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Can't see the videos Andrew75 on 1/2/16
Same problem again...
Any time I log out and log in again, the list of episodes dissappears, even if I hit a hundred times the refresh button.
Could you help me please?
Can't see the videos Andrew75 on 28/1/16
Magically, a few minutes after posting the message above, the list of videos reappears!
I don't know if you at the staff did something, or it was just lucky... anyway, thank you! ;)
Can't see the videos Andrew75 on 28/1/16
I am a new member, I am using Chrome on a MacBook Pro running El Capitan and I can't access any of the videos. Tomorrow I was able to see, but now it seems impossible, even if I hit refresh...I can see the black player but there are no videos listed.
Please help,