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Beyond Beyond Deception Locked Room

Tuesday, December 11th at 7:00pm PST


In this one hour lecture, Tobias will discuss how to develop a strong statement of purpose, and then “deepen” that statement so that it can assist you in creating specific magic pieces, as well as with building your career.

We will talk about building a magic show in the same way you would create a movie or play – what kind of pieces you need for an opening, middle and closing – and why they are important. Too many magic shows are just collections of tricks, with no particular structure or purpose. As a result…they are not memorable. It isn’t hard to create shows that have the elements of a great movie or book – once you know the secrets to doing so.

Finally, we’ll talk about just how you can take pieces you’re already doing, and enhance them by adding character, motivation and conflict to create truly memorable emotional experiences for your audiences.

Students will take away a half dozen specific exercises they can apply immediately to magic they already know, and to new pieces they will develop, to make that magic stronger and more memorable. These are tried and true methods, proven through his work as a teacher and director working with magicians for the past 20 years.