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FIRE MAGIC!  Secrets of the Sorcerer Locked Room

Tuesday, January 15th at 7:00pm PST

Training Session

Jeff McBride has developed some of the most impressive fire magic ever seen.

Audiences were thrilled with Jeff's Burned Alive on the beaches of Bali, and over one thousand other fire artists accompanied him at the Burning Man festival! Audiences LOVE fire magic! How to best travel with fire props, the best fire magic effects and why! Beware the WORST fire magic effects and why you should not perform them!

Note: This class is limited to those 18 years of age and older.

In this 90-minute Locked Room Training Session, 8 students will learn:

  • Safety First!  Jeff shares his 40 years of experience handling fire in a safe and mindful way.
  • Effective and inexpensive fire magic
  • BIG fire magic!  Jeff shares his insights and techniques he used in creating one of the largest fire stunts ever performed on television, MCBRIDE-- BURNED ALIVE! from the ABC TV special CHAMPIONS OF MAGIC
  • Fire magic for strolling, close-up and parlor
  • Impromptu fire magic-- fire effects you can conjure at a moment's notice

Your Questions

There will also be time for your questions. This format allows for us to interact with you and for you to get help from other participants. This is a live-action experience that will provide resources to help YOU excel.

You can help yourself by listing the questions and thoughts that are on your mind before hand. We don’t want you to leave the session with unanswered questions!

To come up with such a list you can ask yourself:

  • Focus: What would I like to work on? (define the area you want to focus on; for example expanding my repertoire, better technique, more invisible methods, more interesting scripts, etc)
  • Help: What would help me to get better? (try to look back and see what type of help inspires you because there are many ways to push yourself ahead; for example reading books, watching DVD’s, a long walk in the woods, feedback from masters, rehearsal, more performances, etc)
  • Barriers: What are the barriers I run into? (when we learn we tend to bump into barriers that keep us from achieving our goals; for example procrastination, lack of vision, confusion, destructive feedback, lack of knowledge, insufficient rehearsal, etc)

This Training Session is limited to the first eight students who register and pay their tuition online. The fee for this small group session is ($100). Paying your fee reserves your spot. First come, first served.