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Die mentalism Wilbur on 27/9/13
On you tube, Justin Willman does a trick (using one die) surrounded by a group of spectators. He had the die to one person in the crowd and asks him to take the die while he (Justin) turns his back and select one number between one and six and place that pip facing up and to cover the die with the palm of his hand. The handling of the die is quite normal which one can see as Willman hands off the die. With the spectator's hand still covering the die, Willman is able to tell what number is facing up. I suspect the spectator is a set up, as I cannot find anyone else who has posted this trick and or any company offering it for sale. Am I right is suspecting a set up?
Die Wilbur on 27/9/13
Recently on you tube, I saw Justin Willman perform a trick with one die. Tick was performed in a bar with about four or five people watching, Justin handed the die to a spectator, whom I suspect was in on the trick and had the spectator take the die and select one number between one and six and turn the die to that number facing up and cover the die with the palm of his hand. Willman was able to tell what number was on top; impressing everyone in the crowd. The die appeared to be normal and I could tell from the handling that all the pips were there (1-6). I have search all over the Internet to find such a trick for sale but there doesn't appear to be a source. Thus I suspect they only way this trick can be done is to have an accomplice. But if such a trick does exist, where one learn or purchase it?