Kings of Poker

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Jeff McBride
Skill Level:

KINGS OF POKER is a standing ovation card demonstration!

KINGS OF POKER is Jeff McBride's theatrical adaptation of a classic poker table dealing demonstration.

Poker is the hottest card game in the world, and audiences can relate to this fun and action packed story of a showdown between the world's greatest poker players... but the plot twists in the end, and YOU will win the title of THE KING OF POKER!


  • Is modern day storytelling – magic at it's best!
  • Is based on a classic, time tested plot.
  • Requires no sleight of hand or secret "moves!"
  • Is an easy to perform, updated and refined poker demonstration for today's audiences.
  • Best of all... the script teaches you a technique that guarantees you a standing ovation!

Jeff McBride is renowned for being one of the master teachers in magic.

Jeff will teach you:

  • How to tell a great story.
  • How to build drama and suspense!
  • How to move audiences from being passive witnesses to becoming active participants in the story!
  • Jeff's secret techniques for building audience interaction.

All of this PLUS!

Magic's greatest storyteller, Eugene Burger, joins Jeff to add his expert advice and presentation points.

Bryce Kuhlman offers his insights, ideas and handlings to make this effect one you will learn and perform!


You will enjoy rare footage of Jeff performing KINGS OF POKER in his world famous WONDERGROUND Las Vegas night club.

You will see how Jeff includes the audience in this dramatic and comedic presentation. Jeff makes the audience feel like "part of the show."Now you can learn the professional performing secrets from a master of the art!

KINGS OF POKER is a "Las Vegas audience tested"  world class magic magic routine.

Now it can be yours to learn and perform!

What you'll need
  • Deck of Cards