my magic life. It feels lifechanging.

/Mats (I know it looks strange in English but that's a normal name in Swden)