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Help Wanted Total Media solution Feb 7th 2015, 09:37 2 3,001 on 3/3/15
P.E.P Talks again Jun 30th 2014, 17:45 2 3,632 on 29/7/14
Table Farro Jul 25th 2013, 18:28 1 3,717 on 25/7/13
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Help Wanted Total Media solution JohnShore on 7/2/15
Help Wanted . Will Pay for skilled assistance.
For years I have been trying to rely on my own skills to produce and deploy a web site and other promotional material. This has resulted in several items that serve as partial solutions, but these bit and pieces to not work together well to present a professional looking package.
I need someone who can develop a social media strategy, a replacement web page with ticket selling solution, downloadable promotional package, and suite of videos for my work.
The end product of this work needs to be a system that I can edit and update on my own as events are added and new projects come on line.
I believe I have all of the raw material (video and photo images) and text needed to accomplish this. I also have a fairly thought out plan for how this all needs to work and relate together. What I do not have is the time to realize this vision.
Interested parties can send information to John@StoneCaslteMagic.com. Please send examples of existing work and thoughts on how we can move forward with this project.
P.E.P Talks again JohnShore on 30/6/14
Looking to 2016. Any Plan to Hold A P.E.P Talk session again? I feel in the mood to attend. But would need to plan ahead.
Table Farro JohnShore on 25/7/13
Who has the best work on learning a tabled Farro? In the hands faro, is a piece of cake. I keep finding cools stuff that requires the tabled version, but I have never gotten the knack of it. Need book or DVD. I have the Marlo work, but I must be missing something. Thoughts?
Philosophy of video JohnShore on 30/4/13
Recently I brought in a professional video crew to record a performance of The Kentucky Magic Dinner Theater. My instructions were simple. Get as much of the action on stage as possible. Get as much audience reaction as possible. Edit them together to make the best possible impression on the viewer of the video. But, as we got down to the process of editing I realized that my purpose (Yes Tobias I use that word just for you) was not as clear as I had thought. I realized that the perfect video for one audience may be absolutely wrong for other audiences. I am currently looking at eight audiences. 1) Owners of venues who regularly book acts. 2) Potential clients who know nothing about magic but may want to book a show. 3) Media people who may needs a flashy few seconds, 4) Advertising people who are making ads for my show, 5) Other magicians, from whom I need critical feed back, 6) Myself for my own critical analysis of the show, 7) Face book fan page and YoutTube clips for increased exposure, 8) My family, who may want a record of my show as a memento.

I have been thinking about how the needs and expectations of these different audiences may be different. How they may impact the process of editing raw footage into a clip. How do these points of view affect overall length, frequency of cut, and the actual content of the clip.

Or then again. Am I over thinking this?

Any one got any comments? Love to hear them.
Illusions on a Budget R of R&W Illusions on 25/3/13
I build almost evrything that I use. Granted, my work is mostly small prop magic. But even when I'm working with mirror boxes or special tables, I like to build my own. You learn so much more about the workings of an illusion when you make it yourself. You learn the limits and can scale it to your needs. I'm also left handed, to many stage props just don't work as easily in my hands. Just my opinion.