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Welcome lavalon on 21/4/10
Welcome to the Virtual Magic & Mystery School online!

There are many places you can find out how various magic tricks are done – but very few where you can actually learn how to do magic from true masters. Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger are just such master magicians, and the Magic & Mystery School is widely known as the premiere institution for the study of magic in the world.

Previously, if you wanted to study with Jeff and Eugene you had register in advance for a class, pay a deposit and travel to Las Vegas for a weekend or longer. Now, with the on line version of the Magic School, you can begin learning right now, from the comfort of your own home.

Magic can be one of the most rewarding activities available, both for audiences and for the magicians themselves. Besides spreading wonder and fun amongst your audiences, magic can help build confidence, friendships, presentational abilities, curiosity…and much more. It is an activity that is equally appropriate for 10 year olds and 80 year olds, male and female, the gregarious and the introvert.

Have a great time, and welcome to the world of magic!
Help! lavalon on 21/4/10
Welcome to the Technical Support area! This is where you can get help with the technical functioning of this web site.

The first place to look for technical help and information about the web site is our HELP page.

The second place to look for help about the web site is right here in the technical support area of the forum. Look for questions similar to yours and read the responses or post a new question. If you have help or advice to offer other folks, feel free to post that too!

Please remember to give us as much detail and specific information about your situation and question as possible so that we can help you. Other users in the community may also have similar experiences and good advice that will help resolve technical problems.

If you have a question about the magic material in a specific lesson, please find the right lesson forum item to post to so that you can get help and responses from the teacher or other magicans who have worked with that lesson's materials.