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Hello Jeff, My name is wesley and forever ive been wanting to get to a level of card manipulation like you . however my hands are around average size but a bit thinner. even when i flatten my hands i can clearly see between my fingers . this does not help to conceal any backpalm . i do tho , have a great hand control and with speed can execute them ok. but i feel like that when do it fast the spectators dont understand what i was even doing. this is slightly frustrating to me , however i know that some people have attention spans of a carrot -_- you inspired me to pick up a deck of cards and try to learn myself hot to manipulate them like you . ive always want to preform card manipulation however , i do not like to learn via video . i like to learn in person . i also was interested if there was any kind of apprenticeship program you might have ? and where in the heck can i learn Hypnotism? the effective one that i can use on random selected audience member. Please if you could help with any information that would be wonderful . Thank you Mr. McBride

Darth Eas (wesley blackwell)