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Magic for Speakers Tobias on 13/3/13
Hey, gang! I'm heading down to Vegas tomorrow for our first every class for Speakers & Presenters. We have WAY more than enough material for them, but I thought I'd toss it out here: Any great "war stories" you might have about doing magic while making some kind of presentation that's not ostensibly a magic show?
I hate going on TV. JohnShore on 13/3/13
When they call is definitely the time to get this set up in a way that will work for you. TV will NEVER want long form stuff...but you should be able to get them interested in at least a couple of minutes. Phrases like, "if you can manage just two minutes I will involve your host and make him the hero of the piece, show you two small effects as part of the piece, and totally blow your minds at the climax of it. But you need to make sure I will have the full two minutes, because that's already super-compressed, and if it goes shorter, you'll miss the climax.

Also: Make sure YOU write your introduction/ set up. If possible, have what they say as lead in be a part of the story your piece will tell. You might want to bill yourself to them as a story-teller magician, and not just magician...when they hear "magician" they expect something flashy or traditional and fast. A card is located in 30 seconds, a pan flashes and a dove appears...stuff that isn't really what you want to do. And make sure you get ALL the details and tech talked through before you show up at the studio. Most of the local stations with shows you might appear on aren't really geared for performance...they want a quick sound bite and different look for a minute or so, and a couple of phrases about you that they can use to tease the audience into staying tuned to see you. It is, of course, best if you insist on writing these teaser lines.

Hope this helps!