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To Reset or not Reset?7,15,13 JeffMcBride on 24/7/13
Trick that are reset are ace to do! Bec when you end it ! It is reset for the next time you like to do it! But some times if you have a lot of reset tricks this may be bad in a set show that you are doing bec you do not have time to reset the tricks for the next time you do them ! And some times you may for get a move or how to do the trick! But on a good hand this might be good bec you may come up with a new trick.. Bec of all the books you have look at if dome thing like this. Go wong like you for get a move or how to do a trick .if you got the right mind to thing on the spot you can wow your friend with out then noing that it was not part of the plan ! So hav a plan if some thing go wong! Useingvgaffs cards or gaffs packs can help ! But some you do not end clean