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Breaking in at 57 StephBeach on 28/3/12
Last night I attended Larry Hass's Locked room session.
Excellent session with great info.

One thing that struck me is that he mentioned he was a Philosopher Teacher(?) and was doing magic for 13 years.

Suddenly occurred to me. He (and probably Eugene Burger) are both in the position I'm trying to get to.

I'm 57 (about 60 more years to go).
Thirty years of computer software and now a QA Manager/Engineer (making pretty good money which is tough to leave).
I've been doing magic since age 7 but really picked it up seriously 4 years ago performing shows and parties.
But not on a consistent basis.

My goal is to do magic full time within the next 5 years.
These guys (and many more I'm sure) have done that!

I would be interested in their strategy to accomplish this.
My advantage (sort of) is that I'm single, paying off the house in 6 years and no credit card debt.
I have a plethora of magic and active in magic on an ad-hoc basis. (See: http://stephaniebeachmagic.com/Current_Events.html)

Studying, listening, reading about their biography on how they made the break would be something I would
seriously like to know. (I'll even treat for beers...first round anyway)

Thanks much
Steph Beach
Littleton Ma