Real Secrets of Close-Up Magic

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Eugene Burger
Philosophy, Close-Up
Skill Level:

What are the Real Secrets of learning to perform magic?

In this 70-minute video series, Eugene Burger looks beyond the tricks to explore the process by which we learn to perform magic.  These Real Secrets are illustrated with sure-fire routines taken from Eugene's own professional repertoire.

You'll learn:

  • A terrific version of Cutting the Aces in which the spectator finds the last ace by cutting and spelling his own name.
  • The World's Fastest Card Trick (Eugene's Favorite!)
  • The full work on Making Cigarettes Disappear (two different methods, for every performance condition)
  • An Old Carnival Game (Eugene's version of the classic glass under the newspaper)
  • The Acrobatic Matchbox (it stands up, opens itself and gets handed out for examination)
  • The Three Coin Mystery (a surprising vanish and a delightful example of commercial close-up routining)
  • Special Bonus:  Eugene discusses Al Baker's Impossible Card Force (one of the most deceptive card forces of all time)

Here is a real opportunity to learn the Real Secrets of great magic — and to experience a teacher who will stimulate you to think about your magic in new and creative ways.

Running time:  83 minutes