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Illusions on a Budget R of R&W Illusions on 31/7/15
Great! I'm looking to make my own disappearing boxes and other illusions, but I have not been able to track down plans anywhere. Can anyone here point me towards blueprints, etc?
Fanning Powder Ben100 on 31/7/15
Hey Ben. Did a little research myself on this and found a few sites of interest.
Seems the classification differs slightly in different countries, but most official sources list it as a low risk. It has been associated with contact dermatitis, which you would have discovered already if you handle it. Your skin would become irritated and flake off.
There is also a risk of irritation in the lungs from chronic exposure to airborn particles, apparently, which is likely why most instructions on the use of fanning powder recommend powdering your cards in 'well ventilated areas'.
Would also be a good idea to smack them a few times to get the excess powder off before going back inside.

the NLM Toxnet link lists it as "Not classifiable as a human carcinogen." so I think you can rest easy on that. If you're using it all the time, be very careful about inhalation. Like, use a ventilator mask when powdering, and do it outside. But I personally wouldn't worry so much about cancer.