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How to Create Entertaining Card Magic Locked Room

Saturday, August 25th at 10:00am PST


Do you love card magic, but hate “card tricks”? Do you feel stuck when it comes to presenting card magic that non-magicians will enjoy? Have you ever wanted to learn card magic but feel put off by the culture of obsessive technique and “hot, new moves”? If so, this Locked Room Lecture by Dr. Larry Hass is for you.
Larry has been performing card magic in the real world for nearly 20 years—for executives, professionals, and just plain everyday folks. As a result of this extensive “field research,” Larry has developed foundational insights about the problems that surround card magic and thus, the pathway to success with it.
In this 45-minute Locked Room Lecture you will learn:

  • The distinctive pleasures and problems of performing magic with playing cards.
  • The crucial distinction between “card magic” and “card tricks,” and why so many magicians are unaware of the difference.
  • The criteria Larry uses to evaluate whether card material is suitable for “the real world,” or best left for geeking over with other “cardicians.”
  • How to create compelling presentations for playing card material.
  • Excellent resources to help you find great card material amid the haystack of non-deceptive, self-indulgent card tricks and moves.