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Writing a memoir Ninjaofsorts on 29/6/15
I am writing my memoir about my five years where I went from an amateur magician to earning the title United Starts Army's Magician for the 2013 USA Soldier Show. It is over the life on post doing various shows for charity's as well as for the children in war countries. My questions to this project that I am undertaking is, I need to figure out a tone, Is it for magicians reading it or is it a coming of age story with magic, or is it a soldier's story? Depending on which angle I follow, I will have to give away some secrets. The story is more about the human condition with performing as it's muse, as opposed to about magic or the military. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
Magic for Speakers Tobias on 4/6/15
My life as a magician actually started as my life as a public speaker. In high school a was a champion orator, and when I got out of high school I started doing standup comedy because I missed being able to be in front of an audience. This is where my first magic trick was preformed. it was cards from the mouth, I had cards on me for no reason out of the box and the jokes were about thing I had eaten. One thing led to another and I produced playing cards from the mouth.
Publishing Ninjaofsorts on 4/6/15
My name is Josh and I am a self taught magician. With this in mind I modified effects, and flourishes and I don't know if anyone else does it. Being self taught I don't know what anything is called or if it is in print. How can I find out if something is in print and if it is not how would I go about publishing something?